Hangovers, BBQs & Panic Attacks

When you drink way too much at the watering hole on a Friday night and get up with a nasty hangover on Saturday morning to prepare for a huge surprise barbeque to be held Saturday evening.

7:02 am… Start strong pot of Verona coffee.

7:15 am…  Get up, nearly drown whilest shaving legs in the shower. 

7:25 am… Ingest first sip of coffee.

8:00 am… Go to the store to purchase a variety of crap to BBQ along with fixins.

8:35 am…  While placing the variety of crap on the checkout to pay, realize that rather than ordering the birthday cake last night, we (translate ME) drank to much and forgot to order it.

8:37 am… Feel dizzy from hangover as I’m watching the lady scan the items while on the phone with the bakery ordering a rush order guitar cake for pick up at 1:00 pm.

8:39 am…  Pay the lady with CASH.  (This is important).

8:43 am…  Crap loaded up in the back of the truck, driving home… realize I forgot buns for the weenies and burgers.  FUCK!

Flashforward…… to 1:00 pm.

1:10 pm…  at the bakery, picking up rush order cake ($$$ dammit) and buns.

1:25 pm… at checkout to pay for all this crap.

1:27 pm… cashier girl tells me total.  I go to get my debit card…  and it’s gone.  GONE I say.

1:27:06 pm… flipping out, panic attack, calling daughter to look for card, holding up line.

1:28 pm… writing check for stuff, on phone with bankcancelling debit card, swearing that I just had it this morning because I used it at the grocery store to buy BBQ goodies and I must have lost it there.

1:34 pm… realization that the card is in the back pocket of the jeans I wore to the watering hole on Friday night.

GREAT!  I cancelled my ATM card, which is my lifeline as I NEVER, ever have cash, EVER.

I’m the bitch at the store who will pay for a 20 oz. Diet Coke with the card.

So, the lesson we learned is to always put our ATM card back in our purse after we use it, less we think it’s stolen and our mortgage money is being used by some thug on a spending spree after finding it laying on the ground.



tater salad

 cole slaw



20 Responses to “Hangovers, BBQs & Panic Attacks”

  1. Hangovers fuckin’ suck!
    I had one on Sunday.
    Note to self: When making plans to drink at friends house, based on the fact that you can stay in the guest room, always remember that his children will be waking you up at 7:30 a.m.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How did the world even operate before debit cards existed??? For that matter I remember as a kid going to the store and my mother buying cartloads of crap and back then there were no scanners. The dude at the register had to read each tag!! Holy Crap!

  3. I’m with you guys – hangovers fuckin’ suck!
    I’ve avoided them for the last few weeks – too much to deal with lately so I REALLY don’t need to drown my sorrows at the well of hangover damnation…cause I could!

    After all that, I hope the party went off without a hitch.

  4. I did the exact same thing, only it was in my coat pocket (coat was hanging in closet), – what’s worse is I didn’t even have a hangover. But I panicked, cancelled card, the whole deal. And like you, I use my debit card for *everything*, I never have cash. It was a sucky couple of weeks until I got the replacement card.

  5. rantingdiva Says:

    CHT- No doubt. I don’t do hangovers when there is a chance of a rude awakening. Ech.

    Ron- Did it even operate at all before??

    QG- Oh yah, plenty of beer at the party. =)

    ETW- Super dooper sucks. I was lost and I shopped very little.

  6. who ever invented debit card and gift sacks is a fucking genius..I’ve had those kind of hangovers before..knew I had a good time when I got home took off my bra and $3.00 in quarters fell out..would slip them in my bra so i could play poll as i’d get to drunk to find them in my jeans pocket and at least keeing them in my bra i could cop a feel every now and then..so…how was the bbq?….thanks for coming by and saying howdy..think i’m going to like it here..ydg

  7. I use my debit card for everything too. No matter how small of a purchase, I’ll probably be using that card.

  8. Yeah, I’m a little nutty with the ATM card too. I almost never have cash anymore.

  9. keep it in ur bra…..
    never mind there is no room in there

  10. Maybe you should permanently attach the card to your right hand?

  11. Listen here woman…just for future reference it is unacceptable to post pictures of food when I am pregnant…I will let you know when it is acceptable again….shame on you taunting the fat lady…phhh.

  12. rantingdiva Says:

    Jackie- We have got to get together and go be rowdy sometime!

  13. Good Lord Girl!!!

    You sound like me!!!

    I never have cash either…just my faithful debit card!

    Can I come eat with ya’ll? DAMN, that looks good!

  14. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- Yep, I’m lost without mine.

    Mike- I’m lucky if I have enough change to get a pop from the machine.

    Sage- Hardeee har har, pal.

    AngryMan- That may be an idea.

    Jam- Me so sorry. I’ll keep it in check.

  15. I never have cash either but that is just because I am so fucking poor at the moment! Sucks ass!

  16. Ok, that food looks better than this other window I have open. Don’t ask the contents of it…

    HANGOVERS suck

  17. I am just impressed that you were up & at the store by 8AM! Not me…nuh-uh…never….sleeeeeeeeep it off!

  18. I wish we could just go straight to tattooing barcodes on our wrists. Fuck it.

  19. Wow you lay out a great spread…the food I mean heh heh.

    I bet next time you check the pockets of your boozin duds before leaving the house huh.

  20. After looking at those photos, I’m about to starve!

    Have a good day!

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