Tickle Racks, Butt Cracks & Pot Brownies

Oh, don’t ya just love that post title? 

Promises of the good stuff within….

Actually, those are a few of the search terms that brought folks over to check out my little part of the play yard.

Tickle Racks.  Anybody know what the hell a tickle rack is?  Well, I googled it and it went to some porn site… lucky me.  Jack’s Rack – Tickle Theater – Adult Tickling Community.

Greaaat. Some tickle happy pervert is stalking me now.

Old Lady Cat Fights.  That’s awesome.  I’m assuming since I talk about catfights and I talk about how old ladies drive, that the search thing got confused.

old lady catfight


That last picture looks a little bit set up.  Me thinks it’s more like fore play or something.


Butt Cracks on the Beach. 

butt crack on the beach

Butt cracks on the beach

Pot Brownies.  Now I know how that possibly turned up on a search.  I was ranting one day about how cool Slick Willy Clinton would be as First Lady.  And how he’d always be throwin keggers and baking Pot Brownies. 


Bad Tans.  I can only assume this one popped up from when I went on a rant about that crazy chick at the tanning bed saying tan fat is prettier than white fat. 

There ya have it.  That’s it for How They Got Here.

23 Responses to “Tickle Racks, Butt Cracks & Pot Brownies”

  1. A lot of people end up on my blog because of this three-way catfight.

  2. The ladies on the couch have some extremely large hair. It seems like a cat fight with that much hair would be very bad and end up with some bald spots toward the end.

    Tickle Racks? Now all I’m thinking about is some pervert with a tickle me Elmo just whacking away! LOL

  3. Okay, are you turning into MJ? These photos look very close to the wacky pics on her blog. BTW, the cat fights are hawt!

    Dontcha love the crazy search terms that lead the insane to your blog?! I’m gonna have to write a post about some of the weird terms that lead people to me. Kinda scary, huh?

  4. The Cat Fight one may also have to do with your blog title. I’ve seen a few cat fights in my day and there’s always a lot of scratching going on.

  5. Tan fat IS prettier.

    I loved that cop with the pot brownies. Too funny. What a douche.

    Isn’t it hilarious how people find your blog? I get a kick out of that for sure.

  6. That is hilarious! I get a lot of hits from people looking for Fiestaware…. I do love it and I did blog about my love once, but that’s been a while back. Strange to still be getting lookers from that.

  7. LOL! I don’t know if tan fat is prettier, but a tan does make one look smaller I think. Same concept as black pants. The light bounces off white, and that make things appear bulkier. I’m not making any sense am I? Er, nevermind.

  8. Whooly Crapp!!!!!!!!!

    Diva, you the best in the biz 😉

  9. People pretty much only come to my blog for one thing. Kathy Lee Gifford’s nipples. They just can’t get enough of those nipples.

  10. ohhh yeah…..pot brownies….think I’m gonna go make a batch of those now 🙂


  11. rantingdiva Says:

    MJ- Oh hell yah, girl! Some of those look painful. But I gotta say, the squirty one is just EWWWW!!!!

    Ron- Shit! Thanks for that jacked up visual stained into my brain now.

    Random Chick- Depends on who’s catfighting, eh?? But, I agree, right chicks and it’s amazing especially if a boob pops out.

    Sully- I’m a lover, not a fighter… most always. 😉

    Melissa- I agree 100%. It makes good blog fodder 🙂

    ETW- There’s even odder ones as of a week ago. This will have to be a regular thang, girl!

  12. rantingdiva Says:

    Groovy- Perfect sense, mamas!

    Speedy- I’m about to post just for you!

    Sista 2 – You sharin??

  13. I get some pretty weird searches form time to time too. But no quite as weird as “butt cracks on the beach.”

  14. ewwwe that’s one hairy ass…i get all sorts of browsers looking for granny sex, any combination of sex and granny i get a hit from it..scary..and they are either from the netherlands, or saudi arabia..sometimes arkansas…I get alot of people looking for music tittles from some music posts i did, and about willie nelson and his dick…really..

  15. So… you don’t have any tickle racks? Damn.

  16. I get hits from people looking for incest-related information. I also did a blog about Skytriss. I get a lot of hits from doods who would like her to fart in their faces. Yep. Takes all kinds.

  17. lol~~~i am not sure if i want to know what tickle racks are~~i hate to be tickled but i will take the pot brownies for sure

  18. It’s just bizarre what leads people to your blogs. The best part is how far in the google search you are from the front page. I did a check on that at ROYTERS. I mean, people must be really desperate to go through like 25 google pages before they come to your blog.

  19. I don’t know how anyone ends up on my blog. And I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. omglol.

  20. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- Surely you jest. I would think you rack in some interesting hits, dude.

    Jackie- I get pervs. You get sickos, lol.

    Diesel- Actually I do think I have a tickle rack.

    Buzz- Ech. If anybody dare fart in my face, I’d rip of their balls.

    Charlene- Girl, just use your imagination!

    AngryMan- I have no clue how far down on google I am, but I’m sure it’s waaaaaaaay down there.

    Krissy- I would recommend. You’re adorable!

  21. Google Analytics referrals never cease to amuse me. The tickle fetishist is fucking hilarious, that’s for damned sure. I think the best I’ve had is being the number one search engine listing for “Extreme Sodomy” while getting a slew of idiots searching for “Inflatable Granny Dolls”. Yeah. There’s a whole debacle of morosis out there.

  22. Purvi Soni Says:

    Was funny but can add and change many things.there were many things which I liked and many which I didn’t. Need to work on it.

  23. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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