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Frustrations on the Home Front

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Since the last big bit of crap I got for my sarcasm and anxt, I have been pretty much keeping my opinion and complaints about life to myself…

Sometimes, venting (even if it’s just to blow off steam and really means nothing to anyone but me) can backfire… literally.

Whatever.  I’m just as full of sarcasm and anxt and pretty much miserable with life in this house.  All I can say is choose carefully before you make a big, fat, wrong life choice like getting married. 

I mean there are ALOT of factors involved in compatibility, and people should really pay attention to those factors.  Unlike yours truly.


I can’t tolerate his daughter.  She is horrible.  She won’t work and try to support herself.  She moves out. She moves back in. She moves out. She moves back in.  She steals from us, and when I say steal, she wiped him out.  She lies and denies.  She’s lazy. 

And at this point, toleration isn’t anything I can make myself feel.  I look over at her and I get angry.  I hear her voice and I cringe.  I see her eating and it makes me sick.  That’s all the girl does is eat, sit, sleep and run the roads.  God forbid she get a job.  God forbid she try to buy her own shampoo, soap, hair dryer. 

Why work when Daddy will keep letting her go in my room and use my things.


When me & Big T were just dating, he played himself to be a real family man.  He played himself off as someone who enjoys being around friends and interacting with people.  Yah, not so much. 

It is so easy for someone to fake someone else out when they aren’t together 24/7.  This man doesn’t do anything.  Nothing.  He sits on the couch and smokes cigarettes. 

Chain smoker.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I smoke.  But it’s a pack every couple of days. Sometimes less.  This man goes through a carton of smokes in three or four days.  He’s not the healthiest person to begin with, but at this point, his health is his problem.  He doesn’t care, why should I?  But, my house SMELLS SO BAD.  And it’s impossible to get the stink out.   

He is lazy as his daughter and son.  He sits all day and the stupid dogs, which nobody wants to take out when I’m not home, apparently pee somewhere in this house.  I don’t see it, but I can smell it and it disgusts me.

I’m a neat freak and there is no way for me to live the way I want to in this house.  I work 55 or more hours a week.  None of these people that live in this house work.. or do house work.  I come home to dirty dishes pile high in the sink.  I come home to cook after I clean the kitchen and then I clean it again.  I have to dust and vacuum.  I have to scrub the toilets.  God forbid any of them do anything around here.

SEX – What the hell is that?  After four years of marriage, I do believe I could be certified as a re-confirmed virgin, and that my friends isn’t by choice.

What to do??

Cockroaches, Chicken Blood & Rusty Equipment

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Catchy post title? 

I’m squeemish as hell.   And I’m gaggin right now.  So I thought I share it with all y’all.

This post is a public service to those of you kids who hang out in Knoxville. 

For the rest of you, it’s a heads up.

It happens every-damn-where.

Yah.  Well, if you’re gaggin now, it only gets better from here.

(Note to self:   watching the news…. it only makes me sick and worried).

As a rule, it’s smart to know and accept that what goes on behind a kitchen door at Any Restaurant USA, is just icky. 

I just happened to catch a segment on the local news the other day about how many of the restaurants in Knoxville are filthy, disgusting, health hazards scoring extremely low, if not failing altogether, on their pop health inspections.   

Anything below a 70 is failing, by the way.  Amazing how many there are.

So, I figure, why not share.  If it’s happening here, I’m sure it’s happening at your local haunts.


Numero Uno on the Gag me with a Spoon List is:  TEXAS ROADHOUSE.

Oh. My. God.  They FAILED.  Like 45 out of 100 failed.

Here’s the rundown of their filth.  Rat shit in the pantry closet.  Employee rubbing his  face and then continued making food.  I can only imagine he was diggin for gold, but they didn’t come out and say it.  Food not kept at safe temperatures. Can you say curdled sour cream?

booger picker licker


Dos Gross Place is:  Sakkio Japan 

Y’all are gonna love this.  Inspectors found la cocarochas in the rice bags.  Just crawling around in it.  Bags of sugar (50 lb) were left on the floor around the prep area and chicken blood ran all over it.  Since there is no hand sink in the kitchen area that spews forth hot water, nobody there was washing their hands properly.  Yummy, huh?

big nasty cock roach

Thankfully, the inspector made those pathetic nasty asses toss out nearly 100 pounds of food and goods.


Filth Bucket #3: Mandarin House

I suppose what bothers me most is the fact that this place has been voted Knoxville’s Best chinese place for many moons.  I personally have thought they suck big furry balls since I went and they tried to pass off spaghetti noodles for Lo Mein noodles.    Not cool.

Now to find out they are just the most disgusting of the disgusting with the lowest score ever in the history of Knoxville…..  a 37.

Rundown of the asshattery at this place:  Dipshit drops raw chicken on the floor, looks around, slings it in the pan and cooks it.  Fried food was dripping onto chicken in the freezer.  The whole place has moldy ceilings (an athsma attack waiting to happen).  Again, they found roaches scurrying around the dishroom.


I’d share more, but quite frankly I’m getting the heebie jeeebies just thinking about eating and it’s getting mighty close to lunch time. 

Hungry yet?