Serial Killers, Psychopaths & Santa

Yes friends and neighbors…  there is a total correlation between serial killers, psychopaths and the jolly fat man who gets stuck in your chimney.

What is it??  You already know if you are a breathing being that sets foot in Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Walgreens or any of the other retail greed mongers.

Before they even took down the swim suits, scuba googles, sand buckets & beach towels, space was being made for the ungodly display of ugly fake Christmas trees, gift wrap, bows, ornaments, holiday cards and seasonal specials. 

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — On a sunny, 80-degree day last week —more than 15 days before Halloween— Wal-Mart employees in Newport News worked to put the finishing touches on their “Christmas Shop.”

Believe it or not, the Holiday Shop at our local Wallyworld started going up even before the halloween costumes and candy.

What happened to the days of Christmas shopping season starting officially on the day after Thanksgiving?????

WEST PALM BEACH, FL — It’s still three weeks before halloween, but one local pharmacy already has the Christmas decorations up to entice shoppers.

Makes going into one of these store with the sole purpose of getting Lil T a halloween costume and getting out of there without a “I want” fit from the boy impossible… 

Because of the stupid walls of toys and shit they have out to jump start the Christmas shopping season.

I’ve been threatening to HUMBUG Christmas for the past three years and have caved at the last minute…   for this exact reason…

The greedy corporate asshats who start the holidays waaaaay before it’s even fall.

In October, the only thing I want to see when I walk into a store is a happy variety of tailgating crap and halloween masks to scare the neighborhood kiddies with.

What do y’all think about it?  Does it annoy you that Christmas shopping season keeps getting shoved in your face earlier and earlier every year?


23 Responses to “Serial Killers, Psychopaths & Santa”

  1. I muttered “Fuck off!” out the bus window yesterday when passing a shop that was full of Christmas decorations.

    I couldn’t help myself.

    The other riders visibly moved away from me.

  2. Christmas is my favorite time of the year however I am with you on this one. Christmas is not about buying all the shit they put in the stores but about being friends with one another. With that said I’ll wait a little bit more to say Merry Christmas to you.

  3. Just kill two birds with one stone:

    Get the kids a Halloween outfit for Christmas.

    Sure they’ll be confused but fuck it, they’re kids. They’ll get over this shit.

  4. What you may not have realized is that these decoration are for the 2009 Christmas season. Over the last decade it kept getting earlier and we actually lapped it by a year.

  5. It’s insane…I miss the good old days!! xo

  6. meh… its all part of obamas stimulus package…

  7. It does annoy me. I’m so sick of seeing Christmas crap by the time the actual holiday arrives that instead of enjoying it I’m just glad it’s over with.

  8. I hate that shit! No Christmas till well after Thanksgiving for me!

  9. I haven’t seen it in our larger retail stores (WalMart, etc.), but Kohl’s does have a little Christmas section in the back already. It really doesn’t bother me much… I like looking at the trees and ornaments, though.

  10. we at family dollar started putting christmas stuff up the first week of sept. We are still putting stuff out.arghghghghg

  11. There’s always a “seasonal” isle in my local supermarket. At the moment it’s a mixture between Halloween (which has just started to become commercialised in this country), and Christmas. Next month it’ll be entirely Christmas related, then no doubt in January it’ll be full of the same Christmas stuff all at half price, when it’ll finally get sold and make way for Valentine’s stuff.

    I think you just get immune to these things after a while. What really gets me is the rubbish that they sell – they put a half-sized bottle of wine and some cheese in a fancy gift case and sell it for twice as much as you’d pay for a normal bottle. I know which I’d rather give/receive…

  12. Yes – it annoys the crap outta me!!! I refuse to even think about Chirstmas until after Thanksgiving…in ORDER….the way it SHOULD be!

    ***I hope you will be sending me a Smooshed Boobies-Print!!!
    ( . Y . )

  13. It doesn’t bother me… but then again, I don’t go out much. 😉

    I really don’t though. So I don’t notice it until we go to Dallas for the holidays. Then we go clothes shopping and I see it on overload everywhere.

    I can’t imagine, having kids, the kind of pressure there must be sometimes with the damn gifts. Damn.

  14. I can’t even fucking think about Christmas right now.


  15. Yeah, it is very annoying. It’s idiotic. Like those people who care about baseball once football season has started.

  16. What happened to the days of Christmas shopping season starting officially on the day after Thanksgiving?????

    I dont know and it pisses me off too. Its like everyone is RUSHING to get to the season. Meanwhile we cant seem to enjoy it.

  17. It does annoy me. I am a big fan of sequential order. I really don’t like to think about xmas until Dec 1. Fuck Black Friday. But I do love Christmas. I hate Halloween and Thanksgiving, so I’m always waiting for those two to be done.

    I thought I scored daughter the Haloween costume she wanted (a devil, how appropriate) only to have her tell me that was NOT the one she said she wanted (yes it was!) It was delivered this evening. Tough Titties for her, I won’t be buying anyting else!

  18. I walked into a dollar store the other day looking for a specific Halloween item that I knew they had had. When I entered there were two small tables in the entryway with Halloween stuff on them, none of it being what I was looking for. I walked every inch of that store looking for the REST of their Halloween stuff and all the employees were busy putting out Christmas items.

    I was surprised they didn’t have carols playing overhead.

  19. When’s Christmas?

  20. to answer your question – my myspace is (I think) I log on occasionally.

  21. Christmas stuff is all out in my neck of the woods. I don’t mind. I just get confused……..I’m afraid I’m behind in my shopping,,,,,and we all know it’s just halloween.
    All this just makes me want to decorate my house sooner that I should, well I shouldn’t say that. I would decorate NOW if my family didn’t moan about it.
    Ya know what? Fuck em,,,,I’m decorating. !


  22. My kids are grown and can afford to buy all their own shit. BUT! I have to tell them to stop buying stuff for themselves after September or no one will be able to get them any gifts! By the time Christmas rolls around, they’ve already gotten themselves all the things they’ve told you and Grandmom to get them!!


  23. Hey. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Yep. The lovely marketing geniuses suck for shoving Christmas in my face way too early. BEFORE it’s even Halloween!! I don’t even think about shopping until after the turkey is gone.

    Whoa Nellie!

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