Lindsay, JimBob & WalMart

Thanksgiving was as usual in our family.

We cooked wayyyy too much, and subsequently ate wayyyy to much.

I’m sure I consumed no less than a gazillion calories and didn’t even make it to the pies and stuff.

It’s Saturday now and I’m still keeping my mits out of the pudding cake.  I just don’t think I can take it.

Anyhooooo, E Chuod over at Oh, Was That the Line?

did a lil post naming thing that he could do without….  National Thanks For Nothing Day….

Of course I’m always naming off things I could do without for the rest of my life, but I figured I jack the idea, and give a little link lovin at the same time…

So without further ado, let’s get to listin those things I could go the rest of my life without, mmk?

  • Lindsay Lohan… I don’t care if she’s drunk, stoned, coked up, a lesbian, or pantiless…. She needs to grow up and go away already.
  • The fact that the only friggin checkout line in WalMart that you can by cigarrettes is a 10 items or less checkout line.  WTF??   They should allow all lanes to sell smokes.   I buy a buggy full of of shit everytime I go in that damn place….  They expect me to go through one lane, then the other.   Please…. there is always at least a 30 minute wait to check out at WalMart because the tight bastards only utilize 7 of the 32 available lanes.
  • I could give a rats ass to hear about politicians and celebrities cheat.  Who cares.  JimBob next door cheated on LouEllen and it didn’t make the front page of AOL or the local paper.
  • I was pissed when Christmas commercials and displays started before Halloween… Now I’ll be pissed until the day after Christmas from all of the Ho-fucking-Ho Ho Ho commercials.  I hate it.
  • Government bailing out of anything.  It’s all bullshit.  They aren’t helping anything.  They aren’t doing anything but snatching taxpayer dollars and pissing it away….

I’m sure I could go on all day, but I’m depressing myself and I have a shit load of stuff to do.

Go and visit some these guys…

Joe Cool – A karaoke crooner who loves his chica and family and is on my list of folks to invade one day.

What I Got So Far – This guy is an insomniac, sarcastic and full of crap.  I love it and I’m totally addicted.

Confessions of a Dumb, White Guy – Thanksgiving plans with the Hoff.

Fracas – Sick, sick woman pimping food porn.


15 Responses to “Lindsay, JimBob & WalMart”

  1. whatigotsofar Says:

    Thanks for the endorsement.

  2. Our Thanksgiving was just the usual as well. Too much food, too much of an overstuft feeling. I still don’t want to eat anything and it’s now Saturday! LOL.
    I should jack your idea that you jacked regarding crap we could do without…I think it would just depress me though too. I have to agree with some of your ideas ~ the people I work with were trying to play continuous Christmas music before Thanksgiving. WTF?? I couldn’t take it. I hate the over-commercialism of Christmas these days. That is so not what the holiday is about! And the Gov’t Bailout! OMG, again, WTF? Who is going to pay that back? Us? Seriously. Maybe it’s better if I don’t even go there….LOL.
    Have an awesome weekend =)

  3. Im damn sure widja on the bail outs. WTF???????????????????
    drives me batshit, and the “new” admin is vowing to bail out even more????????????????

    ok I feel better now.

    Definately gonna hit the food porn woman now, have you submitted pics there?

  4. Awesome! and thanks for the love. (God knows I could use it.) And thanks for getting me started on Wal Mart. How could I love and hate something so much at the same time???

    Now to get me some leftover pie.

  5. Oh, I can think of loads of things I would almost pay money to get rid of!

  6. Lindsay Lohan, I’m with you who the fuck cares, can’t stand the beach. Same goes for politicians, they are all liers anyway, as corrupted as their Mexican counterparts but more dicreet… maybe! I hate Walmart and remain a loyal .99 store customer. However when it comes to Christmas, I am a sucker for it. Not for the presents and all that stupid nonsense but for the goodwill, and the warm fuzzy feeling. I’m am just a sucker that way. Ho, ho, ho, I’ll even start wishing you a Merry Christmas your divaness.

  7. Rofl. I happen to think I’ve got the *best* food porn online. I mean, who the heck just wants to see pretty food when they can see food that looks like boobs, butts, or someone’s twig and berries?

  8. I would like to blow up the Problogger site 🙂

    kaaaaa POW!!

  9. You’d have thought that given how much tax governments slap on cigarettes, and how much money they’re spending in the economic crisis, they’d be eager to find ways to make it easier to sell you them – perhaps Obama could start an on-line express deliverly service 😉

    I don’t understand why people are apparently so interested in celebrity love-lives either. I see headlines on the papers I neve buy saying things like “XXX’s secret lover reveals all”. Reveals what, exactly?

  10. Walmart lines. Ugh.

    I’m visiting your peeps.

  11. Pretty typical Thanksgiving here too.

    Only thing different was that I was sober this year. That felt a little different.

  12. love your list – I’m down with all of it! WTF cares about Lindsay or Britney, or any of those other Mickey Mouse kids?

    I’m glad you had a happy Thanksgiving! Me, I’m thankful for a goddamn four day weekend, thats for sure!

  13. I wish it was already like April…the X-Mas CRAP would be over the assassinations would be over & maybe just MAYBE we could get someone in office that would put a stop to this bail out BULLSHIT!

    Ahh who am I kiddin the rich will just keep helpin the rich & ALL POLITICIANS ARE RICH, what we need is an average Joe for President who still has his morals & dignity in tact…yeah like that could happen.

  14. Hey, I’m back!! Seems like you must have had a good Thanksgiving!!
    I agree, they should be able to sell smokes in any line…whatever.
    Happy Monday Sweetie! xoxo

  15. The Wal Mart thing, I totally agree…..totally!

    Oh, and all the damn annoying Christmas commercials

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