Warning: PMS, Whining & Lots of Bitching

I, for one, am stocked that it’s finally Friday.  

I will warn you now, if you proceed through the remainder of this post, I can’t promise that it’s going to be all cottonballs and kittens

In other words, I’ve had a rough month, I’m exhausted and I believe (although it’s early) I have the onset of PMS.  

Aren’t you glad you don’t live with me?  You can be honest, it will only sting a little.

Life lately has left me little time to stop and smell the roses.  

Comparatively, I haven’t had time to shit and fall back in it or fart and smell it either, so it’s not all bad.   I just haven’t had time to write witty, knee slapping, sarcastic shit.  Nor have I had the time to go visiting everybody else’s blogs.  Sucks. 

By the time I get to sit down and actually try to catch up, I’m so behind that I don’t catch up with everybody.  Sucks.  But, I’m working on a system.  A blog reading system.  So, I can keep up with all the good stuff going on around ya’lls places.

I’ve found out that real work is harder than pretending to be busy as hell.  Since taking the “new position”, I’ve been commuting back and forth from Knoxville to Huntsville pretty much on a weekly basis.  That’s kicking my ass. 

Not only do I really have to work now, but I spend alot of my time dodging state troopers in three states as I blaze a firey trail trying to get myself from Point A to Point B and back in a resonable amount of time.

I have managed to figure out where to PO-PO sits and stalks innocent commuters though and slow’er down to a reasonable speed temporarily. 


In other news.  We’ve finally figured out what is making Miss A, my lovely 17 year old daughter, walk like a little old lady  in the geriatric ward and hurt from her hip to her toes in her let.

Herniated disk.  Two of them.  The MRI shows that the disks are squeezing and hating on her sciatic nerve, which is making her unable to walk. 

The poor kid is going through hell between the leg/back issue and the fact that I’ve cut her off from that dead beat, punk ass, piece of shit she calls a boyfriend.   But he’s another whole story all together.  Fucker.

So, now we go to a neurosurgeon next week to see what we can possibly do to fix her.  She is just way too young to be going through all of this pain.


Overall, my home life has been nothing but complete hell for months now. 

Miss A is constantly showing her ass and doing stupid shit.  Granted, I did my fair share of stupid, teenage shit, but DAYUM.  In the last year here are the things she’s pulled (in no particular order:

* Ditched school… (ALOT) which is nuts because I drop her ass off everyday.  

* Smoked weed… which absolutely blew my mind.

* Snuck out in the middle of the night with her friends to see her asshat boyfriend.

* Lied about boyfriend related crap on multiple occassions.

The list could go on and on, but it’s depressing me and she’s now grounded until Jesus comes back, so I’d rather not dwell on it anymore.

The Boy drives me just as nucking futz.  He’s just fucking lazy.  He lets those dogs piss in his bedroom because he’s too lazy to take them out.  I’m trying to figure out a way to get rid of the dogs if neither him or Big T wants to take care of them.  It’s ridiculous.

Big T is making me want to pull my hair out.  I think  he doesn’t want to go back to work.  That’s not even the problem there.  I could care less if he works or not.  He gets short term disability, so financially, it’s not much of a burden.

What’s making me want to pull my hair out and punch him in the face is that every time I talk to him I hear the same two things… “I’m just sitting here watching TV.” and “I’m bored.”

Ok, pal.  If you’re so fucking bored, get up and do something.  Say, like dust mop.  Or how’s this, do the yard work.  Find something to do but bitch about being bored.

I’m working 50+ hours a week and commuting and still taking care of the house, the kids, the shit with their school, the house work, cooking, laundry and everything else.   Hello.

On the bright side, it’s Friday and I have a cooler full of beer.  I got a little last night. The VOLS play Florida (I anticipate it to be a total ass kicking to the boys, but hey).  USC ain’t playin til Thursday, but it should be an easy win.

So, kids.  Overlook my foul attitude.  I’m sure if I rest enough, I’ll be peachy keen by the end of the weekend.  Just in time for it all to start over again.

Have a drink on me.

27 Responses to “Warning: PMS, Whining & Lots of Bitching”

  1. You already know that I have a paddle with his name on it and can whip his lazy ass into shape.

    As for the blog reading, I’ve posted a pic with only one line of text to make it easy on you today.

  2. yeah, get it all out! sounds like you need some hand gun therapy… remember in the movie with kevin spacey, where his wife buys a hand gun and is reinvigorated in her life and personal power… yup, sounds like you need some handgun therapy… i suggest a .45 caliber revolver. easy to clean, use, load, etc… and sure does make a nice pop… and boyfriend deterrent!

    try to enjoy the weekend!!!

  3. You had me at “shit and fall back in it.”

    The “fart and smell it” comment was just icing.

  4. Sorry to hear things have so crazy for you….hang in there! I hope you do get to relax this weekend and totally 100% enjoy yourself! Have a good one and I will have a drink on you thanks!! xoxo

  5. My hat off to you, shit how do multi task like that and get the shit done, I got tired just reading your post and am now ready for a nap. Or maybe just to watch me some TV and be bored. Oh hell wait, I’m at work, that could get my ass fired. OK, I’ll stay awake and will play it safe, on and since the beer is on ya, I’ll drink a couple how’s that?

  6. It sounds like you need a beer more than I do, so I’ll be sure to have one for you.


  7. Ok, I’m going to have a drink for you because you deservice it girly. lol

    Hell, I’ll have 2 for you because that is the kind of friend I am.

  8. I’ll definitely have one for you tonight! Sorry life is getting you down – frickin lazy ass men and dumbass kids. I hear ya! Have Miss A’s tubes tied before it’s too late! I never get these dumb girls w/ their “asshat” BF’s as you put it. What makes them stay?

    I’m glad you made time to check in w/ all of us, despite your clusterfuck of a week…I’ve been sooo behind on my reading/blogging too.

  9. OH GOD…I really want to run away when my daughter turns 13. Can I come live with you?

    Hope life starts treating you better…or else I’ll kick its ass!!! Sending my positive thoughts to you…and a HUGE BEER!!

  10. Girl you needs you a vacay in the worst way! Sorry to read things have been so crappy lately. I’d been wondering what was keeping you so busy. Try to have you a good weekend!!

  11. Ouch, your poor daughter. Back pain sucks.

    Okay, I will concede that your week was worse and busier than mine, but your bright side is a little shinier than mine too. 😉

  12. Ouch… sorry to hear about the disc issues that’s way to young for that crap! Hopefully things will calm down and give you a moment to breathe every now and then 🙂

  13. I hope your cycle is a smooth one. 8^)
    Holy shit! I hope they can mend her!
    Sorry the three main guys in your life… suck.
    But I’m glad for beer!

  14. i believe in a certain amount of child abuse..not a lot..just a little..
    or bipping as i like to call it..

  15. Hey Cat…..Internet porn has been known to do wonders…So my wife tells me!
    Go tits up on the couch today and watch Michigan State pound Rudy into the Ground!

  16. Sorry hun, but Go Gators!

  17. If you need someone to kill that loser, I can probably get a few people to take of it for you.

  18. Wow. Talk about a rough time!

    I’ll open a bottle of SoCo and down a few shots for you before diluting it with some coke for the remainder of the evening. I hope things ease up on you soon!

  19. “A drink on you” will I have to suck it out of your clothes or lick it off your nekkid body? heh heh 😉

  20. Sounds to me like Miss A needs a Dyck in her life. Tell her to call me on her 18th, and I’ll be happy to “straighten out her back” for her…

  21. I can HARDLY WAIT to come hang out at your house! BRA-HAHAHAHA!!!!

    No…really – I am looking forward to it….Sounds like you could use a little extra support babe! 😉

  22. cottonballs and kittens. is my new favorite phrase ..and Ill be having many many drinks on you

  23. I’m really not sure how I’m going to manage the teen years with my kids. Sorry you’re having a rough time right now. I hope things calm down soon!

  24. Damn. What you need is a long back rub. Here’s my thoughts, for what they’re worth, probably not much:

    1) You need to sit down with the man and really explain to him how overloaded you are. If he cares for your well-being, he will at least try to compromise in terms of helping you, won’t he? Even if it’s small things at first, it would be something. It took me many a conversation with Steve a few years ago, when I got to my breaking point, but now he does all sorts of things without a second thought. But seriously, he needs to understand how much you’re taking on. Because that isn’t fair.

    2) The daughter. Hm. I’m not going to pretend like anything she’s doing is okay. But. I also had a boyfriend who treated me like shit. Odd, because my parents did not teach me to take that from a guy, exactly the opposite. But I “LOVED” him and though I knew best at 17, like we all do at 17. The only thing you can do for her is try to show her that there is a better way.

    As for the weed… well, it doesn’t mean trouble long-term. Necessarily. But it would worry me too. 😦 And that’s coming from someone pro-weed, on the whole. Just not for the kiddos. 😦

    It’s unfortunate that with so many other influences in her life it’s hard as a parent to try to tell her what you know in your heart is right for her. All she wants is what she WANTS, RIGHT NOW, and she can’t see the big picture. You may want to search online (if you have time!) for some resources and some kind of advice you can offer her that may not have crossed your mind. Because it’s not like when we were 17. It’s fucking rough having a teenage girl these days.

    I do hope her physical pain improves quickly. That’s tough stuff.

    Much love to you my dear!

  25. Hope this week goes better! Thanks for the comment!

  26. rantingdiva Says:

    MJ- Can you come for a visit with your paddle?

    IV- I’m tempted. Very tempted.

    Mooog- See, we have things in common, eh?

    PPD- Thanks, girl!

    Jose- Es perfecto, Amigo, perfecto.

    Brian- Eh, no beer for me.

    Diva- You.Go.Girl.

    VinoMom- Hopefully her eyes will be open sooner or later.

    RC- YeS! I’m looking into a place in a tropical area with lots of rum.

    Chuck- Thanks, Chuckie.

    DFTF- Eh, I’m just blowing off steam.

    Ron- That is my hope and dream now.

    Jack- You are a man who covers all bases. Awesome!

  27. rantingdiva Says:

    Jackie- You and me both.

    Moe- I’ll be lookin into that porn thing.

    Bob- Bite me.

    AngryMan- Is the service cheap? I’m broke. LOL.

    MetalMom- Sounds like a plan. It will pass.

    Trukindog- You dirty boy, you.

    Dyck- I’m gonna kick you in the balls, pal.

    Olga- You and me both!

    Meleah- Stole it fair and square from Mikie.

    ETW- You’ll do great, I’m sure of that!

    Mel- Thanks, girl. I’m gonna look at that.

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