Hottie of the Day- Mmm Toby

Ok. If I’m nothing else, I’m completely honest and tend to let all my inhibitions fall to the ditch with my pals in our little blogging world.
Since only a few of you know me on a totally personal level, and have never seen my face, and could most likely not pick me out in a line-up…

I don’t mind sharing my innermost thoughts with you… even if they are sometimes a little off.
So, we were at Catscratch Jane’s, and Scotty reminded me that I was going on about how much of a hottie Toby Keith is.
Yes, it’s true. I’d sop that boy up with a biscuit.
In the midst of a discussion about blogging a “Hottie of the Day” about Toby Keith, I (without thinking, of course) blurt out that, “I have had so many wet dreams about Toby Keith, I can not possibly do him justice in a blog”…
So, I’ll try anyway.
The whole rugged, ultra sexy, mega american cowby,
 persona but will continue seeing him “Dream walkin and Pillow talkin”.
With lyrics like the lyrics down to this song…
I will recess now to the confines of my cold shower.

18 Responses to “Hottie of the Day- Mmm Toby”

  1. I’m totally offended by the objectification of men .. oh hell, I can’t keep a straight face when I say that. 😉

  2. I think I could pick you out in a lineup….you’d be the bodacious blond with a great big atTITude! 🙂

  3. Yep. He is a bonafide HOTTIE.

  4. It’s going to take more than a cold shower to cool YOU down!

  5. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- I’ve got girl hotties of the day too.

    Olga- You know it BABY!!!

    Meleah- Something yummy about him for sure.

    MJ- I know it.

  6. How do I submit my pictures for hottie of the day??? And is there some way to ensure that I am picked for this honor? 😉

  7. i go more for the rough and rugged looking waylon, willie, kris, johnny..think it’s the music they made that made them sexy..i wouldn’t know a toby keith song if he sang it to me in person…im old country..old rock and roll..

  8. so who is the guy in the hat then? i thought you were a talking about me…

  9. I’d tap dat ass!!!

  10. Mmmmm, strange, didn’t do a thing for me!

  11. So, I guess you’d let him eat crackers in your bed, huh?

  12. I love u, u know that…but im not seeing it…but hell he can be your wet dream, zac efron is mine, I mine, I like the tots man..u like the rugged men;)

    rock on baby girl!

  13. I think he’s gay….

    Just sayin’. Manly men don’t wail and shit. 🙂

  14. Yep! I’m a Toby Keith fan, true and blue.

    I watched a sit-down with him on CMT and he talked about being a Rough-neck in Texas and I just about had a moanin’-moment.

    There is something about a guy, who is tall and tight jeans and a cowboy hat or ball cap and NICE ASS, that just takes me over the edge.

    I seen him in concert last March, my husband got us tickets for my birthday. My daughter and two of my best girlfriends went to see him in the second row, center stage, I could smell his colonge we were so close and DAMN Gurrrllll that man is “One FINE MAN” with the nice butt I have ever seen. YUMMY! “Lick’em like a lollipop should be licked”.

  15. rantingdiva Says:

    Ron- Email me, babes. Simple. No rules.

    Jackie- Toby is rough and rugged and balls out.

    IV- You’re attached, therefore it would be imprudent for me to gush about you.

    RC- Delicious, no?

    Mushy- I am so glad to hear that.

    Keith- Oh yah.

    FFM- Well, Criss Angel is kinda not rugged and I drool over him too.

    Slick- He.Is.Not.Gay. Shame on you.

    Cat- I’m green with envy… another damn deadly sin.

  16. Well I have a beseball with his autograph and I think his first CD authographed too. But I still think I am more of a hottie than he is. By the way his new single is pretty cool, I must sing it soon.

  17. Yum-o! Love me some Toby!

    If you get a chance, come check me out at

    I’m just getting started but would love some readers!

  18. Yummy! I love Toby Keith!! 🙂

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