Playin Games, She Boppin & Girly Control

Naughty naughty songs have gracing the air waves and MTV forever… well, when MTV actually played music anyway.

Walk with me, won’t you, kids?   Through time and lyrics.  Through songs that are openly explicity  and dripping with sexuality.

My two favorite things… sex and music…  the two that I can mention anyway.


First stop.  Wicked Games – Chris Isaak

Rrrrawr!  The music is dreamy, the lyrics are sexy and this chick is way hot.  There are no words.


Next stop – Chicks Gettin It Done 

Cyndi Lauper was quite the cultural icon in the early 80s.

She paved the way for women all around the world to slip a hand down the jeans and rub off a good one and be proud of it.  This was ground-breaking until then the thought that a woman would do something as vulgar as masturbate was uber taboo. 


Prince is just a naughty boy.  The majority of his writing ability is about sex.

Darling Nikki was banned from radio play for the graphic and blatently sexy manner in which a he gives a vivid description of Nikki masturbating with a magazine in a hotel lobby.  Hmmm. 

Gett Off ….23 positions in a one night stand.  

Pussy Control.  I get a big kick out of this song.  You should listen to it at least once for shits and giggles.  Unless you’re opposed to naughty words and freaky sex.

Litte Red Corvette  his lover needs to to slow down so he can tame her little red love machine… 

Yep, a dirty, naughty boy he will always be.




11 Responses to “Playin Games, She Boppin & Girly Control”

  1. Sisters are doin’ it for themselves!

  2. Wicked Games and Darling Nicki are two of my all time favorite songs.

  3. You forgot to list “Head” by Prince. That one is *very* naughty (and a good song, too, I might add).

  4. What?! Those were about sex? Wow, my mind is so innocent and pure I never caught on 😉

    Now excuse me I must go watch the videos again.

  5. You forgot “I’m turning Japanese”, yes I really think so.

  6. I actually still LIKE to listen to Prince!

  7. I always wanted Cyndi in my dreams…..

    As far as Prince? Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…..

  8. Oh yes, I remember those songs, and then giggling with my friends about those nasty lyrics. Those lyrics were way sexier than the crude ones you hear in some of the music now, though. It’s like lingerie, sometimes it’s what you cover up that creates the appeal. I’ve always enjoyed being a tease, though. 😉

  9. Lyrics, like most other writing, has always been about sex. People in the West have only really been prudish about it in the last 200 years or so. And quite a few of those people were and are hypocrites…

  10. I dont care what anyone says….Prince does something for me……he has that IT factor….call me crazy…..but I would not kick his prince ass outta bed. Amen


  11. I like “The Beer Barrel Polka” personally.

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