No Catchy Titles Here Today

I’ve been spread too thin.

Like to the point of exhaustion thin.

I have been on the road for more than two weeks and I’m tired.

I no more than landed in Knoxville last week, then I was blazing a trail down to Huntsville.

I was literally home long enough to sleep a few hours, do some laundry and clean up the house.

All of the time away from here has made me think alot.

Re-assess life.

Now, I’m not depressed so much as I am wondering what the hell I’ve gotten myself into here.

Thinking too much can suck.   Especially when the reflection doesn’t lead to happy thoughts.

Rather, I’m realizing that when I found Big T, I wasn’t as unhappy, lonely and miserable as I thought I was.

I had my own home, an excellent job, and a boat load of most excellent friends.

I have found the time away from here (home) has been good for me. 

I also know that there are alot of changes on my horizon, in the next year.

I hope to slow up and come visiting everybody so I can catch up soon.

Until then, friends, live your lives and find some happiness in each and every day.


26 Responses to “No Catchy Titles Here Today”

  1. You need to hire a live-in maid! 🙂

  2. Hang in there, get your rest whenever you can and take care of yourself. Having all the things in the world you want doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t take the time to enjoy them.

    I hope you find that balance… just bob

  3. well sexy maybe it’ll get better soon!


  4. Can’t tell you how many times in my life I have come to the place you are now. The only thing I can say for sure is that life goes on. For better or worse, it goes on. And the alternative? Well that just sucks.

  5. I’ve been on the road a lot too, although not as much as you it would seem. Being away from home does give a lot of time for thinking. It sure can be a good thing. Hope you’re doing okay babe.

  6. What an absolutley wondeful post. Those are my sentiments exaclty. Eventually things will have to change and you’ll slow down a bit again. At least that is my wish for you. Hang in there and have an absolutely great week.

  7. This time of year just seems hectic in general. I know I won’t have time to stop until after November starts and then, it’ll be gearing up for the holidays. I hope your traveling days slow down. 🙂

  8. Life lays out so many paths for us. It’s hard to always know which one to take. Often times if you pass one up, you come across it again later on. Think hard and good luck. Have fun in your travels, seek adventures and make memories.

  9. I can empathize with that spread thin feeling, but a bit of that is okay. The trick is to not spread yourself so thin that holes begin appearing in the fabric that is you.

    (Oh, guess I’m feeling philosophical today.)

    And if holes do appear, find someone who is good at spackling. 😉

  10. I have yet to visit a cemetary and find one headstone that says’I wish I had worked at the office more’…nuff said..enjoy life, it’s way way too short..

  11. Hope things turn around soon…

  12. Hang in there babe….XOXOXXOXOXO

  13. Well … at least you’re alive and still kickin’ … It’s good to know that one day can make a big difference … tomorrow you may be refreshed and full of energy. Then come and visit. Stay well.

  14. Hope you are doing well…sending hugs your way girly! Chin up!

  15. Erring on the side of comedy, I was going to say that adding the old Chinese Cookie Trick “under the sheets” after your first sentence would have been great.

    As in:

    I’ve been spread too thin…under the sheets.

    Then I realized that it wasn’t funny.

    See…things could be worse. You could be commenting on another person’s blog about bad Chinese fortunes.

    True story.

    Hang in there.

    Under the sheets.

    Nope…still sucks.

  16. Life is kicking my ass as of late. Do, hang in there my friend . . .

  17. she said hang in there… heh heh…

  18. Nothing. Just hugs.

    hang in there. xoxo

  19. Uh oh….yeah, thinking sucks sometimes.

    You be careful, girl.

  20. make the best of it Cat….we’re only here once

  21. “Thinking too much can suck. Especially when the reflection doesn’t lead to happy thoughts.”

    That’s WHY they invented beer.

  22. You need to slow down a bit my friend

  23. No problemo Scratchy!
    Life is a Garden, DIG IT!

  24. Hang in there, my feline friend! The Vols will be better next year, I swear!

  25. Hey hon. Sorry to come in a little late, I just got back from Vegas last night.

    I imagine you are doing some serious thinking. It’s a wonderful and horrible and interesting thing to really look at what you’re making of your life and if it’s what you want it to be, or if it isn’t.

    Much love to you and you can always count on me and some of these other fine folks for support and an empathetic ear.

    Get some rest too. The lack of it just makes the mental stuff even heavier and stranger.

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