Hotties, B-days & Too Much Travel

A quick check-in to let you kids know that I haven’t gotten lost or stolen in California… my WIFI card took a shit and made it semi-difficult to get online.

God bless system restore.
I think the shitty connection at the Ramada Inn in the ghetto killed my PC, but it seems to be working now.

Thanks to Sage for the b-day shout out! That was cool logging on and seeing all that love.

And a super dooper big thanks to Mel from Alosha (can’t linky today…) for making the actual b-day super swell… once I found Taco Rosa 🙂

Anyways, I’ll be posting the notorious hug for Mike so he’ll know he was loved and talked about that day 🙂

I’m flyin home tomorrow so, not sure I’ll be around until Tuesday… so until then my love to all y’all.

Another hottie for y’all.

Nobody can accuse me of only picking a hottie of the day that has a penis.

Sure, I’ve gushed about Jeffrey Donovan without a shirt a blue million times.


So, here’s a hottie of the day that will arouse a dude or two.

Is there any woman in the world any friggin hotter than Janet Jackson when she’s on her game?

I present, exhibit A.

When I die of liver failure.  If reincarnation is a possibility…

I so want to come back as a body molded into the likeness of this chick.


Fuckin flawless, ain’t she?

Yah, it’s true.  I have had a girl crush on Janet since she did this:


12 Responses to “Hotties, B-days & Too Much Travel”

  1. Glad you guys had a good time and still would give away a body part to have been there.

    Not another kidney though.

    Hurry home. We all miss you.

  2. come on home sugar..come on home..
    yup, she’s pretty hot..and the thing i like about here is the tits aren’t perfect, they sag just a tad, she’s a full figure girl…she doesn’t look like a stick with tits..yeah for her…

  3. Well I’m glad you made it through the ghetto!

    hope your birthday was swell!

    JJ would surely do in a pinch!

  4. You’re in my hood?

  5. “Is there any woman in the world any friggin hotter than Janet Jackson ”

    Yes. Selma Hyack!

  6. Janet is a total hottie, but I’ve seen your picture and it’s pretty damn hot too 😉 The only problem with Janet is the Crazy that accompanies it. Have a safe trip home.

  7. Well at least someone came out of that family okay…

    Definatly more than ok…

  8. Janet is crazy hot!

  9. Hey the last minutes of your bithweek are here, make the most out of them. I hope you had a great time in Cali. Oh, and thanks for posting that hottie. I always challenge you on the other hotties you post claiming that I am hotter than they are, but can’t compete with this babe, she is indeed what dreams are made of.

  10. Glad you are back -yep, Janet is a hottie!!

  11. I’m glad you’ve been having a good time.

    I’m afraid, I really don’t like JJ’s face. The rest of her isn’t bad, I suppose…

  12. Hey bebe. I posted the pics of you and me, but in black and white. Read and you’ll see why. 😛

    Hope you’re doing well!

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