Price Gouging Bastards, College Ball & Old Folks

Alrighty then.  It’s been a long weekend and I’m actually glad it’s Monday so I can be back in my office sitting here, quietly, gathering my thoughts.

Friday night wasn’t all bad.  I didn’t do a damn thing.  We didn’t have company over, we didn’t go out.  I sat on my ass in the dark with Miss A and we watched House and Monk.  And we ate popcorn and chips and drank unGodly amounts of Strawberry pop.  It was really nice.

Big T took the boy to the county in which they hail from to see a football game, so they were gone til nearly 11:00.  Its one of the few times me and MIss A  have had the house to ourselves in the year that we’ve lived here.  It was really nice.

Of course, Friday was a day of hell as people freaked out about gas prices.  I admit it.  I freaked.  But I freaked in time to get the Beastie filled up before it went sky high.  I slid in and filled it up while it was still sitting on $ 3.59/gallon.  Go me.   The Beastie has a 24 gallon tank.  My debit card starts to shake and tries to hide everytime it knows we’re at the gas station. 

Does anybody know when the price of fucking gas is going back down?  I mean, I gots a half a tank left, and I’ll run that bitch bone dry waiting for it to drop. 

It’s not like any super major damage was done to any of the refineries.  It’s not like there was a gas shortage.  No.  It was the fact that big, bad Hurricane Ike threatened the coast.  And all the little greedy fuckers crawled out of the wood work and collectively said, “WE CAN MAKE  SOME SERIOUS MONEY FROM THESE PANIC PRONE PEOPLE IF WE JACK UP PRICES AND SAY THERE WILL BE A SHORTAGE.”

All lies.   Fuckers.

Anyways.  Enough about how depressed I am over gas.

Both of my teams whooped some ass this weekend. 

UT Vols.  Yay.  They didn’t get their asses kicked by UAB.  There is a football god.  Sure “they” said it was gonna be a cake walk, but that’s what “they” said about UCLA too.

USC Trojans.   I personally had no doubt they’d be Master’s of the Universe, but before the game started, I was wondering if USC would struggle to get the victory.  I mean Ohio State ain’t that bad.  But, before the half, it was over.  OVER I tell ya.

While the day rolled on with game after game, I was cooking for our family reunion.  It’s the first one that this side of my family has ever had.  Basically, the only time we would ever see one another was at weddings and funerals. 

So, Sunday afternoon brought the coolest thing.  My Dad went and picked up Gramma from the nursing home to come to the reunion.  Nobody knew she was getting to come.  Me and several of my cousins were sitting around talking about how sad it is that of seven kids, my uncle was the only one that was going to be there. 

Five of them have been dead and gone for years and Gramma is now having to live in the nursing home because her Alzheimer’s has progressed so much.

She did really well.  She would grab my arm everytime I’d walk by.  She didn’t keep it a secret that she remembers I am her favorite because I was the first girl grandchild.  Go me. 

It kills me to see her like this.  I’m strong and I still act and talk to her just like I always have.  But, sometimes I realize the woman my Grandma was all my life is left to my memory.  

So, how was your weekend?


26 Responses to “Price Gouging Bastards, College Ball & Old Folks”

  1. Went to see ASU lose against UNLV. It sucked the way the lost. Grrrrr! Hey at least you had a good weekend, happy to hear that. We have birthday parties almost every weekend, so they act as mini family reunions.

  2. My weekend was quiet and uneventful–exactly the way I like it. I filled my truck up here in Michigan yesterday and it was 4.15 a gallon.

  3. Our gas prices have been going down for several weeks now. It’s DOWN to around 3.59 a gallon. @@

  4. This gas thing really sucks!

    I don’t know about TN…where is the new offense they promised?

  5. I took my daughter to school Friday morning and noticed gas was priced at $3.53 as I drove by. That same place, at 8:30 that night, was $4.65. That just ain’t right!

    The Vols looked okay, but no where as good as they need to look if they want to win any of their upcoming conference games. I watched USC and OSU too. Ohio State is as over rated as ever. If they were playing in the SEC they’d just be a mediocre mid level team. Much like Tennessee!

    Glad you had a nice reunion!

  6. Prices shot up here to over $4.00 a gallon on Friday, but now they’re down to $3.87. The problem with that is they were at $3.40 last Thursday. So the local gas companies or someone is milking this for a couple of extra days.

    Did you see UCLA got beat by BYU 59-0???

    How the bleep did Tennessee lose to that bleeping football team? That loss is going to haunt them.

  7. It was going ok until OSU got their butts kicked. Luckily I don’t take sports that seriously, but still I like my team to at least look like they tried 🙂

  8. i love family reunions ..all my cousins form prayer circles every time i walk by…cowboys play the squeagles tonight on espn..i will be glued to the tv, screaming and yelling like an insane person..
    those state guys were all over tv yesterday saying there was no reason for gas to go up…there was no shortage of gas and there would be some big ass fines for anyone doing price gouging..them fucktards…
    it’s beautiful here in west, texas..57 degrees this morning and 84 degrees for a high…life is good..unless you live in galveston and houston…

  9. Meh (on my weekend).

    I hear a bunch of people screaming about gas prices…$3.59 is NOTHING, girl! We were paying $4.15 a few weeks ago. Remember, we’re in Cali-forn-I-A, where everything costs and arm and a leg.

    Even though things are tough seeing your Grandma the way she is, I think you did the right thing. I believe old people–even if they are senile–can tell if you are treating them differently. Somewhere in her consciousness, she is thankful that you still treat her the same, I’m sure. She’s lucky to have a granddaughter like you!


  10. It was a dull weekend here. We figured we couldn’t afford gas to just drive anywhere, so we stayed home. On Sunday, the Evil Twin and his fat ass stayed glued to the couch while he slept, I mean, watched football.

  11. How cool it is to hear your Grandma came by for the reunion. I bet that was great for all.

    As far as gas goes, we are only paying 3.37ish in this part of the country.

  12. The price of gas is never going to go down again other than a few cents to shut us up.
    We should be going after more income like in raises.
    Everyone is using the gas prices as an excuse to charge more for goods and services its time the little guy got his share i think.

  13. Gas IS depressing. I was talking to my mom on the phone and she said it dropped under $100 a gallon today – personally I try not to pay too much attention cuz I’m gonna end up filling up my tank regardless eventually.

    Thats awesome about your grandmother and your reunion. I was the first and favorite grandchild as well. What post can I look back on to figure out the family dynamics? Not sure if Miss A is your stepchild or your daughter.

  14. Oh and the girls and I went camping this weekend – hoping to get a post up tonight about why four girls should NEVER go camping alone.

  15. Hey, I’m for Free Markets. I know the broads are getting pissed, but I keep raising prices for my Body. I now charge $20 per inch…….it’ll cost you $50 to sleep with me.

  16. well that sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Im so glad you were able to see Gramma and that she did so well. Thats terrific news.

    The Gas Prices = Out Of Control. I cant stand it anymore.

  17. my weekend was good…the gas is going up cause of the damn hurricane, or thats their excuse anyway…fuckers..

  18. Petrol prices are insane here, too. Luckily, I walk to work. Maybe clockwork or pedal powered cars at the answer…

  19. My weekend was actually great! Got to watch some football myself.

    I was glad to see USC roll all over OSU but now, I want USC to lose the rest of their games.

    I hate USC but I hate OSU even more….

  20. We saw some of the USC/OSU game. My hubby’s a major OSU fan, and I don’t think he even watched it after the half! He was so disgusted. LOL.
    My weekend was good other than my water-logged ceiling. ((rolls eyes)) Hey, at least I’m not in Galveston or Houston!
    Glad you got to see your Gramma and spend some time with your fam. I did the same thing on Friday night…big graduation party for my lil cousin. He is done with college. It was good to see everyone again…seems like time flies so fast between visits.

  21. Isn’t college football the greatest? Loved the Trojan game, couldn’t watch the Bruin game (yikes!!!) and I’m hoping the Vols win out from here. They’re my favorite SEC team, although I always kinda pull for Vanderbilt.

  22. My gas prices have been going down for weeks also. From $4.59 all the way down to $3.61 now. I know they’re going back up though… greedy bastards.

    Sorry to hear that your grandma has Alzheimer’s. That must be hard on you guys to not have her be as she was. I have to admit though that I am envious you had a great grandma to remember at all. Neither one of mine were… well, they weren’t stellar people and I’ll leave it at that.

    My weekend was quiet. And I just celebrated 12 years of marriage on Sunday. Go us. 🙂

  23. Gas prices will go down when geniuses like you stop topping off their tanks every time there’s a hint of bad news!

  24. OMG! I went throught the exact same thing with my grandmother. She had Alzheimers and it was brutal seeing her slip away.

    It is truly “the long goodbye”.

  25. Don’t ask. Hights of ecstacy and depths of despair. Why can’t I get a happy medium?

  26. I’m glad your grandmother got to go to the reunion. However, I also know firsthand how difficult Alzheimer’s can be. My grandmother had it. You’re right…they aren’t the “same” person and it hurts to see them that way. The fact that she would reach out to you was definitley reassurance that she connected to you!

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