Thunderstorms, Campers & Cold Beer

Hellllooo there.

Yes, kids.  It’s me.  I’m alive and kicking, yet extremely hung over and sore as hell.

So, as a fleeting last minute thought… we decided to go camping.  Nice.

Loaded the camper, bought provisions (beer & cold cuts) and hit the damn road.

The kids were planning to kick it in tents.

Good for them, huh?  The young whipper-snappers.

Me & Big T. Not so much.

We had the camper, which was still gonna suck salty balls as I’m not a super fan of spiders, snakes and cicadas.

We get there and it’s about to storm.  Sweet.

As it always goes, there was a 20% chance of random showers…

Sure.  Here that means plan to stay inside… it’s gonna friggin rain like hell.

Luckily, we planned our trip close to my uncle’s lake house. 

Next to his house is a lodge they tend to for the owner who rents it for a mere $1,900 a week.


So, rather than dealing with a cramped stuffy little camper, we ended up staying here.

Lake front, pool table, hot-tub.

A-MA-ZING place.  I’ve kicked it there before.  I highly suggest.

Anyway, that’s where I’ve been.  Relaxing on a deck, drinking cold beer, and watching duckies and boats padder by.

Duck, the uncle, decided to have a fish fry last night and I have to say it was pretty tasty viddle.

So, now I’m off to do laundry and de-vacation and drink more beer… since I don’t go back to work until next week.

I’ll be making rounds and leaving obscene comments again shortly.

xoxo  to all y’all!


23 Responses to “Thunderstorms, Campers & Cold Beer”

  1. That lodge is Sah-weet indeed! Now that’s what I call camping!

  2. That is so my kind of camping…….in a rented house !!


  3. 20% chance of rain in Texas means there is a better chance of being hit by a run away u.f.o straight up and down at noon..

  4. Now beer is a good thing aye!

  5. My kinda campin, too! The place looks awesome.

  6. Awesome!

    Im a little jealous, but happy that you were able to enjoy yourself so much. You deserve it!!

    Oh…and, Welcome Home.


  7. So that’s where you’ve been! I thought you had drunk yourself under the table. You just were drinking on the deck! Nice!

    I hate post-vacation laundry. It’s a dose of “back to reality” I could do without…plus they always stink worse than regular laundry. Why is that?

  8. Car campin’ is such a blast. Gettin’ home is cool though too.

  9. You totally know how to go camping 🙂

    Next time give me a call will ya

  10. I am wickedly, wickedly jealous. That is a beautiful house!
    Beer, ducks, fish fry…I’m molten with envy.

    But you deserve it, lady.

    Enjoy your cold ones and the rest of your time off…and I love the new pic!

  11. That aint campin you girly girl 🙂 & fish fry…what no grilled Duck?

  12. I have to say that I was a lttle put off about all the ‘camping’ talk.

    And then I saw the Lodge.

    And heard about the beer.

    Can I go next time???

    Glad you had fun girl!

  13. royters Says:

    What’s a de-vacation? Does it involve getting away from your family?

  14. Ooooooo, very nice! And I wasn’t even invited???

    Glad ya had fun, Ms. Greedy.

  15. All quite amazing except for the hot tub.

    I am convinced that people with oozing open sores and social diseases were in there before me.

    Kinda takes the pleasure out of it for me.

  16. That place is sweet! My parents used to have an awesome lake cabin like that, I had hoped to one day kill them, and inherit it, but the fuckers sold it. I cried.

  17. Last time I went camping, my wife was throwing my own shoes at me 5 minutes into trying to set up the tent.

    Hence: no more f*cking camping.

  18. I have missed ya….glad to hear you are happy & staying drunk…vacations are good for that, I wish I had done that on mine….enjoy a few for me babes! xoxo

  19. No wonder I didn’t like camping! I wasn’t doing it right!

  20. Awwwh, Honey, that sucks you had to camp out there.

    So did you leave any evidence behind from the B & E or did you wipe the place clean?

  21. Seems like a typical camping weekend!!!

    Your ‘alternatve’ accommodation looks absolutely fantastic. You sure you didn’t order a sudden downpour??!!!

  22. rantingdiva Says:

    Yes, kids. I suck. I’m having the worst time getting over ‘camping’ and actually resuming some sort of everyday routine.

    I haven’t had a chance to respond to comments, so I again, I suck.

    I’m back now (at least for a few days) and I’m getting caught up and drinking lotsa coffee and laying off the beer (until tonight anyway).

    xoxoxoxox to all y’all.

  23. 2 large a week for that peice of shit????
    when I first looked I thought that was the camper!

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