Board Meetings, Beer & Cigarettes

Ahhh, a day in the bang ’em up world of property management.  I swear, this last year has been the most up ‘n down year of my meager existence. 

To update anybody who might have missed me in the last three or so years, I got hitched, lost my job, lost another job and have been on a total rollercoaster and trying to figure out who the hell I really am at forty.

Folks, I have finally figured this out.  I’m a bookkeeper.

A bookkeeper for a local property management company.

I know, I know.  Last time I blogged about my job… I got fired for being snide and bitchy.  Lesson learned.  The Man won that battle.  However, if I don’t find an outlet for all of my professional frustration, I’ll just explode.

Seriously, if pissed off restaurant servers can vent on how they get back at horrible patrons, I can surely tell some of the funnies that go during my day to day at this job.  It freakin hilarious. 

Most of my day is consumed with poking payments and bills into a computer.  Not so difficult, right?  Right.

But on occassion, my presence is requested at a Board meeting.  I know, fun, huh?  Right. 

Alls I can say, is if I had to do it all over again, I’d be born rich and have nothing to do  but be a Board Member.  If for nothing more than just go mess with my neighbors.  But, presently, I’m not rich.  I work for the rich…  see where I’m going?

So, I smoke. Alot. 

Life has driven me to bad habits in the last couple of year.   I have foud that the occassional night of drinking a butt load of beer is good for my psyche.    The downside to drinking obscene amounts of beer is that I smoke way too much.

2 Responses to “Board Meetings, Beer & Cigarettes”

  1. Sign me up for being born a rich board member too!!! I don’t smoke so I will just have to eat more bacon….

  2. I’ve never been a bookkeeper but I used to work in property management and I loved it.

    I think you are on to something with the whole being born rich stuff. Sign me up for that!

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