The DeathStar, Big Daddy’s Dealings & Hillbilly Willy

So, I was in Huntsville, Alabama with OG for work again, striving to put together our little DeathStar and becoming Master of the Universe.  

The corporate take over went very well.  I actually got to touch a check that was in excess of a half million dollars.  More money than my poor, pathetic ass will most likely ever see at one time again. 

 They let me touch the check and I got chills.  They didn’t let me out of the room with the check, and rightly so.  My ass would have been headed to the islands where I could live cheap and suplement my drinking by selling thatch skirts to the tourists.

In addition, I’ve used my imaginative writing skills to compose an actual press release for the takeover, or merger as they like to call it.  It will be released this afternoon and it will be my one little claim to fame as far a publications go.


Huntsville, Alabama is the home to NASA’s Space Camp and all that cool space jazz.

Of course, I, having only been to visit this particular town once, wanted to go see this space stuff all up close and personal.

I had dreams and aspirations of drinking way too much, getting nekkid and having pictures made on the wing of the space shuttle…. but alas… when one works during the entire span of hours that the space place operates, it makes it a little bit difficult to do something that will likely get ya thrown in the pokey.

I managed not to go to jail for anything at all while in Alabama.  This is always a good thing. 


There are several interesting points on the 3 hour drive between Knoxvegas and Huntsville I’ve taken note of…  These points I will now share with you.

*** There are 34 churches on the Hwy. 72 that are visible from the road.  This is only a 92 mile trek, which means that there is a church an average of every 3 miles.   And that’s only the churches that are visible.  I’m sure there are at least 100 more on small road that lead to the country.

One can only wonder how many people actually attend all of these churches, as there doesn’t seem to be too many populated areas with houses where people would live. 

***Big Daddy is totally running everything between South Pittsburg, TN & Nickajack Lake.  Fireworks, clothing and outdoor goods… you name it… he gots it.


*** Hillbilly Willy’s BBQ.  I’m not so sure how tasty the food is, but I was hooked by the name.


Gramma is still kickin and feisty as ever.  She’s still plotting her escape.  They’ve had to restrain her because she really is planning to bail.  Bad part is, she can’t make it far without getting off balance and biting it.  The whole thing makes me sad and I still cry alot.  It’s hard to watch the woman who raised me and was so vibrant and active just 10 years ago wasting away in a hospital bed.

Fucking heartbreaking.

Big T is set for knee replacement numero uno this coming Monday. 

Anyways, I’m back home now and back to worrying myself sick.  BUT it’s Friday and I have a stocked liquor cabinet and a fridge full of Sam Adams.

To all y’all and yours… Have a great weekend.

22 Responses to “The DeathStar, Big Daddy’s Dealings & Hillbilly Willy”

  1. I am sorry you are still having a hard time….I know how hard it is to watch a loved one go through something like that.
    I hope the knee surgery goes well – try not to worry too much – I am sure he is in good hands.
    I like the island, drinks and selling skirts dream….if you go please, take me with you…he,he!!
    Naked drunk pictures on a space thingy…too much…that would have been a hoot!
    Have a great weekend babes – I will toast to you as I sip on my assorted cocktails this weekend! xoxo

  2. Sorry about your Granny it’s sad to see the people you looked up to and thought invincible become victim to old age and illness. Good luck with the stocked bar this weekend 🙂

  3. Keep da ole chin up, sissy. Things will get better.

    I noticed you mentioned Nickajack Lake…do you live anywhere near there? It’s one of my favorite pit-stops whenever we travel to Florida…it’s gorgeous.

  4. rantingdiva Says:

    PPD- I’ll be ok. I just don’t deal with stress very well.

    Ron- thanks!

    Pammy- Nickajack is halfway between here and Huntsville and it really is beautiful.

  5. I’ve already made the decision that if I get ‘old farts desease’…I’m taking myself out…I would rather be ‘gone baby gone’ than not know what’s what, who’s who and how to wipe my own ass..but then I might just start drinking again and say fuckit…see how many people I can piss off in the short length of time I have left…haha

  6. Welcome to the bible belt! A church on every corner.

    and a drunk behind every closed door.


  7. May God bless your Gramma and give you both comfort in this terrible time.

    Stocked liquor cabinet & Sam Adams ! Can I come over?

    You could still show us pictures of yourself drunk & nekked nobody would be lookin at the space shuttle anyway. 😉

  8. i hope the best for your grammy~~it’s hard to watch~i am living it too~~best of wishes to big t~my mom is really glad she got her knee replacement
    i enjoyed the pics~~nothing like the sticks is there

  9. I want to have another eating contest … this time at Hillbilly Willies! Damn, some good home town BBQ sounds good right now.

    … and pass me a SA 😉

  10. I would have taken that check and hightailed it out of there! Of course, i am a smoker so I can run very far or very fast. so, maybe not.

    i am glad too hear that Granny is doing better. (for now) But, I am sad to hear how much it upsets you. I watched my grandmother waste away to Althizemer’s and it is truly heart breaking. I feel your pain.

    Good thing you have all that beer.

    Thinking of you.

  11. […] bookmarks tagged imaginative The DeathStar, Big Daddy’s Dealings & Hillbilly … saved by 5 others     losthearts101 bookmarked on 07/19/08 | […]

  12. I went to space camp as part of a school field trip when I was a kid. It was pretty cool. I didn’t meet any aliens, though, unless you count the illegals who cleaned the place.

  13. Don’t forget the xanax….They go gooood with Sammy’s.

  14. …I hope you have a RELAXING weekend…enjoy the beer and don’t take on ANYMORE CRAP! (But give your Granny a hug for me, OK?)

  15. Hillbilly Willy is a pedophile. When I was a boy, he violated me numerous times.

  16. The churches. Like counting the grain silos along I-90. Sorry to hear about your grandma. I know how hard that is. {{{{hugs}}}}

  17. I’ll pass on the thatched skirts, thank ya though.

    You need a relaxing weekend after holding a check that damn big. Are your arms sore??? 🙂

  18. Big Daddy should start his own church … “Can I get a hallelujah?” … Ka-BooooooM! … “I said … Can I get a hallelujah please!”

  19. Well damn.
    I used to call my Willie Hillbilly but I guess I’ll have to change that now!

    Danged ole Big T is going to be out of action for he freaky stuff it seems so be careful with him!!!!!

    Good JuJu going out for Granny too, that does suck I did that with my Dad, no fun.

    Hugs from me Sunshine!

  20. HEY DIVA!!!

    I’m finally getting around to making comments and snarky remarks. Sounds like you are taking over the universe in fine form…but, like Meleah said, I would have run like hell with that check. They would never have caught me, muwah ha ha ha (evil laugh). I’d be in Jamaica right now with my cabanna boy…

    Dontcha just love all those little holes in the wall on roadtrips? I ran into a few of those on my road trip in hell. That Hillbilly Willy’s Bar-B-Q looks scary!!! Talk about getting the runs! ACKKK!!!

    Hope Granny keeps on kicking ass at the hospital. I’ll keep you and her in my prayers!


  21. I know how you feel. When my mom was sick, it broke my heart to watch her lay there and not be the ole’ fiesty woman she was. She always had a funny to tell and had some of the best come-back’s ever. And then one day it all stopped.

    Just keep her close to your prayers and I promise to do the same. May god keep you and yours close to his protective hand.

    Diva, your keeper and I so enjoy reading your blog everyday.

    My in-laws live in Alabama and they have 29 church’s in their little community. I swear there is 4 on every block and not a liquor store in sight, you have to drive 40 miles away to a ABC store. That’s the only thing I hate about going down there, that and I have to bring my own booze and hide it from my mother in-law she would curse me to hell for having it or drinking it.

    We drive right by that shuttle everytime we go down t see my in-laws, they live about a hour away from Huntsville.

    So what is it that you do? If you don’t mind me asking. you can e-mail it to me if you don’t want to give it out on your blog…….I understand.

    Hang in there Diva, your in out thoughts and prayers.

  22. Hey all you closed minded rednecks…why not go by and try the restaraunt HillbillyWillys before you mouth off about it. We couldn’t find it at first and wasn’t crazy it was in a strip mall, but were smart enough to go on in and give it a try. They got two huge smokers out back and it is so cool inside, with crazy blues music playin and good looking servers! It’s a mom and pop so it’s clean and the food all made from scratch, that guy that owns it even makes his own sauce, that hot lit me up! Sorry bout your grand maw but I’m even sorrier to dumb asses who make comments about stuff they don’t know, pisses me off, like the guy who said a hillbilly molested him, get a hobby or get offline stupid ass.

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