Jack, The Devil & Drinkin til ya Puke

With it being Halloweenie Week, I thought I’d share a lil folk lore with you boys and girls.

Does anybody know why we carve jack-0-lanterns?

Well, hang loose and let me school ya.

I found this bit of good stuff on the internetz.  It’s not my originalilty in the least.

Jack the stingy was a lazy man who spent all his spare time drinking at the local pub. When his time came to die and the Devil came for him, he tried to trick the Devil.

He told the Devil that he would bet that he could not even turn himself into a shilling. The Devil laughed at him, it was such a simple task. At once the Devil turned himself into a shilling.

Jack freed the Devil only after the Devil agreed not to take his soul for ten more years. However the ten years passed quickly and Jack met the Devil once again while walking alone down a country road.

The Devil told Jack that his time was up. Jack agreed to go, only after the Devil climbed an apple tree and got him an apple. Having nothing to lose in this situation the Devil climbed up the tree.

Very quickly Jack drew his knife and carved a cross into the trunk of the tree.  Jack agreed to free the Devil, if he would agree to never take Jacks soul.

However Jack did eventually die. He met St Peter at the gates of Heaven and St Peter told him that he would not be able to enter Heaven because of his dealings with the Devil.

Jack had no choice but to go to the gates of Hell. It was there that he met the Devil again and the Devil told him that he had promised never to take his soul, so he could not enter Hell either.

Jack has been doomed to wander the earth in darkness ever since. The Devil had given him a burning coal to use for light. Jack put the ember into a carved out turnip and carried it with him.

This light that he carries began to be known as the Jack-of-the-lantern. And eventually Jack-o-lantern.

So, boys and girls.  Don’t go making any deals with the Devil.  It ain’t worth it!


20 Responses to “Jack, The Devil & Drinkin til ya Puke”

  1. Hmmm… no deals with the Devil or perhaps make the deal a triffle more carefully I say….

  2. i always thought it was to scare away the dead when they walked the earth on halloween.

  3. lovin the creative cuttin on those jack-o-lanterns!

  4. HAHAH! I am *totally* carving a penis pumpkin tomorrow!

  5. Great.

    Can’t go to Heaven and the Devil won’t even take you.

    I predict years from now, people will be carving Jack-O-Moog’s.

  6. Cool story and those pictures are hilarious!

  7. Damn, some people get “Punked”, I got “Schooled” by none other than the Diva herself.

  8. Okay, now really… who carves a penis into a pumpkin? I must admit it is hilarious!!!

  9. I love me some good folk lore. And I must admit I never knew that. Thanks for the edumacation dearie!

  10. Oh and I thought the penis was pretty funny too!

  11. hahahahahahahahah

    these are GREAT photos

  12. I wonder how long a penis pumpkin would be allowed to sit on my patio here at my apt. complex? Maybe one night .. maybe.

    If you are going to make a deal with the devil, then it had better be for something really good. 😉

  13. those are very good- how have I never been here before?!

  14. Hhhmmm…I don’t know, it kept him out of Hell!!

  15. Thanks for the info…I had forgotten…I love the pirate! xoxo

  16. There’s a puking pumpkin in my neighbourhood.

    So far no penis pumpkin sightings.

  17. Well, now that is some good advice! No dealing with the devil anymore for me. I just hope they have pizza in heaven.

  18. I love those pictures! I don’t understand why Jack let the Devil go in the first place…

  19. a friend of the devil is a friend of mine…

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