Girl Rules, Basic No-Nos & Being Catty

Women are catty. Especially toward each other. Especially when on woman has performed an act of woman on woman betrayal. It is not something taken lightly and is most likely not to be forgiven.

Over the last several years, I have emerged from spending most of my time locked in the house and being a slave to my life, kids, ex-husband…. blah, blah, blah.  Waaaaa.

I dig hangin out at the watering hole and playing Karaoke Queen and sitting back and watching all of the drama that goes on.

I was young (17)when I married my first husband and didn’t experience the “meat market” type bar scene. I didn’t have a clue that women in the meat market are dressed up and in competition with one another to take some drunk home.


Then I toddled into life as a single, grown woman. It was never my intention to pick up on any dude at all. We (the Pirates) were always out, and if you saw one, the rest weren’t too far behind.   We generally were out together, as a group, on Wednesday and Friday for close to a year. 

A few of the girls had boyfriends, a few had fuck buddies, but none of us were married. 

During that year I witnessed several acts of sluttiness on various levels and even fell victim once to a chick chasing my buddy. 

The fur on the back of my neck stood up and my claws came out and if I’m not mistaken, I think I even hissed a few times.   I had been initiated into the sad world of the backstabbing girlfriend. 

Who would have thought?

Even though I’m not single anymore and I have no desire to go back to yesterdrama…

Expressing interest in a man that another woman has already expressed interest in is a huge no-no.

Even if you are sadly repugnant and shameless. Wouldn’t you rather keep your girlfriend (who you know will be there for you) than to stab her in the back in order to have a one night fling with a her man who is going to talk down about you to his friends and other lovers who know about you?

Kissing another girl’s man when she goes to the bathroom is also a big no-no. 

Seriously. Do you think that his girl isn’t going to find out that you waited until she got up and excused herself from the table, before you not-so-eloquently shoved your tongue down his throat?

If the girl has any real friends, they will tell her about your skanky ways as soon as she gets back to the table. In general, you will have lost a friend (maybe several) as well as becoming a laughing stock. (I witnessed this scenario… since I wasn’t involved, it was actually quite amuzing to watch the fallout.)

This post has been inspired by the drama at Coyote Joe’s Bar.  If you want warm beer, shitty service and  100% entertainment, I suggest you wander in on any given Friday night.

26 Responses to “Girl Rules, Basic No-Nos & Being Catty”

  1. I love to watch drama from the outside. It’s better than any primetime TV.

  2. I always use the meat market analogy – and I hate to say I have had my days as a butcher. Watching is so much more fun than playing.

  3. I obviously don’t go drinking in the right places…

  4. Well I guess the entertainment can make up for the warm beer and shitty service. Especially if that entertainment is a cat fight. Well, actually two chicks kissing is better than a cat fight. Any of that going on there? 😉

  5. I loooove to watch the drama unfold!


    Probably since I have been married since I was 19 and don’t get any drama of my own!

  6. Catty?

    What exactly are you saying here, beyotch?

  7. […] out! August 4, 2008 | Filed in: Fuck Him!, Hot Pursuit! CatScratch Diva’s insight into your modern-day man stealer. Even if you are sadly repugnant and shameless. Wouldn’t you rather keep your girlfriend (who you […]

  8. Darn, shit like that doesn’t happen at the Karaoke bar I go to. Memo to me, “Must visit places with more drama and chicks kissing each other”. He, he, he. Just kiddin’… Your posts are great and very entertaining. I’ll be back.

  9. HA! For obvious reasons to my blog, I linked to your posting today.

    Awesome story!

  10. Hmmmm… I’ve never seen such behavior. Then again I don’t hang out at bars and the odds of stuff like that happening at the library are very low.

  11. sounds like our local “fernwood”… the girls will fight each other off for the last man standing….

  12. my theory was always good friends are hard to find and a piece of ass is on every bar I never would go after some friends boyfriend or hsband, and only time I ever had anyone steal a boyfriend, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened…she ended up with him, a baby and then a broken marriage as he couldn’t be faithful to her either…I’ll fight over a quarter on a pool table but not a man…

  13. I always thought kissing another girls man was acceptable.
    but it could be just me!

  14. Count me as a happy spectator, too. Although I wouldn’t mind being the central figure guy. So long as neither girl is real important to me.

  15. I am glad I am not in the “dating pool” anymore. Thanks for that reminder!

  16. Think how I feel, always being the guy getting his throat explored.

    Or not, whatever.

  17. left you a little something something over at my blog

  18. I only have one ‘friend’ that i would NOT TRUST anywhere near any of the men in my life. No even my FATHER or my 12 year old son. And I am not being catty. I am just being smart!

  19. Another reason for me to never date. Ever.

    Thanks for you comments about my dad.

  20. 1st. I would “Stomp a mud hole in her ass and then walk it dry”
    2nd. I would knock my ole’ man upside his head for not pushing her on her ass, for even trying to kiss him. If he did try to prevent it, I would give him a big ole’ kiss my damn self!

    And then last, I would be greatful for the friends who told me about it and more so happier that I got rid of such a whore of a friend and call it a day.

  21. rantingdiva Says:

    Bob- Reality TV??

    Narm- I love watching from the sidelines.

    Brian- Oh, you just have to be watching for it 😉

    Jay- I’ve seen a few catfights, but girls dirty dancing and acting like they’re gonna make-up right there is way more common.

  22. rantingdiva Says:

    Bella- I got married early and never had a clue… But it’s certainly entertaining.

    MJ- I’m just saying girls are catty… come on, admit it.

    Jose- Thanks for the compliment. I’ve been to a couple of high-drama bars, lol… mostly the combination of bikers and beer.

    Mel- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. YOU.ARE.ADORABLE!

    Ron- It could happen I think.

  23. rantingdiva Says:

    Voices- I’m tellin ya, it’s a pathetic showing.

    Jackie- I think we’re twins. We think too much alike not to be.

    Sage- Now, now. Down boy.

    Riff- Now how did I know you’d wanna be in the middle??

    ETW- No doubt. You couldn’t pay me to go back.

  24. rantingdiva Says:

    Jack- You are a doll.

    FFM- Thanks!

    Charlene- I’ll be right over, mamas!

    Meleah- There is a definite line between smart & catty. I agree there!

    Thorn- Anytime, my man.

    Cat- No man is important enough to me to kick ass over. If he’s stupid enough to let her in the door, then I’m smart enough to walk out the same. 😉

  25. I was never in the dating scene (thank god) since I got together with my husband at 19 and have been with him the last 14 years… but I will admit that I really had no clue how to be a good girlfriend or have good girlfriends in return until I was 30. I was one of those “oh I’m so proud to be a ‘just one of the guys’ kind of girl.” I still am, but now I have both sides. I’m glad I grew the hell up.

    I suppose that’s why I’m rather amused/surprised that you and/or your friends still deal with stuff like that. I would think people just mature and don’t do that at some point… maybe not. 😉

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