$5,000 Dollar Suits, Scotch & Tater Salad

Today’s post is dedicated to the man I would have married…

Only problem is we’re both married.

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Ron White.

Hottie of the week.

I do not have a clue what it is about this man.  No clue.

I think it’s his fuck you attitude.  I really do.

Dry humor.


And.  My.Heart.Be.Still.

This man is appearing in Tunica again in a couple of weeks and North Charleston, SC next month. 

Ok, I gotta figure out a way to be in both cities at just the right time.

I’m supposed to be In Charleston in early November.  Reckon if I write him a stalker fan email that he’ll reschedule his appearances for when I’ll be available.


I didn’t think so either. 

Whatever, I’ll figure it out.

Now, I shall share my man with you.

I could be as dry and sarcastic as I am in my natural state and he would appreciate the bitch in me.


Because he’s a hateful sarcastic bitch too.

A quality I admire.


31 Responses to “$5,000 Dollar Suits, Scotch & Tater Salad”

  1. My mother loves him too. Even though she admits that he’s pretty much everything she hates about men. But, she lets it all pass for him. LOL

  2. What’s not to like? He smokes cigars, drinks whiskey, and loves humor…hell, I might marry him…except for one thing…he’s too much like me!

  3. After Jerry Clower he is my all time fave
    he rocksssssssssssssssss
    get his book and read it
    you will piss yourself!

  4. When he first came out I really liked him but then The Comedy Channel (where I get all of my news and opinion) played that special of his until they about ruined him.

    He’s still pretty funny though.

  5. hey, got to love a guy with a sense of humor…

  6. Ron White? Really? dude IS funny.

  7. I hadn’t seen that guy before! He’s a riot!

    Definitely the dry humor type, which is why I think I’m in love too! Don’t worry though, CDiva. I know you got dibs. 😉

  8. He’s a funny man, but like Mike I saw him on the Comedy Channel like a billion times and now I’m sort of burnt out.

  9. Yeah. he’s pretty funny if you like that kind of low brow humor…


  10. Thankyou for that, I enjoyed it. 8 minute you-tubes on people’s blogs can take some perserverence (it’s about 7’50” greater than my attention span when I’m really concentrating), but this one flew by.

  11. Life's A Beach Says:

    Ron White is hysterical. He’s my favorite one on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour!

  12. Yahhh … he’s cool, and you should have married him, BUT WHERE is the Tader Salads ??

    any cigars left?

  13. My BF LOOOOVES him too, I got him tickets to see Get’er’Done one year for xmas cuz he loved The Blue Collar comedy tour. I didn’t realize Ron White was the one he really adored.

  14. Go and see the show. Just don’t get caught being drunk…in pub-licK

  15. Ron White is a rock star. CLEARLY the funniest of the Blue Collar guys.

    “I had the right to remain silent… I just didn’t have the ability.”

  16. He’s a redneck too – good choice.

  17. i don’t have a clue who he is…

  18. You keep on lovin’ him.

    That leaves Johnny Depp all for me.

  19. Can’t say I had seen him before, he is actually very funny and I like his kind of humor. Good clip.

  20. You two would make a perfect pair.

    If you don’t mind sharing your clothes with him and all….

    What? Just sayin’!

  21. Gotta love him….you caught the tater…LOL xo

  22. I sincerely LOVE *fully* Ron White with my whole heart.

  23. Yeah, he’s alright. I liked the line about beating the paramedics there by half an hour.

  24. Now I’m P*ssed and Jealous!

  25. I wish I can do stand up. I did get a lot of laughs one time at an “open mike” night at a local bar. Everyone laughed at my attempt at karaoke. That’s just not the same.

  26. I too, love that man. He makes me laugh like no other man ever has. Damnation, he’s funny!

  27. I like him a lot too – I think he’s hysterical!!!!!! You are right – there is something about him for sure 🙂

  28. That dude is funny!

    I can see why you want to jump his bones. LOL!!!

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