Friday, Saturday, Wednesday & Friday

So, the weekend was full of birthweek celebration.

No, friends and neighbors, I don’t have a birthday, I have  birthweek.    Go me.

It all started on Friday evening, when the Rodriquez’ez came-a-callin with all the good stuff for a BBQ.  Including, but not limited too, Rotel Dip, burgers (shudder), chipotle chicken, chili, and birthday brownies.

Then Hollyrock and I retreated downstairs where we started with karaoke but ended up bootie breakin. 

That’s when my mid-life-crisis epiphany hit me. 

I can drop these extra pounds from the mid-section if I just make good friends with my stereo and bootie break 30 minutes a day.

I love dancin and it’s been said I have more rhythm than a collegiate step team. 


So, my birthweek resolution is to dance my ass off 30 minutes per day, at least 4 times a week.  Friday doesn’t count, cuz dancin at the bar is done with help with loads of beer carbs. Yum.

I figure I’ll break the resolution by Christmas.  But, here’s to high hopes.


Saturday was family birthweek party.    Daddy called and said there was a birthweek BBQ at his house at 2:00 and that I needed to be there, as it’s my birthweek.

Okie dokie then.  So, promptly at 2:00, we were grillin big, fat ribeyes.  Just a-waitin for the UT / Auburn game to start…

because surely to shit the VOLS can kick Auburn’s ass.

Or………….    Not.So.Much.

Fulmer needs to go.  That’s all there is to it.  Let Peyton come coach.

Oh wait. Peyton was on the sideline and told the boys to go for the 2.  Whatever.  UT losin wasn’t even the icing on the birthday pie.  Not at all.

The icing on the birthday pie was the fact that me and Daddy got the shit kicked out of us every game of spades we played.  Dammit.

Anyway, we ate good food and I got a bottle of Baileys Irish Creme and cold hard cash from the folks.

Which I promptly spent at Hobby Lobby on cross stitch stuff.  Yay!


Sunday was spent at the Fountain City Duck Pond with Lil T, Miss A and Miss N.  It was all good until Lil T got pissed off because it was time to go. 

But, the ducks got full off of us with a loaf of bread and a can of Pringles.


So, Wednesday, my actual birthday will be spent working in the biology department of the University of California at Irvine. 

Why is this so cool?

Because Mel from Alosha is gonna meet up with me for tacos and beer.  Yay, Mel!

As with everything else in life, I intend to have the camera and hopefully after the umpteenth margarita, there will be blog fodder.  Heh.

Stories and pictures to follow late next week.


Next Friday, after a long, long week of drinkin sittin on the beach workin, I’ll retreat to the sanctity that is my Mommy’s pad.

I’m so excited to get to spend a weekend with the maternal figure in my life!

She’s an amazing, strong willed, spiritual woman. 

She’s loves me even though I’m a total heathen.  Which is also awesome.

We will shop and go have birthweek dinner at Pacifica.  GRRRRub.


Anyway kiddies.  I wish you all a beautiful and wonderful week.  I’ll be stopping by when I’m rotting in hotel rooms at everybody’s blogs to give more wet, slobbery kisses.


21 Responses to “Friday, Saturday, Wednesday & Friday”

  1. Did you know I was an absolute pro at spades and hearts, not to mention poker?????????

    Hope you have a big ole week!!

    Sorry boutcher Vols.

  2. I retract my earlier comment that college football is great. I’m with you now. It sucks. (Stupid Trojans. Stupid Bruins.)

    Irvine? Well, if you have a little free time, maybe I can buy you a Corona! (Don’t worry, it IS possible for me to be on good behavior!)

  3. Happy friggin birthday girly! Sounds like a great week you’ve got planned out. Have some (many) birthday drinks for me!

  4. Well…let me be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY (on Wednesday)!


  5. Happy Birthday week to you and give Melissa a big old hug from me.

  6. Hey girl, happy birthweek. I only wish I could have made the trek to L.A. to meet ya. It suunds like you have a great itinerary planned.

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Swing by Ohio for you spanking!! 😉

  8. rantingdiva Says:

    Sage- Thx and I’m now officially a Bama fan 😉

    Riff- Wouldn’t that be cool?

    Vino- I’ll dance a dance, I’m slowin down the drinkie drinkie.

    Meleah- Thanks, Mamas!

    Mikie- Thanks!! I will do that!

    Jose- I’d love to see you & Chica, we’ll do it next time!

    Ron- Oh my! First offers of spankings for this year!!!!

  9. Happy Birthweek Darlin’ 🙂

  10. Sounds like you had a great time!

  11. Happy Birthday!

    And good luck with the resolution.

  12. Happy Birthweek!! xoxo

  13. well bless you my child on your birthday…
    im bummed out to..cowboys lost to the skins..and lost ugly..
    sounds like you had a wonderful time..and i’m so happy about that..

  14. Have a happy Birthweek! Have fun in Cali….wish I could go with. The Vols suck. All I can say now is, Roll Tide!

  15. Don’t worry girl, the VOLS will get better…

    In 2016…maybe.

    LOL :p

  16. I see Mike has said twice now to say hello, wish we could meet etc. I wish so too Mike!!!

    Looking forward to Wednesday. I probably won’t provide too much fodder. 😉 I drink, yes, but I tend to be more serious when I first meet someone. Just warnin’ ya. 😉

  17. Just birthday week? That’s nothing. My old man has birthday month.

  18. rantingdiva Says:

    Michelle- Thanks, Babydoll!

    Jennybean- Oh yah, Babe!

    Brian- Thanks and Thanks!

    PPD- Gracias!

    Jackie- You are so sweet! Thank you.

    Chuckie- Roll Tide, eh?

    Slick- Bite me.

    Mel- Me too, girl. We’ll gossip quietly!

    AngryMan- I’m gettin there 😉

  19. Happy Birthday! I have a birthday MONTH. My bday is April 22 and Mother’s Day is usually the 2nd weekend of May, so I just keep insisting on being pampered the whole time. I’m smart like that, ya know?

  20. Hey Cat….only one way to lose the mid-section

    Humpin…..A LOTTA Humpin.

    and always trust a man with a beer gut!

  21. came over from sage’s blog….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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