Losers, Ass Kickings & Getting the Hell Outta Dodge

I’m not as pissed off as I was last week.  Sadly, I’m just numb.  I’m pretty much blank.  I don’t feel like seeing anyone, or talking to anyone.  Every time I do see anybody, I tend to cry.

The folks forced their way over and I held it together Friday, but went into seclusion and did my own thing Saturday and Sunday without seeing or talking to anyone. 

Big T is just overlooking me for now, I think.  He has no idea what to say or do.   I have no idea what to say or do.

But, it’s Monday, and I left the house, and the worries that place is bringing me, behind.  I’m hiding in the sanctuary that is my office. 

I know you’re just dying with anticipation to know what I did over the weekend, so here it is.



So, it was complete annihilation on the Saturday just past.  Of course, I had already made my prediction to my Daddy’s dismay.  The VOLS were gonna take a brutal ass-kickin at the hands of the Florida Gators.

And, so it happened.  It was very difficult to watch.

You know those shows that show surgeries or animals attacking another animal.  It’s bloody.  It’s disgusting, nearly to the point of puking.

But you still watch.  Or in my case listen to VOL radio.  A train wreck.

I’ll not even go as far as to include the score.  Why bother.  It was a slaughter.


Friday night, the folks came over to play Spades. 

Daddy and me are always partners.  Mom and Big T are always partners. 

And if we were talking historical data here, the overall champion team would be Daddy and Me, hands down.

Admittedly, we are extremely bad sports.  Whether we win or lose. 

No, we don’t collect up our cards and leave the table if we lose.  But we pout.  Lip pooched out pouting.  And whining.  Lots of whining. 

But if we win…..  we cackle… we giggle… we rub it in.

Anyways.  We lost.  An asskicking of catastrophic proportions. 

We lost two games.  Finally won a game.  And finished off losing two more.

Yah.  That sucked.


I cleaned and detailed The Beastie on Saturday while the UT game was on.  I couldn’t stand to watch it on TV, so I put it on the radio and tried to be productive.

She was disgustingly filth covered with splattered bugs and road gack from the construction around Chattanooga.

The wheels were nasty, the interior was dusty and the windows were repugnant.

No more.  She sparkles and shines now.


When I get bored,  I cook.  Everything from scratch.’

 Over the weekend I made:

  • A cake covered with homemade cream cheese icing with mini-chocolate-chips on top.
  • Peanut Butter cup pie.
  • Southern fried chicken & home fried potato chips.
  • Crab rangoons (turned out perfect).
  • Spring rolls.


I also found a cross-stitch project I started for my step-mom 3 years ago.  I started it up again and finished about 1/4 of it.  I had forgotten how relaxing doing some mindless needle craft can be.

I went through lots of pictures and plan to work on my PICTURE BLOG a little more frequently.

Go see it, be a sport.


Lastly but not leastly.  I’m getting ready to get the hell out of here for a week. 

I have to go to LA (home sweet home… well, close to it).  I’m working 3 days, spending 4 days dicking around.

The most coolest part is that I’m gonna meet up with Mel from ALOSHA while I’m there.  Coolest part?  We’ll be catching up on my birthday!  Yay!

Then I plan to spend the weekend at my Mom’s in Palm Springs.  Yes.

Sitting there in the warm desert sun, hangin with my Mommy.  I’m stoked.

She was supposed to be on a trip to D.C. while I was out there, but her trip got cancelled.

She’s got all kinds of stuff planned for Saturday and Sunday.  

She wants to go to Pacifica for birthday dinner.  Who am I to say no? 

I’m putting in a vote for a trip to The Elephant Bar.  She loves that place too.  Everything there is tasty.


I wish a wonderful week to all y’all.

21 Responses to “Losers, Ass Kickings & Getting the Hell Outta Dodge”

  1. Pacifica??? Can I go too??? I’ll be good I promise!!! OK, I won’t be good, but I’ll try to stay out of the way at least 😉

  2. Have a fun trip…sounds like you will be enjoying yourself perfectly!!
    I would love to go to LA – it’s on my list of places to visit!!
    Sorry, you have had a lot on your mind lately – stay strong. :O)

  3. good lord. I have done THAT much in one month….

    I miss L.A. in C.A. a lot. Wish I was there right about now!!

  4. You’ve seen what I do to cakes.

  5. Can’t wait to meet you, honey. Let’s talk by the end of the week, okay?

  6. Oh! And you HAVE to teach me how to make spring rolls so I can put them on my food blog! 😀

  7. Me & the Ex used to play cards with my folks all weekend on our weekend visits, we always traded up on partners.
    I miss my folks, the Ex……umm what was her name…yeah not so much.

  8. All that cooking sounds delish…especially the crab rangoons and spring rolls. I’d like me some of that!

    Have fun in sunny California….I’ll be in Chicago….blech…

  9. Have a great time in SoCal.

    The Vols looked lost Saturday. And there’s nothing you guys can do about it. You’re stuck with Big Boy Phil Fulmer for how many years under that new contract?

    Of course the Hogs didn’t look any better. But we’re in our first year with Petrino. So we lie to ourselves and say there is hope for the future. LOL

  10. The VOLS sucked big time Saturday…I’m either going to stop watching them play or be for Alabama for the rest of the season.

    I’ve noticed that the other SEC schools have us out-coached. We should have bounced The Great Pumpkin last year instead of giving him 4 more years. Now if they get rid of him they’ll have to pay him and the new coach!

    They have sucked since ’98. Too long.

  11. neato pictures! Was that a balloon bride and groom? A little creepy looking, but I liked it!

  12. wow, sorry about your team..my cowboys won, so all is great in my world..except im sicker than a dog, so enjoy yourself and think of me coughing till i puke..

  13. I cannot believe you made all that yummy stuff IN ONE WEEKEND! Hell girl, did you whip up a tornado too in the kitchen! You need to get laid!

    LOVE the photo blog…my fav is the photo “Against the Ropes” so cute yet profound at the same time. I also like the balloon bride and groom.

    Hope your week rocks!

  14. UT needs Cutcliffe back. He was the brains there.

  15. So totally jealous that you get to go out there and hang with Melissa. Dammit. I want to go!!!!!

  16. Sounds like a kick ass type of trip! Have a heehaw good time! And I am all for the Elephant bar too! Things are good around here most days. Just trying to stay upbeat and I see life through a new light!
    Come by and see what I have been up too!

  17. My Word!
    I am not really that into sports..sorry..but a lot of people around me enjoy the vicarious escape of root-root-rootin’ for the home team and I find that more interesting than the games. Do you send off scathing e-mails to the coaching staff like my Mom?

    I have been to the Heidelburg Castle!!!Honestly 1979 and I havave been to Cali..’77 which means that I am long overdue to crank up the LL Cool J and sing I’m going back to Cali.

    I can only muster enough brainpower to play phase 10..seriously..ever heard of it? I could never play Poker because I am too honest..pffft..I am too impatient!

    Anyhoo, I’m glad that you’re off on an adventure it sounds like good timin..hey that’s a Beach Boys song! How appropriate! Get back before the big Quake hits…any day now.

  18. Cat…..sounds like you need to become a MSU SPARTAN fan. We’re gonna put the wood to that Wh*re we call Ann Arbor!

  19. Every time I do see anybody, I tend to cry.

    I usually make women vomit, but I guess you can cry if you want to.

  20. Oh man, if that trip and birfday fun doesn’t lift your spirits, I don’t know what could! I’m so excited for you!! Happy Early Birthday!

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