Halloweenies, Picnics & Slides

Press Release:

Coach Phil Fulmer set to resign as the University of Tennessee head coach.

He will go to work for FEMA.  FEMA issued a statement:  Nobody can evacuate 120,000 people in such record time like Phil can.

Well, that was a sad attempt at a joke.  But he’s really gonna kick rocks after this season according to ESPN.  Thanks for the heads up, Chuck!

Goodbye, old boy…


Ok, so according to the onslaught of TV commercials and junk mail I have seen in the past couple of days, the Christmas season is officially upon us.

Overstock.com has a commercial on with Christmas carols playing in the background.

So, expect me to be in a pissy mood for the next two months because the over commercialization of this most joyous holiday season has already fucked it all up for me.

Onward and upward.

The weekend was started off pretty darn good.  Me and Miss A carved pumpkins and popped popcorn and sat at the house watching a plethora of slasher flicks, most of which were the ones that were on my last post. 

Sorry for the shitty camera phone pix, but I suck and I forgot to upload the pictures from the camera…

You know you’re getting old when you pace back and forth waiting for trick-or-treaters.

I was deeply saddened that we had a grand total of three.

Three measly trick-or-treaters… one of which was Lil T and he got most of the candy.

He was soooo cute.  Lil T & my neice & nephew were the crew from Wizard of Oz.

Then Saturday, Big T’s company had an employee appreciation picnic type thingy.

It was pretty nice.  They had a lot of crap for little kids to do.

We got to take a tour of the plant and that was pretty cool.  Some of the robots in that place are bigger than my whole house.

Lil T won a cake in the cake walk.  He wouldn’t let me carry it to the truck for him… he had to do it himself… he’s at that age ya know.

So, the cake was still tasty, but the way he carried it, all of the lil chocolate thingies from the top of the cake ended up at scattered in the box.  Which was fine by him.  He just picked them out and eated them.

We rounded up the weekend at the duck pond and Fountain City Park.

That kid loves to go to the park.

All I have to do when I’m feeling down in the dumps is grab the boy and head to the park.  The laughs and smiles that he puts out automatically make my spirits rise.


I hope everybody had a happy and safe Halloweenie weekend!  I’ll be around to read up everybody’s happenings!


17 Responses to “Halloweenies, Picnics & Slides”

  1. I’m with ya on the Christmas comercialization issue, but I still love the season. I am just joyful that way. Wow, what a bunch of cool pics, I love it when the kiddoes have fun, I have seven grandkids of my own that keep me plenty happy too. Shit, and I am not even 50 yet.

  2. Ah, looks like y’all had some Halloweenerific fun! I love the Fountain City Park….have I told you that before?

  3. The park and a little cutie pie with kissable cheeks is definitely good medicine for down-in-the-dumpsitis.

    I get so sick of the commercial Christmas crap too. I’m going to really simplify our celebration this year and focus on family more and things less.

  4. Much more exciting than mine….I wanted to watch scary movies but, no go! Glad you had a nice time with pumpkins & movie watching! xo

  5. Maybe they should move Christmas forwards a couple of months, then there wouldn’t be such a long build-up 😉

  6. popcorn and slasher flicks. America is a weird place, isn’t it? But that’s my idea of an awesome holiday.

  7. I’m a total ornament geek, so I kinda like all the decorations – it lets me window shop for ornaments! That’s kinda pathetic, isn’t it? LOL.

  8. We didn’t have a single trick or treater. Well, actually there were a few, but I wasn’t handing anything out, so the official total was zero.

    Saw that Phil Fulmer is stepping down. Had to happen. But, it’s not going to be cheap to buy him out!

  9. I don’t know. Michigan’s got that coach they stole from WV that they wish they could give back now. He’s sending people running from The Big House.

  10. Wow I’ve never seen you post pics before!!

    All I ever wanna do is sit on my ass, drink wine, and give out candy on halloween, but since we moved from the old neighborhood, I have to be a participant in the candy begging. I love handing out candy and seeing the cute kiddies. Sorry you didn’t get too many Trick’o’Treaters.

  11. My wife gave out the candy this year.
    I was at work managing the craziness of Halloween in Salem, MA.
    Batman peed next to our dumpster.

  12. rantingdiva Says:

    Jose- Them babies make us young again, brother!

    Chuckie- You’ve told me lots of things 😉

    Jen- You and me both!

    PPD- Dayum! Next year!

    Brian- HUMBUG!!! 🙂

    Krissyface- I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    ETW- Hmmmm… Now I didn’t think about that.

    Jay- Yah, but he needs to go…

    Mike- Good point. He’s as bad as Phil.

    VinoMom- It’s all good. The boy was enough for me!!

    Joe- Ech. Lucky you!

  13. glad you had a good time.

  14. What a cute kid!

    “FEMA issued a statement: Nobody can evacuate 120,000 people in such record time like Phil can.” Damn, you Tennessee folks are ruthless! That is too funny!

  15. That looks like a great time to me !!

  16. I love cake walks!!! Looks like good ol’ fashioned fun.
    I am cracking up at Lil’ T’s Elmo shirt….I’ve never seens Elmo’s eyeballs looking so bloodshot! LOL!!!

  17. How in the h – e – double hockey sticks do the Vols lose to freakin’ Wyoming at home? That might possibly be the most embarrassing loss in Tennessee football history. Looks like Fulmer has already quit.

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