Gutted Pigs, Rock n Roll & $130 Quilts

Howdy people!    I know you were thinking “I wonder where in the hell Cat’s been?”

Well, maybe not.  That’s a little self absorbed of me to even think y’all would be thinkin something like that.  But it makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and important to think I’m missed when I go MIA.

So, I’ve been such a ray of sunshine so negative and outright poopy for the past several days weeks months minutes.  I’ve been trying to regroup. 

I’ve been trying to focus on the positive things. 

Believe it or not, when you look for them, you can find things that are positive.

And when you really think about it, no matter how damn bad things can be, and no matter how much one obsesses and pouts…

There are always people and situations around that pop up.  Those people and situations kinda make me feel like an asshat for whining and pouting all the time.

The latest act of heart felt love was shown this past weekend.

A friend of ours, the lil fella who was a groomsman in our wedding, Lawerence, has been diagnosed with cancer.  It’s in stage four.

Now Lawerence is a young pup.  Only 23ish.  He has a sweet little wife and 2 beautiful babies.


He’s had to quit his job to undergo surgery after surgery and now he’s going through chemo.

Ok, back to the love.

Over the weekend, the whole community got together to have a Pig Roast.

This was my first experience with a pig roast.  Wasn’t so sure what to expect.

So, they roasted a 300+ pound piggy and sold BBQ plates with fixins.

They also had more sweet stuff than one could possibly choose from for sale.

In addition, not just one band donated their time and money, but four bands.

Four bands, people! 

First up was a bluegrass band.  Mountain Grass.



Next was a country cover band.  JP & the Hillbillies



Then a southern rock band.  Whiskey Tenor.  (Cool name, huh?)



Last a local band with a whip ass singer (Connie) and her husband (can tear it up with the guitar).

Lonesome Heart.



Local businesses and individuals donated goodies to be raffled off.

All of the proceeds were collected for Lawrence & his family to help them get through this hard time.

And a quilt was auctioned off.  I thought Big T was gonna win it.  He was biddin on it (cuz me and Danielle were freezing).  But, when it hit $120.00, he quit bidding and told us we’d just have to freeze our balls off.


It just seems like a higher power keeps on telling me in not so subtle ways, to keep my head up and my eyes dry.  Things are not that bad.


17 Responses to “Gutted Pigs, Rock n Roll & $130 Quilts”

  1. Aw, man. Sorry to hear the bad news about ya’lls friend.

    Sounds like you must live in a wonderful community to do that benefit! A whole pig, huh? I’ve never been to one of those either, but damn, it sure sounds good!

    I LOVE QUILTS! I would’ve loved to have tried to win that! You know I can’t sew.

    Keep up the positive thoughts!

  2. Truer words were never spoken Diva. Things can always get worse.

  3. What an amazing community event! I hope y’all raised lots of money for his treatment!

    Sometimes, our own crosses feel like too heavy a burden to bear until we hear about the crosses others have to carry.

  4. Sorry to hear about your friend. It’s nice to see a community come together like that to help people though.

  5. Aw, he’s so young! I hope that serves him well, and that he’ll have all the strength he needs to survive. It sure seems he’s got great friends!

  6. Yeah, it kindda gives a whole new perspective of life when you hear somthing like that. You don’t even have to be too religious to know that each morning we wake up is a blessing. Yes, sometimes it may be disguised but a blessing nevertheless. Diva the more I read from you the more I think you are as cool as they come.

  7. that sux about the guy
    good juju to him

    u had balls to freeze off???????

  8. Sorry to hear about your friend, but it’s good that he’s in a community that cares about him and is looking out for him. I hope he makes a full recovery soon.

  9. Hang in there…wow, so much has been going on for you!! I am thinking of you! xoxo

  10. Whatever the outcome, it’s a long and difficult journey for him and his family. I hope they all cope okay.

  11. Yup, the old adage of “Someone always has it worse than you” is definitely true…

    23 and stage 4 cancer? Whoa…that’s heavy and sad.

    I think it’s awesome how the community is gathering around him though.

  12. EXCELLENT! love the pics and the community feeling. its strange that sometimes it takes tragedy to feel that spirit, but when you do its so so so powerful! many wishes to your friends and yourself!!

  13. Things aren’t that bad. Comparative misery always works. It just sucks that it has to be about a 23-year-old with a family having cancer. 😦 Much love and luck to him.

  14. Perspective is amazing isn’t it? I’m so sorry for your friend and hope a speedy recovery for him. It’s amazing to me that I read the age “23” and thought “he’s just a baby!” When did I get so f’in old?

    We do miss you when you’re MIA Cat – sorry you didn’t get the quilt though! Tell Big T not to be such a cheapass next time!

  15. A truly sad story, but you managed to end it well!

    God bless them all.

  16. “I’ve been trying to focus on the positive things. ”

    so am I but, I am not that good at it…yet…..

  17. the big guy upstairs told you and now you’re passing the message along and It hank you for that. My mom always says, “When you have your health, you have everything.”

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