Pole Dancers, Football Season & Booze

As usual, I’m theivin’ ideas for days when I just have nothin or I’m on a business trip. 

Like today.  I got a call from OG last night at 7pm EST telling me to “Dude, get your ass to Huntsville ASAP!”

So, I got up and left Knoxville at 6:15 this morning to be here in Huntsville today for a 9:00 meeting.

I’ll be back to looting your ideas commenting on your blogs tomorrow evening when I get home.

This MEME was jacked from Jackie over at Yellowdog Granny. 

Thanks in advance for not putting a boot up my ass for jackin your idea.  🙂

What is my occupation?  Well, I used to be a pole huggin stripper, but that was waaaay before the days when I had kids.  Now I’m just your average over paid, under worked Master of the Universe type who does nothing but blog and look at porn.   It affords me world travel and excessive drinking.

What is the last thing I ate?  Eh.  As much as I’d like to stay away, for sheer principal, I have to admit to visiting the Fortune Cookie Nazi again today.  I consumed won-ton soup, 4 pieces of California Roll and some udon noodle. Very nice.  Oddly, the dick gave me my cookie today. 

Can I drive a stick shift?  Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I can.  The Beastie is a stick shift.   I drive it like a scalded dog with it’s ass on fire. 

However, I learned to drive a stick when my ex-husband gave me lessons.  It wasn’t all good.  One should never try to teach someone how to drive a stick shift vehicle on an incline right next to the lake.  Yep, I rolled the front end of that fucker right down into the water. 

What is my favorite drink?  Well, we all know the answer to that one, now don’t we.  If it ain’t Jack, Jim or Jose, then I’m likely suckin down a frost cold Sam Adams.   During the day, I can be found spiking my hot coffee, my iced coffee and/or my Diet Mtn. Dew.

What’s my favorite sport?  Well, participation wise, my favorite sport is Tailgating.  Ok, ok, it’s not exactly a sport, but it’s sports related.     All joking aside, I’m a college football JUNKIE.  I have two favorite teams, and yes it’s allowed to have two teams… as long as they are in totally different confernces. 

What’s my favorite season?  Football season, of course. 

First and foremost I’m a total freak fan of the University of Tennessee Volunteers.  Even though, they’ve pretty much sucked balls since Peyton Manning left.

First and foremost I’m a total freak fan of the University of Southern Cal Trojans.  They never suck, they kick ass. 

What’s my favorite day of the week?   FRIDAY!!!!  2 days of party crashin!!!


See ya’ll sometime on Thursday!

15 Responses to “Pole Dancers, Football Season & Booze”

  1. I like a woman who can handle a stick. You can ride my clutch any day.

  2. I gotta agree with you on Fridays being the best day of the week. For me, it’s because I am looking forward, anticipating the weekend.

  3. I’m guessing that the only team you and I both root for at the same time is whoever is playing Alabama that weekend. 😉

  4. Hey, I was a stripper, too!

  5. Very good to know all these little details of your eveyday life. I like this post if only because you mention my name in it. Jose can probably make your day more than Jim, Jack, and Sam. lol

  6. I hope your meeting isn’t too painful, and that there won’t be too big a backlog of blogs and porn to get through when you return. Sam Adams is my favourite US beer too.

  7. you always have permission to steal from my blog..
    pole dancing?….I figured you more for a runway stripper with break away dresses…

  8. caption contests are fun!!!!

    *laughs to self knowing girls cant drive stick shifts*

  9. A former stripper that knows how to handle a stick, likes alcohol and the Trojans. Hmmmmmm….. interesting

  10. Hope your trip to Huntsville did not suck too bad.

    I can drive stick shift too! I just rolled my Dad’s car into a tree, your story of the rolling into a lake is much better. LOL!!

    We’re you really a pole dancer? Wow, I’m not worthy.

  11. I knew we had something in common.

    From one fellow pole hanger to another!


  12. You need a Big 10 team….as in the MSU SPARTANS!

    I hate to say this, but I cover west coast accounts and everyone from USC is a ck suckin dickwad! Primadonna pricks! A good reason to hope LA falls into the ocean.

    and Tailgating is thee best sport on Planet Earth!

  13. You are hysterically funny. I would so love to bar hop with you one night!! Football season, liquor, strippers and I need someone to teach me how to drive a stick shift. (I can drive a stick…just not the kind on the floor of a car!!)

    Ugh to getting up early for out of town meetings…hooray for BEER!

  14. Thats drafting darlin not tailgating 🙂

  15. I consumed won-ton soup, 4 pieces of California Roll and some udon noodle. Very nice.

    Very nice indeed!

    You’re so funny. But if we ever meet, I’m plying you with some Patron Silver. Yeah. 😉

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