Damn the Luck

It’s no joke when I say I truly work my ass off.  And I’m not tootin my own horn when I say I’m one bad ass woman.  I’ll not bore you with the details.

Anyway, since I’m so bad-ass, I decided to take the evening and chill like I like to chill when I found out nobody else was home.  The boy is at work… the man is with his amigo chasing truck parts around the greater southeastern region…

What to do ?? 

Pop the cork out of a nice bottle of merlot, crank on the karaoke maker and sing, then retreat to a bubble bath. Most relaxing of plans for me personally.

So, the wine is breathing and I’m sipping a little, rockin some Rod Stewart when the power flickered a couple of times and POOF….. no music, no lights, no AIR CONDITIONING…. It’s like 980 degrees up in here and the last thing I want to do is drink merlot (it gives me hot flashes) or take a hot bubble bath (more heat stroke)…

I suppose I’ll go sit outside in the shade where its only a humid 100 degrees or so and stare at my dogs.  Can’t take my laptop with since the battery says 66%, which translates into about 8 minutes in real life.

Damn the luck.

3 Responses to “Damn the Luck”

  1. Damn no kiddin’. Nice to read from you again diva. Hope all is well with you and yours. Sip some of that wine for me or better yet save me a glass. 🙂

  2. Well that sucks about the power. You are just going to tell the men to hit the road again so you can get a do-over on that evening you had planned to relax and sing. We lost our A/C yesterday and was not good because it has been over 100 and the wife is about 7 months pregnant. Fortunately we got it fixed today for only a few George Washingtons. Definitely worth the price to keep the wife happy.

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