Thievin, Pee Sticks & VOLUNTEERS BABY

So, July is over.   Kissin it goodbye & biddin it a fond farewell.

This has been the shittiest month of my short existence.

But, who am I to bitch?

And since I’m a copy catscratch, and Tinkof Pickled Beef always does a cutsie little end of the month wrap up.

Yah, I’m stealing another excellent blogger’s ideas again because I’m unoriginal and thieving is so under-rated.

So, here’s my July Blog crap…

There were 2,566 clickies here this month…   Unreal.

My bestest day was July 30th.  Yesterday, a whole 169 clickied.

Folks must love when I start bitchin.

Some of the stuff that the sick people who did odd searches this month looked for but found me were:

Jeffrey Donvan shirtless…..

Gluttony naked…. *shiver*…

Norwegian Descent Sperm

Fat Girl On A Crotch Rocket

Anyhoos, onward and upward.

Kissin summer staycations goodbye.  The kiddies will soon be back in school.

Thank God.

Know what that means?????


My most favoritist commercials in the now.

Our first commercial is one that gives me flashbacks to the day of Rollie Boogie Queen.

I know, I know… but it was cool 2 decades ago, k?

So, that WaMu commercial with the nerdy looking oriental fella?  Seen it?

Anyway, the WaMu dude is telling all the perks and the nerd like dazes out imagining his reign as Roller Dude Aficionado.

Oh. My. Lord.

He’s so awesome.  Mad Roller Skillz.


Next, you’ve seen one pregnancy test commercial, you’ve seen ’em all, right?


Most pregnancy test commercials show one of two scenarios.

1.  A chick sitting there looking at her watch, waiting on the results, hoping to be pregnant.

2. A chick sitting there looking at her watch, waiting on the results, hoping not to be pregnant.

Basically, what else is there?

“Its the most advanced peice of technology you will EVER pee on.”…

Now we know.

Wanna meet some more of my friends on Blogger’s Lane??  Good.  Here they are:

Random Chick.  One day will be my drinkin buddy in real life.  We’ll get kicked out of all the good bars.

Inner Voices. Cusses alot and likes to blow things up.  Excellent qualities.

Queen Goob. Claims to know interesting things to do with duct tape and beer.  We’ll see.

20 Responses to “Thievin, Pee Sticks & VOLUNTEERS BABY”

  1. I’ve peed on more advanced technology than that, but it would never tell me if I was pregnant or not….

  2. That motorcycle picture was gross.

  3. Holy shit where has the year gone! its going faster than i don’t know what.

    I am from Up North so don’t know lots about London, I have some good friends that live there though. When in October are you going? I may be going down then to visit my mate.

  4. I cant be arsed replying to comments on my blog yet and cant spot a bloody email address for you.

    So it shall be a cross blog conversation 🙂

    Oct 17th is too early for me I think, I was planning on later in this month, as I am on your side of the pond practically all of september. I will get some ideas of stuff for you to do though 🙂

    Where in Germany? My sister lives in Hamburg.

  5. later in ‘the’ month I meant, shit.

  6. Oh man I have to admit that I watch Burn Notice with that Donavan guy. Please don’t judge me.

  7. I don’t know…I’ve peed on some pretty advanced technology.

    This is how I got fired from my last job.

  8. dang, ive just been pimped! how nice of you to pimp me out… i too love seeing how people get to my blog and occasionaly post how and where these weird fuckers are from!!! glad im not the only reverse perv out here! great pics!!!

  9. Why have i not seen that commercial yet! They just took Prego Tests to a whole other level!

    Thanks for making my 90 (courtesy of your link) hits yesterday seem absolutely insignificant. 2500+ is awesome!

  10. ahh, july is gone…and now comes ‘you think july was hot, you aint seen nuthing yet august month’…103 today…mo’tocome…

  11. Should be an interesting year for the Vols. I love the start of college football season.

  12. I watched one episode of Burn Notice. Didn’t really like it all that much. That dude is pretty good though. Probably the only one on the show I thought was good actually.

  13. My days of peeing on sticks (or rather, dipping them in a cup of pee, because I don’t seem to get enough on the 1/2 inch pee pad area) are long gone. We didn’t have such advanced pee options back then. LOL.

  14. SHIT! That was my favorite gauntlet you threw down, now it’s scratched and dented.

    Duct tape and beer…..I suppose you’ll want visuals with my spawn used as research subjects. Cool, no problem.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I owe ya one.


  15. Got a question for ya – pop me off an e-mail?

  16. 2,500 clicks? I get that in an hour, people! An HOUR!!!

    (BTW, Daisy Duke has really let herself go.)

  17. When they gona make one of those pee things for us men? We love to aim and pee on things. And even better if they can make one that moves.

  18. rantingdiva Says:

    Ron- I’d be interested to know what kind of technology, Sir.

    Bob- Agreed. But, that was my intention, Baby!

    Narm- Judge you?? Oh hell no. I’m no judge.

    Moooog- What’d you pee on???

    CFGOOG- Trust me, I love finding pervs and sending them on. My pleasure!

    Vino- I almost pee’d myself when I first saw that commercial… What’d they just say???

    Jackie- Oh I know.. Hotter than 10 hells, Babe.

    Riff- The VOLS better do something or I’ll claim mutiny!

    Jay- I don’t care about the show… he’s my dream man.

    ETW- I haven’t pee’d on a stick in more than a decade. I remember those little things.

    QG- Oh hell yes, I totally expect visuals and a full report.

    QG- Email comin at ya in 5.

    Dyck- I don’t claim to be as good as you, Dude.

    Joe- I think I’ll create & patent and split the cash with you, my friend!

  19. Can I just say that I am COUNTING down until the boys go back to school?!


    Course I am NOT looking forward to the homework and other b.s.

  20. There’s plenty of scope for making it more advanced – it could tell the user who the father was, for example 😉

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