Personality of a Sweatsock, Icky Behavior & A Reality Check

Okay. By now, we all know I am a big mouth girl, with an even bigger personality and a colossus opinion about most everything.

So, it seems that lately, I’ve had plenty of time to sit back, watch and listen. And some of the things I have heard recently make me want to say, “Um. What?!?!?! Get a grip, you ditz!” This is merely one of them.

***You don’t like me because I’m fat, huh?***

During a discussion about male/female carrying ons, a male friend of mine, Spike*, told me that some girl had said this one to him because he wasn’t paying her the attention she felt like she deserved or wanted.

Oh, please, honey!

Will somebody please explain to me how women figure that if a man is not paying attention to them, or not “liking” them, or not fawning over them, then it’s surely because of that big ass attached to their backside???

First off, I wonder if she ever stopped to think that maybe it’s not her fat butt… maybe it’s the beautiful personality that she displays constantly… You know, the personality that rivals Peyton Manning’s dripping wet sweat sock midway through the 4th quarter of the Superbowl?

B- What man is going to want you when you are oozing ickee-ness all over the bar, grocery store, or library by hitting on anything and everything with a penis?

Seriously, if I was a dude, and I saw a girl (any girl hot or not) hitting on one guy, getting the boot, then hitting on the next guy, getting the boot, then hitting on the next guy, getting the boot…

I’m not so sure I’d be into her either. That’s just icky.  Really.

Thirdly and lastly (as if I don’t wrap it up here, I may keep going on and on)- Diva isn’t exactly a petite, Barbie doll sized girl.  Shocking, huh?  

Now I know that, although men do dig up on the arm candy, they also love women who will laugh with them, talk to them and have a great time doing whatever it is they are doing.

Because regardless of the size of her blue jeans, I have no lack of esteem.


It’s a little thing called self-confidence, sister.

You might try looking that one up and studying on it for a minute.

Here’s the Wiki Link.

“You don’t dig me because I’m fat…..”

That’s one of the lamest things I think I’ve ever heard.

*Names have been changed to protect the Guilty.

21 Responses to “Personality of a Sweatsock, Icky Behavior & A Reality Check”

  1. You can’t be serious!!!! The reason I dig you so much is BECAUSE you’re so damned phat!!!

  2. usually it’s not the fat ass that doesn’t get them laid…it’s the fact that they have a personality like a sack full of hemorrhoids..

  3. Spike should have told her…No I don’t like you because you don’t like you because your fat, I like your fat I just don’t like you.
    That would give her somethin to think about. 😉

  4. Personality matters. If somebody is pushy, bitchy, gripey, moody and rude then nobody is going to find them attractive at all.

  5. Then there’s the guys who like you BECAUSE you’re fat.

    Not sure if that’s icky or not either, but it sure is a Hell of a porn industry cash cow (no pun intended).

    FYI, Cat…your “Dear Moog” letter is up and running today.


  6. I like heftier girls — they give better blow jobs. 🙂

    But, yes, you are totally right. Personality goes a LONG, LONG way.

  7. rantingdiva Says:

    Oh Joe- You woo me.

    Jackie- Exactly. If it’s wet and sweaty, it must be a sweatsock.

    Truckindog- No kidding, that would have made the story that much sweeter.

    Jay- I agree 114%.

    Mooog- You are ADORABLE.

    AngryMan- Is that scientifically proven? The blowjob part??

  8. I love your blog…….way too cool!

    I felt I should return the favor and so glad I did.

    You will now become one of my daily reads.

  9. protect the guilty. I love that.

  10. thank you for linking that self confidence thing.
    that is exactly what has been lacking in my life.
    thank you so much for giving me the beginning stages of confidence.

  11. Thin or fat; no bitches allowed.

  12. Oh yeah, that’s lame, and a little sad. That lack of self esteem is probably what has her hitting on every guy in the bar too. She sounds desperate for someone to make her feel beautiful. Unfortunately, as it sounds like you are aware, no one can make you feel that way. It has to come from inside.

  13. I think it depends on the blow job training. I’m a slender gal, but I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. I had an excellent mentor. LOL.

  14. Spike* should have told her, “Sweetie, you’re so right!! I don’t like you because you’re fat.” WTF kind of comment is that? She had to be a lame ass. I agree. The.lamest.comment.ever! Funny though!! LOL.

  15. Um. I hate to admit to this, but I am one of those chicks that gets all insecure about being unattractive when a male does not pay attention to me.

    So, I guess that makes me a ditz.

  16. jacksmynde Says:

    “It’s because I’m fat” is my mother-in-law’s core belief.

  17. QG don’t do stupid and that girl is just plain stupid so I couldn’t have said this better than you did. Thank you!

  18. Tell your fat friend I’ll do her. More cushion for pushin’, I always say.

  19. Well said. I know someone I could apply this to right now and man, would the freaking shoe ever fit.

  20. oh man, sadly I have heard some of my “fluffy” pals say that…I always tell them it is not that, its u hounding them to buy u drinks..its a turn off. Most men like to approach the woman and ask her 4 a drink…they dont like to be hounded like a dog..

    My best pal whom is single and very thin thinks every guy flirts with her…even when i can clearly see they are not interstested she thinks they all are..

    u just cant win..

  21. I am fat…but im still hot, so the boys all still wanna talk to me.

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