Teenage Drama 101, Econ 101, Life Studies 201

 Right.  So, I haven’t been the most entertaining or highly motivated individual on the internetz as of late. 

I’m a big girl.  I can admit to being a buzz kill.  Sorry for that.  Sometimes shit stops up the toilet and then it runs allll over the place. 

I left work yesterday afternoon bound and determined to get a grip.  One of the sources of mega drama has been created in the past year or so by Miss A.  I’m getting a front row look at how kids take and deal with the course Teenage Drama 101.  Miss A is passing this course with flying colors.   Her boyfriend who she is forbidden to communicate with now, is a P.O.S. scrub type and because of him, her senior year is sucking bad.  Her friends have kicked her to the curb.  Anyway, it’s been one helluva mess.  It’s one thing after another and she’s taking me on the ride with  her.  You know.. sneaking and calling him… 

And getting caught because the asshat called her “ex friends” and cussed them out and got all of these parents all upset…  None of this would have happened if she’d listened and not talked to the shithead like she was told. 

As a newly formed middle-class income family, the finances are sucking the life out of me.  I’m floating two mortgages right now and it’s sucking ass. 

Then there’s the Big T issue.  Whatever.  Everybody fights and argues.  I know this to be true.  But mixed in with that are the good times and positive emotion.  This is where my marriage falls short.  I am working on a way to fix that.  I’m a happy-go-lucky-bitch married to a solemn, very gruff and overall unhappy man.  Not a good match.   But like they say… you don’t ever really know someone until you live with them.  I’ve lived with the situation for a year.   It ain’t cool.

For now, I’ve gone into survival mode at home.  And I will survive. 

Anyway, I have been trying to amuse myself.  I ran across a site with a list of quotes that tickled me.   I would like to share some of the Dumbest Celebrity Quotes.  I giggled.


The Pop Tarts, Socialites and other Silly Girls:

“I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.”
– Britney Spears, on Blender Magazine (April 2004)

“I’m not anorexic. I’m from Texas. Are there people from Texas that are anorexic? I’ve never heard of one. And that includes me.”
— Jessica Simpson

“[I hope] my child will be a good Catholic like me.” — Madonna

“I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan. Simply because I don’t like eating fish. And I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.”     — Britney Spears

I’m so smart now. Everyone’s always like ‘take your top off.’ Sorry, NO! They always want to get that money shot. I’m not stupid.” — Paris Hilton

“When I’m really hot, I can walk into a room and if a man doesn’t look at me, he’s probably gay.” — Kathleen Turner

14 Responses to “Teenage Drama 101, Econ 101, Life Studies 201”

  1. Survival is the goal darlin, ya just gotta keep strokin & I believe humor is a vital survival tool, great quotes. 🙂

    The question has been answered at my place, drop in and see it.

  2. Kathleen Turner.

    WTF happened to you?!?!?

  3. dang, i hate home survival mode… but im feelin yah though… ive been too drunk and too tired to do much of anything at home with the cheese… ive been trying to fix that. but it does take two for those whole marriage thingys to work! good luck eh?

  4. Suvival of the fittest. You shall prevail.

  5. Sorry to hear things are still running rough….stay strong like I know you will! I hope cheerful days are ahead for you luv! xoxo

  6. Brilliant! Those sorts of remarks show real talent. Of one kind or another…

  7. Riiiiight, Madonna is an excellent Catholic. I see where she got her kneeling skill from now 😉

    Hope things turn around for you at home, girl….

  8. “Sometimes shit stops up the toilet and then it runs allll over the place. ”

    Thanks for cracking me up!

    Isn’t Madonna Jewish?

  9. Sorry family stuff is sucking so bad right now. I think that shit is going around. The teenage drama is to be expected you know the rest not so much. Hang in there.

  10. I actually think the “no anorexics in Texas” line is pretty damn funny. I used to live in Texas and I don’t recall ever seeing any anorexic chicks there either. haha 😉

  11. I do hope your load gets easier -quickly! Thanks for the quotes. Very funny!

  12. You know you shouldn’t worry about a being a buzzkill. Life can’t be funny all the time. It can be generally positive though and I’m sorry you haven’t had enough of that lately. 😦

  13. My parents fought like pro boxers…finally when i was 14 they divorced and years later my daddy said he only stayed with my mother for me…i said you didnt do me any favors…
    remember the kids know what’s going on too..

  14. I’ve had my share of crap lately too and for whatever reason, it seems to be getting worse. I was hoping that it would go away, but it isn’t. I guess I am going to have to make it go away.

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