Growing Up, My Penis Vase & Saving the Ta-Tas

Ech.  The time has come for me and OG’s tranquil, quiet, happy, little office to start to close it’s doors.

We’ve had 8 years of solitude and nobody bugging us… 

Well except for our hottie UPS guy popping in once a day.

What’s next?  Well, I’m packing. 

And just like people home’s collect years of worthless and dust collecting shit… so did this office.

What is breaking my heart isn’t necessarily the move and it’s not the fact that we are moving into a bigger office with 20 some-odd other people.

Well, yes, that is kind of it.

Why?  Am I anti-social?

No.  I’m not.  But, moving into a bigger and better position means I can’t litter my walls like a dirty old-man’s garage anymore.  

The new place has men in it.  Men who may not look at me as a professional type peanut counter if when they walk by they see penis flower vases and skantily clad men hanging on the wall.

So long to the days of gazing happily into the eyes of the Chippendales who hang on the inside of my office door. 

So long to the clapping monkey and pirates who hang on my wall.

Yah.  We’ll see how long I last before the penis vase gets put out in plain sight.



Ok LADIES!!!!  LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don’t do it regularly, take a minute and do it today!

Self breast exams, regular doctor visits, mammograms….

Not fun to think about…. BUT

It might save your life!

Click the logo to learn more about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Just do it!


24 Responses to “Growing Up, My Penis Vase & Saving the Ta-Tas”

  1. Oh, is it time for Buddy Check 10 already?

    Guess I’d better get started around the neighborhood tomorrow and do my volunteer work!

  2. rantingdiva Says:

    Mushy- You and Olga reminded me!

  3. And if any of you women are afraid and need help. I’m here for you!

    ps. I have very smooth yet very strong hands

  4. I am available for exams……..

  5. Yeah, that vase may draw a few comments. LOL 😉

  6. And just in case any of your women readers are a bit squeamish about that old breast exam, bring them ta-tas on over to me and I’ll “examine” them for you.

    Heh, heh, heh.

  7. oh that’s heartbreaking…my granddaughters went to las vegas and they ususally bring me back key chains, which they have brought me from every trip…I have 16 key chains and 2 keys..snort*
    but on one trip they brought me back a dick mug..
    it’s a skin colored mug with a dick as a handle..
    the girls said they cracked up the clerk when they both said ‘oh we have to get that for grandma’…

  8. LOL I love your penis vase. I think you should keep it out daily.

  9. Now, who wouldn’t love a penis vase?

  10. That is some vase. Reminds me of an Italian guy I once dated. There are those that really are just too big you know?

  11. so when does the auction for the vase begin?

  12. Oh My god….I have to know when you move to your new office when and if the penis vase gets put out in plain sight. and the reaction!

  13. What kind of flowers should one put in a penis vase?

  14. I’m wincing just picturing you putting something into that vase.

  15. Caring man willing to do exams for women in columbus Ohio.

    Call 614-###-####

  16. As far as I am concerned you can toss the penis vase but pleaseeeeeeeeee do save the ever inportant and always beautiful tatas.

  17. Moving to a new office blows. Especially when you have to adjust your manners. Heh.

    I knew Mike would go there, about the boobies. Moe did too.

    All joking aside though, it’s very common in my family so I try to be very aware. Do it ladies!

  18. What a minute, Wait one freakin minute!! No Chippendales behind the door is just cruel and plain wrong. Put your foot down lady. That’s unacceptable.

  19. So let me see if I got this right.
    You supposed to put penises in this vase?

  20. I read that, and started to feel sorry for you, but then I began to wonder whether the 20 odd people need my sorrow more. Time will tell… Please keep us posted.

  21. Hey ladies! I’ll examine your teets with my penis! HA!!!

  22. YES!!!……SAVE THE TA-TAS!!!!

    And SMOOSH YOUR BOOBIES!!! 🙂 (Please visit my blog for details….and I WANT to see YOURS!!!!)

  23. Please don’t ever grow up. Display your penis vase with pride.

    Umm…should I check my man boobs? 😉

    Seriously ladys check em, you need em and we love em.

  24. HA! Just tell the men that it is a Cactus is sort of prickly?

    I don’t think that it will take long for you to stage an exhibit of self expressionism with doo-dads that elaborate upon your unique character.
    Non-conformity is a gift and a sign of genius!

    I concur with your plea to protect the Ta-Tas..
    and if you’re too busy, it usually isn’t very hard to find a volunteer.

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