Drama Llamas, Smoke Breaks & the Scary Skanks

Drama Llama:  Any individual who is constantly embroiled in some kind of self-made crap of the dramatic sort and feels the need to spout it out to anybody and everybody who might listen for a split second whether it be by word of mouth or by plastering it on the internetz.

I was outside smoking (yah, I know it’s a bad habit sue me), when this chick sees me and starts walking down the sidewalk toward where I’m standing. 

She had that look in her eye, you know, that she was bored and just wanted to share, and bum a smoke. 

I avoid people who have this particular look like they have cooties or the plague.

I have decided that I’m a magnet for people like this.

I don’t mind sharing a smoke, but light it up and walk away, please.

Apparently she had been stranded at her doctors office after an appointment and was outside waiting for her ride to show up.

These are the things I learned about her in the 2.64 minutes I was standing outside, trying to mind my own business, as I enjoyed my nicotine buzz.

– She had forgotten her cigarrettes and lighter as she walked out of her place to come to the doctor and she wasn’t sure she was going to make it with out a ciggie.  Could she please bum one.

Sure.  I’m cool like that.  I share.

– She didn’t have a car because her ex-boyfriend had ‘sabotaged it’.  I’m not really sure what the hell that meant.  As I was trying to finish my smoke and return back to reading blogs work, I didn’t want her to elaborate either.

– Her new boyfriend of a little less than a month had went and bought her a car.

– Only problem with it is the new boy friend and the car is that he won’t let her drive the damn thing until she gets her license back.

– She had lost her license due to multiple tickets and failure to pay them. 

-Then she proceeded to ask me if I knew how she would go about getting her license back and how much it would cost so she wouldn’t be stranded anymore.

I finally gave up and pitched my ciggie just to escape.  No offense to anybody who lives in a life a drama… but daaaaayum.   Don’t be making yourself look like a Jerry Springer wannabe to a complete and total stranger.


Go over and check out my little photo blog, kids.  Happy little pictures that will make your day.


24 Responses to “Drama Llamas, Smoke Breaks & the Scary Skanks”

  1. Just another reason why you should quit smoking.
    Less smokes … less stress.

  2. Further proof that cigarette smokers are all freaks.

    You know…except for you.

  3. Some people just love spreading all their troubles….doesn’t make sense to me.

    So uh…what’d she look like? You left out all the important details!

  4. She told you her entire life story!! Geesh!!! lol

  5. Oh, and thanks fo stopping by my place!

  6. A good reason not to smoke all on its own… I always try to avoid eye contact with the crazies it just gets em going. LOL

  7. I know exactly the type you speak of. I know more than my fair share of morons like that and I do my dead level best to avoid them.

  8. I have a co-worker like that….she is one of the girls I smoke with on breaks. I use it for pure entertainment and a little laughter on the inside does the soul good..he,he! I figure if you make the choices…deal with it. I don’t get why they have to share it with everyone though…I guess that just NEED that much attention…sad really. Anyway, have a good Tuesday babes! xoxo

  9. I don’t really have this problem as I go for smoke breaks nude.

    You should try that sometime.

  10. And they say that smokers have an advantage over their “healthier” colleagues because of the networking opportunities… I never really believed that, especially as I never managed to get promoted or whatever when I was a smoker 😉

  11. Ugh I hate people that give you their life story in 2 minutes or less – I think those people are attracted to me too!

    Love your blog – you are funny on paper like I am in my head.

  12. I always thought it would a cool idea to pretend I smoked so I could hang out outside with cigarettes and a lighter and meet women.

    I think I’m going to cancel that idea.

  13. my face is the kind of face that people will tell their intire life story to..I used to be polite and listen, nod, smile and say uh huh every now and then…I’m 64 now..I don’t have a lot of time left..so when they get all reved up and start to unload on me, I just say’uh…..I don’t care, don’t want to hurt your feelings or piss you off….but I just don’t care..’….or my favorite “take a look at this face lady…does it look like a face that gives a shit?”
    you need to stop smoking..you’ll die of cancer, your kids will be left orphans and a homosexual couple will adopt them..(this is what my 6 year old kid used to tell me…I finally quit smoking, it was easier to quit a 4 pack a day camel habit than to listen to THAT shit all the time..

  14. That same shit happens to me all the time…people tend to tell me very personal shit about their lives, when A. I do not want to know, and B. I do not give a shit. My favorite thing is when someone starts telling you a long boring ass story about some shit that happened to someone they know…wah?? I don’t know those fucken people…why do I want to hear about their drama?? People fucken irritate me.

  15. The Evil Twin is that kind of weirdo magnet. He doesn’t smoke anymore, but he will be approached at parties, the store, where-ever – and it’s always the biggest goons on earth who want to befriend him. Now, what does that say about me? Don’t answer!

  16. rantingdiva Says:

    Joe- I know, I know… I think that’s exactly what it is.

    Moooooog- Why yah.. I’m included in the freak category.

    Slick- You don’t wanna know, baby. Jerry Springer redneck sexy.

    Diva Thoughts- I’m sure she left some details out, the bitch.

    Ron- Exactly. No eye contact… like at the zoo.

    Mike- My policy from here on out.

  17. rantingdiva Says:

    PPD- Ya know, I never thought about it from that aspect.

    Sully- I’d pay to see that.

    Brian- Reckon that’s why I’m still a meager paper pusher??

    Vino- I’ve been to your blog. You’re a hoot.

    Riff- Good idea, baby.

    Jackie- I hear it all the time… You may have a point.

    Jam- Exactly. Why do they feel like I give a big hairy rat’s ass?

    ETW- You must be a weirdo… just like me.

  18. Wow. Um. talk about a train wreck. I would have told her to shut the fuck up three seconds into that conversation.

  19. Really? You’ve been to my blog? Cool. So tell me, PLEASE tell me, I’ll PP you a dollar I swear, how the hell I get my comments to show up on the page? I searched the Forum on it today and it told me WordPress is just set up that way to avoid long scrolling pages.
    Obviously that was a lie. So can you share your secret?

  20. I hate all those people who just love drama.

    I try to avoid all the drama blogs too.

  21. They’re drawn to me too ~ and for the life of me I have no idea why. Sometimes I can tolerate it other times I just take jackie’s approach. They don’t seem to have a problem spilling their guts to a stranger, I find it hard to believe they can be offended when I tell them my life is as fucked up as the next person coming down the pike, & I don’t have any more space on the bread to add to my shit sandwich of life.

    Funny shit here, thanks.

    My grandma is having knee replacement here just as soon as her bp regulates. Knew it was going to be awful so I have not googled or opened emails from friends sending me info. I could have shit when I saw the pictures of all places on a blog, lol. I cringed when I saw those pictures. I hope there was a speedy recovery and a large script for pain pills 🙂 Gruesome ~ I’ll have to medicate myself to assist as she recovers if hers looks anything like that and I am guessing it will.

  22. I would have probably just stopped her and said, “Whoa, TMI lady. I hardly know you.”
    Actually, I probably would have asked her a ton of questions as I’m a sucker for getting the dish on people, especially those living in Drama Central. It makes me feel better about my not so dramatic life here in Shabbyville.

  23. I pretend my cell phone is vibrating.

    “Gotta take this call…bye!”

  24. OMG. I sooo know that of which you speak!! Working as a bank teller is kind of like working as a hair dresser/Cosmotologist. There must be an invisible sign above our heads that says: “No, please, tell me. I care.”
    WTF? LOL. At least you could pitch the smoke to get away….

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