Tragedy, Love & A Community Coming Together

Today, I would like to cast some focus on the people of my community.

The greater East Tennessee Community.

I’m not sure if any of you that aren’t local have heard about the tradgedy in Scott County, TN.

On  the roads were wet as young cheerleaders for Scott County High School made their way home from a birthday party for one of the other cheerleaders.

The young girl driving lost control of the vehicle, and went across the line, and collided with an oncoming car.  The accident also claimed the lives of a woman and an unborn child.

The impact on the whole area was monumental.  The whole region grieves with the families of the victims.

The following Friday night, Scott County football team was set to play against Knoxville Catholic High School. 

Rather than the usual color wall that is visible by the wearing of school colors, the student body of Knoxville Catholic wore red, the colors of Scott County to show support to their shaken opponents.

A community came together.

Today, Friday November 7th, the community will come together again to do a “support ride” from I-75 exit 141.  The group will meet at the Pilot Truck Stop and make the journey to Huntsville, TN where Scott County High School is located.

The ride is in protest of a hate group who is planning to be there to bring more sorrow to an already sad situation.  

To my friends and neighbors in Knoxville and the surrounding counties, I am very proud to be from East Tennessee.


UPDATE:  Only three (two women and a kid) showed up at Scott County High School to protest.  The rest of the hate mongers were going to Obama’s grandmother’s funeral to protest.

I will not give the name of the hate group as they don’t deserve any publicity from me.


23 Responses to “Tragedy, Love & A Community Coming Together”

  1. Hey I’m with you on this sad community times.

  2. Wow that is incredible tragic. My condolences to the families.

  3. That’s so horrible. I can’t imagine the entire community’s pain. Good thoughts being sent your way.

  4. I saw a story about it on the news. What a tragedy! Glad to here people are coming together.

  5. How sad.

    I hope the ride goes okay.

  6. Any loss of life is tragic, but for people so young it seems even more so. My thoughts go out to the families and community.

  7. Wow, that’s horrible and even more horrible that a hate group has to get in the middle of it.

  8. That’s very sad.

    And I know what hate group you’re talking about and they are truly vile people.

  9. What a bunch of racist idiots. I spent the week in Crockett County, Tennessee….the home of those two dudes who were busted in their plan to assassinate the new pres and kill all those black students. I was there for work, not for any skin head meetings.

  10. I read earlier and just realized I didn’t comment. I hadn’t heard of it, but I don’t watch a lot of television. Anytime young people lose their lives, it is such a tragedy. I am so glad your community came together to support the loss. It must have been extremely moving. Thoughts go out to them and theirs.

  11. I agree on the “no comment” factor. I’m guessing this is the same protest group that I encountered at the funeral of a Navy Seal who was killed in Iraq a couple years ago. What a ludicrous thought to go to a funeral to spew hatred…

  12. Tragic. I can’t imagine the pain their families must all be going through.

    And I’m very familiar with the past actions of that group. They make me furious.

  13. It’s so sad that it takes a tragedy like this to pull a community together. If people would bring that same kind of empathy and support to their neighbors 365 days a year this would be a much better world.

    If that “group” is the one I’m thinking of, I’ve had personal experience with those idiots. The amount of hate within those believers is truly frightening.

  14. I hadn’t heard about that. Very sad. It’s good to know you’re part of a community that comes together, though, and good that the hate mongers were few.

  15. I’m sorr to hear about this tragedy & I’m also a little confused, what the hell could a hate group have to protest about any of this ? Or is it a race thing…at any rate hate groups are fuckin ifiots.

  16. What a sad story….it’s great to hear of a community so tightly knitted together though. xoxo

  17. thats very sad…but why are hate groups getting involved and what does Obama’s grandma have to d with anything, she was white..

  18. OK, that update you added is pathetic. I can’t believe those people.

  19. Oh.My.God.

    That is terrible, and soooo sad.

  20. Clearly this is a sad situation and only to have a group of callous and uncaring individuals protest, makes it so much worse.

    I’m glad we still communities like yours out there….


    I can’t stand it when things like that happen!


  22. Cat, that is so super sad. And as a mom, I know things like this get you right in the heart. Why would anyone protest this? sick mofos. Thoughts are with you, girl.

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