Good Friends, Red Bras & A Mu-Mu


I’m a dork.  Forgot to insert the picture of the notorious and soon to be famous hug.  *rolls eyes*

I took the time to jack it from Mel’s page, even made mention of it… then… forgot to put it in.

I’ll lay off the good drugs.

Howdy friends and neighbors!  I’m back in the South again for a few days.

So, birthweek plodded along very nicely.  I think I’ll work on making it birth weeks or maybe even birth month in the future.  But, that will take some time to figure out how to work that angle.

The actual birthday started out well with the time zone issue working to my advantage.  I woke up at the crack of dawn.  I made the run from Costa Mesa to Irvine via Pacific Coast Hwy.  A beautiful early sunrise joyride.

The day was actually lovely until I got done working and went back to my shitty rental car to find this tucked nicely into my windsheild. 

Yep, a parking ticket.  My eighth one in 5 years.  Jeez.

So, off I go to find the parking police to get it fixed… this time I actually had a parking permit… but it blew off the dash into the floor when I closed the door…. 

This little gem may or may not cost me $52.00.  Depends on if they decide to have mercy on me.  They will let me know if my contesting the charge worked within 20 days.  Nice.

After that fiasco, the day brightened back up.  It was still only 3:00 and I had until 6:30 to amuse myself before I met with Mel (Alosha) for dinner.  So, I ran down to the beach to ooogle the surfer boys and write in the sand. 

There is no photographic proof that I was ooogling the surfer boys, other than the one burned into my brain.

So, Mel was late… I was already slurping a cold beer when I saw her walk up.  How better to greet a fellow blogger who I was meeting for the first time but than with  “It’s about damn time, girl.”   She was just a few minutes late and it was a cool ice breaker.

We started talking like we’d been friends forever.

The first line of business was drink ordering. 

The second line of business was to recruit our waiter to take pictures of us getting a hug for Mikie. 

I jacked this one from Mel because my pictures made me look like I was wearing a mu-mu.  *shutter*

We shared chips, salsa, guacamole and drinks and totally enjoyed each other’s company until they literally kicked us out of the place so they could close.

It was awesome.   She was exactly as I thought she’d be.  It’s cool when you have a preconceived thought about what someone will be like and then they are exactly like you thought.

I found Mel to be a very deep, extremely well thought and totally together chick.

We giggled some, we talked serious some.

My description of her and our meeting is an injustice to her because she really is all that and then some.

To Mel:  Thanks, girl for making that day bright!  Can’t wait for y’all to come out to visit or to get back out there and do it again!


24 Responses to “Good Friends, Red Bras & A Mu-Mu”

  1. Glad you had a good time… well minus the parking ticket anyway…

  2. Parking tickets are our contribution to California’s problematic budget issues. I got a parking ticket for spotting a triler on the street overnight. They actually expected me to be driving all over the busy L.A. freeways pulling a car hauler, yeah right. I felt I could afford the $35.00 it costed me, shit they needed them more than I did I guess.

    Happy to hear you had such a great time, I do want to know when is the next time you’ll be coming to the west coast.

    On, and that Corona looks mighty good right now. It’s still hot her in the desert.

  3. Glad things went well, all things considered. My limited experience with meeting bloggers is they seem to be like you imagined.

  4. Where’s the picture of you two chicks hugging?

    Dammit, I’m disappointed now…

  5. How cool! Glad you two had a good time.

  6. Sounds like fun D. Man, I’d love to be on a beach right about now. A nude one would be even better….

  7. So glad you guys had a good time. I only wish I could have been in the middle of that hug.

  8. Slick, go visit my page doofus. 😉

    I totally forgot that you said that when I walked up HAHA. Didn’t bother me in the least, as I said later on. We’re both too “real” for that kind of B.S.

    I’m blushing furiously at your description of me and THANK YOU again for spending you birthday with me. It really was a very nice dinner… er, gabfest. 😉

  9. Isn’t it great fun to meet your blogging friends? So far I’ve met 4 of mine and talked on the phone with about 15 or so…So many of mine are like family…but better…glad it was such a great occasion for you both…cool beans!

  10. Happy Birthday, girlie! Sounds like a fun time!

    Yeah, I wanted a pic, too. ;(

  11. Need someone to represent you dealing w/that ticket?

  12. You can see all the way through that beer! Sissy beer!

  13. How wonderful to have had such a great time with Mel.

    This week kicks of my ‘birthweek’ as well. Today is my bday, (Im officially a cougar now) and Saturday my nephew turns ONE and Tuesday my niece turns ONE. Lots of LIBRAS in this family!!

  14. Nothing like closing down a place because you can’t stop talking to someone you really enjoy! Glad you two had such a good time.

  15. That totally sucks on the ticket issue…I hope they let you off!
    Sounds like the perfect evening – hanging out with a blog buddie – glad it was everything you had hoped for!
    Happy Hump Day! xoxo

  16. rantingdiva Says:

    Jenny- Thanks!! It was a blast.

    Jose- I will definitely let you know when I’m headed back. The whole ticket thing is a conspiracy!

    Ron- I’m glad they are!

    Slick- I fixed it. Ooops.

    Tee- Thanks!!

    Chuck- You’re next!

    Mike- We did too! You are loved, my friend!

    Mel- Very, very cool and on my list of things to do again!

    Goddess- The bestest!

    Lynn- Thanks!!!!!

    AngryMan- I’ll be calling you.

    Mush- It was that or Bud Light. I thinks not.

    Meleah- Happy, happy Birthday, BABEEE!!!

    DFTF- It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time, girl!

    PPD- Happy Hump Day!

  17. That’s great – except for the Parking Gestapo – I’ve never understood why it seems to be about the only area of law where you’re guilty unless you can prove otherwise.

  18. That is so FUN! Not the parking ticket crap the good stuff. What a cool way to spend time on Earth.

    Did you see surfer dude Mathew MacConaghey or howeverthef*ck you spell it? McConaughey whatever!

    I was thinking now that doppleganger Paul Newman is gone (RIP loved PN) the two of them can’t make a movie together..they could have easily played father/son or older/younger version. HELLO Hollywood!

  19. Sorry about the ticket. I hope it gets resolved in your favor. However, meeting a fellow blogger totally outshines any shitty ticket business! Yay – y’all look great and looks like you had a blast!

  20. Oh man….a parking ticket on your birthday! That sucks!!

    So when are you coming out to San Francisco? We need to meet up for drinks wearing our mu-mus!

  21. So random, but I read the third paragraph as “And I made the sun rise from Costa Mesa…” Which is awesome and fitting, but apparently I’m illiterate.

  22. Enjoyed the post, I agree – it’s always pleasant to find out that your perceived notions about someone proved positive and correctly.

    The pictures look nice and frame the fact that you enjoyed yourself.

    Awesome sand pic.

  23. They say the ogling’s good for you. 8^)

  24. Parking tickets! Acccckkkk! If I ever run for president, that will be my primary campaign issue!

    Sounds like a great trip otherwise!

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