Lust, Greed & a Little Thing Called Wrath


I’ve done several blogs just ooozing with the seven deadly sins, but this is a way to wrap them all right up in a nice, neat, evil little package with pretty gift paper.

Lust.  Besides your current Significant Other who do you lust for or have you lusted for?

I totally lust after Jeffery Donovan.  It’s a sick thing, I tell ya.  Lusting and drooling on the remote because of some sly looking spy boy on tv.  But, I’m not above it at all.   He’s hot and he plays that character with the perfect amount of sass and flirtation.  Please, if you ever want to give me anything… give me Jeffery Donovan with a bow taped to his forehead.  K?  Thanks.

Note:  The above is just one little item on my lust list.  ETW points out in the comments that she has a Pu-Pu platter of lust items.  Touche.  Me too.  Only mine would be considered the GRANDE Combination at the mexican restaurant.  🙂

Greed.  What are you greedy for?

I am a greedy bitch when it comes to beer, money or fried mushrooms.  No shit.  I don’t even care how thirsty you are.  If we are having a party and somebody goes after the last beer.  I will have a shit fit.  Sorry, this one isn’t my fault.  It’s in my genetic make-up. 

Oh yah, money.  I’m greedy for money.  It’s buys everything I need and want.  Beer, ciggies, tampons, cute shoes, adorable purses, panties, bras, SOCKS… and the list goes on and on.

Gluttony.  What food brings out your inner glutton?

Easy enough.  Mexican food.  OH GOD how I loves me some Mexican food.  I just scored some real, honest to goodness, deep fried chili relenos the other day.  First time since I left California that I’ve found a place that makes ’em right.  Chips & Salsa, enchiladas, tacos, arroz con pollo….GRUB!

Sloth.  What is your plan for an ideal day of sloth?

Not working.  Not cleaning my house.  Not doing laundry.  Not grocery shopping.  Basically having food delivered and laying on my ass watching movies alllll dayyyy loooong in winter. 

In the summer, Sloth is ruled by days of drinking beer at the lake and doing nothing but worshipping the sun and sleeping on the boat.

Envy.  Who or what do you envy?

That’s not too hard.  I envy anybody who is getting laid on a regular basis.  I mean, outside of lack of sex, I pretty much have an excellent life with a pretty awesome family.

Wrath.  Describe a time that you let out a can of whoop ass on someone.

The clouds opened up and I touched a bolt of lightening to the boys’ ass the other day because he is a turd and he ALWAYS has to have the last word in any conversation.  He is NEVER, EVER wrong.  He knows everything. 

That’s what the sky turned dark, clouds formed and Satan himself would have run for the hills or a back corner of hell to escape.  Big T had surgery Monday, therefore he was in the hospital.  I finally got home after being gone for 14 hours.  I was tired and I took note that the boy didn’t vacuum like he was supposed to:

Me:  “Boy, go ahead and vacuum and it’ll be done, k?”

Boy: “I will.”

Me:  “You always say that then you don’t do shit.  Go ahead and do it.”

Boy:  “I will.”3

This went on for about 10 more rotations in about an hour long period.

Me:  “Run the vacuum now!  I’m sick of you tell me that you will, when I know good and well you won’t…..”

I’ll save the gory details.. but can say that there is nothing like blatent disobedience to get my panties in a wad.

Pride.  Have you ever had to swallow your pride? What are you proud of?

I’ve had to swallow my pride more times than once.  Having a hot temper can come with a BIG price sometimes.  Just because I have a short fuse doesn’t mean I can’t say I was wrong, if I am wrong.

I’m extra super proud of my girls.  They lived in a home growing up with me and their dad, who was just hateful, mean and militant.  It wasn’t all his fault.  He was raised by a hateful, mean militant man himself and I honestly wonder if he was ever taught how to love.  Despite that, both of my girls are awesome women who are strong and loving.


14 Responses to “Lust, Greed & a Little Thing Called Wrath”

  1. Way to wrap up all the sins in one package. I love the Evil Twin, but my list of lusts would be quite long. I like to think of it as the Pu Pu platter of experimentation (if I would actually ACT on my desires). LOL.

  2. I liked the wrap up of the sins. Who knows…maybe I’ll take your suggestion and do a meme when I have nothing to write about…and steal yours! LOL. We’ll see.
    I love Mexican food too, and being married to a Mexican…I’m learning how to make it the RIGHT way! YUM-O! I could so grub with you!
    No regular sex? Honey…I know Big T is dealing with his knee right now (hope it’s doing well, btw), but when he’s back on his feet again you have got to grab hold of that. I tell Pete he can give it up or get raped. His choice. LOL.
    I totally laughed about your son and the “You Got Served” pic. Sounds like my Mom and me back in the day. I did it just to piss her off. Any chance the boy is doing this to you? Glad to hear you put the Mama smack down on him though. Gotta show these kids who’s boss!

  3. I LOVE Burn Notice and I pray each show that they will let him take off some cloths…YUMMY!!!
    Mexican is one of my sins too…I LOVE it!!
    Have a great Monday!! xo

  4. i love the way you describe your sins~~some of them seem like i wrote them~~and some of them shouldn’t be considered sins but survivial

  5. Nice way to wrap up those deadly sins Diva.

  6. Oh man. I’ve definitely committed all seven deadly sins…on multiple occasions. Color me guilty!

    Anyway, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately but wanted to say thank you for all your sweet comments. I’ll pull out of it sooner or later.


  7. Oh, I’m a glutton for mexican too! Can’t get enough! Now I’m hungry.

  8. i have the same lust thing for craig bierko..saw him in 13th floor and have become obsessed with him…if i had the time and wasn’t so fucking lazy, i’d be a stalker…
    after reading your 7 sins i think we are sisters from different parents..or something..i read your stuff and think …i coulda’ said that…weird…

  9. Lust: Mexican women
    Glutton: Mexican food 😉

  10. I’m so sweet and innocent & have no idea what you’re talkin’ about….but my blog-mistress just keeps laughing & noddin’ her head & saying “me too! me too!!!”
    Except for the object of your lustfulness…she’s got another…but won’t fess up.

  11. Those are SINS?!? Crap I thought that was a list of things I get done before lunch each day…. Does this mean I’m going to hell….

  12. Now I want to wrap all my sins up in a pretty package..i might steal this from you, or course with linkage to you.

    Mexican Food RULES and I will kill anyone who tries to take The Last Beer.

  13. I love the deadly sins. Things to do tonight………..

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