Bean Counting, Catostrophic Accidents & Shitty Pants

But first I must give my apologies for not being around… again. 

Work,  ya know?  It can really interupt regularly scheduled activities like blog reading.

The weekly roadtrip from KnoxVegas to HuntsVegas kicks my ass, in addition to the fact that I’m top bean counter now and that requires non-stop work when I’m there.

In addition to working, I had a near death experience Tuesday morning which rattled me up pretty good. 

I left the house to go to Huntsville at 5 am.   Was cruising toward Chattanooga pretty fast, but slowed down because everybody was bowing up. 

Well, I was creeping a good way behind the pick up in front of me.  Thank.God.

I looked back in my rear view and saw the little SUV behind me coming up, but obviously slowing down.

The semi behind it, however, was not.  Well, not enough.

The semi slammed into the SUV. 

I thought fast enough to find a gear… 1st gear.  Which bunny hopped my ass into the median.

That’s what saved me. 

By the time the SUV pushed by the semi stopped, they were beside the ass end of my truck.

Somehow, nobody was hurt. The ass end of that SUV was smooched.  The shit they had in the back, was now in the front.  Airbags blown. 

Me being the good and sweet humanitarian that I am, I got out and checked on them.  I called 911…  Scared shitless and shaking….   Actually I didn’t shit my pants.  Almost, but not quite.  But I needed a post title. 

I would have really been pissed if my truck would have gotten jacked up.

So, I’m back in KnoxVegas after a 36 hour whirlwind visit to our office in Bama.

I’m gonna sleep.  I will be around in the next few days to say hi to each and every one of you and leave wet slobbery kisses in your comments.


18 Responses to “Bean Counting, Catostrophic Accidents & Shitty Pants”

  1. Let me leave a big, wet, slobbery kiss for you! Thank God you’re okay!!

  2. Glad you are okay and really glad you didn’t shit your pants. That would have sucked.

  3. Close call! Glad you got through unharmed!

  4. I shit my pants at the beginning just to fit in and now I am feeling a little awkward.

  5. Damn… that was too close a call. Glad you are ok and your bloomers are unsoiled.

  6. Thank god you weren’t hurt. Otherwise I would have had to come down there and kick some semi-drivers ass!! Word!

  7. Phew! Thank goodness you’re okay.

    I prefer dry kisses, by the way.

  8. Glad nothing happened to you. 🙂 That kind of stuff is so bizarre-think-in-an-instant type stuff. Good going.

  9. holy shit thinking…glad your ok…don’t wanna lose my new buddy…

  10. Daaaaang … very close call. Let’s be careful out there people!

    Glad you checked in with us. I was starting to wonder where you had gone.

  11. As far as blogs go, it’s quality, not quantity that counts… I hope you continue to avoid catastrophe and death on the tarmac…

  12. Hey Diva, trucks can be replaced, but Divas like you can’t. Glad to hear it was just a scare.

  13. Damn it’s about time you checked in. Thats some scary shit about the Semi – I hate driving next to them. Thank God no one was hurt, and you had not damage to your vehicle.

    Stop on by and say hi soon Diva!

  14. Damn, I bet that was hella scary! I would have definitely shit my pants, but then again I do that a lot. Sorry you’ve been so busy. The weekend is in sight and you can relax and recoup!

  15. OMG, I would have freaked too…thank God you are okay!! xo

  16. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ US. Thank God everyone Is OKAY. Now I have to clean up the shit in my pants

  17. Wow! Quick thinking! How scary.

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