Sexual Undertones, Kissing Bandit, & Makin Whooopie

So, lately I’ve been regaling myself with things past.  Mostly in the TV format.  It all started while I was laying in bed overdosing on Nyquil and other various meds in order to make a deliciously mind-numbing cocktail.

Match Game

Yah, this show was as full of sexual undertones as Pamela Anderson is full of silicone.   The game involved two players and six celebrity guest stars.  The object of said game was for the players to match the answers of the celebrity stars to a question.

Contestant 1 would pick either question A or B. 

Gene Rayburn, the host with the most, would ask the celebs to write their answers down and then the contestant would give his or her answer. 

The contestant who matched with the most celeb answers wins.  Yay!  Simple!

Sample questions may have been something like…

“When at the beach, the cabana boy stuck the umbrella in her __________________.”

I would have said ass.  But that’s just me.

You try.

“Murray is a human musical instrument; he makes music by blowing his _____________.”

“Farmer Brown said “I never should have hired that midget farm hand, he is so short, he has to stand on his tiptoes to _______.”

Family Feud

I.Loved.Family. Feud.

Two families in a battle to the death against one another.

Kind of like the Hatfields and McCoys.

But Richard Dawson, the infamous Kissing Bandit, was so suave and delicate and lovely.

Anyways, in general, there was always a complete dipshit in every family.

A dipshit who knew nothing and would answer way out in left field. 

Losing it all for their poor family.

“For $250, what is the top non-carbonated soft drink?”

The dipshit would answer “Diet Coke!” and jump up and down just knowing that would be the NUMBER ONE ANSWER….

Kissing Bandit:   “For the win, name a continent.”

Dipshit:  “New Mexico!!!!!  Whooooo!!!!”


The Newlywed Game

This was the one of the greatest shows ever. 


Because it pitted freshly married, oh-so-in-love couples against each other in an effort to find out which of the couples knew most about each other.


The women would be taken away. 

Bob Eubanks would ask questions to the men.

The women would come back and try to match their man’s answer.

Not always working out so well.

What was cool, most of the questions were about SEX – Maaaakin Whoooopeeee.

Questions might have been something like:

“Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever made whoopee?”

“Most of the electricity in your home flows from the ______ to the _______.”

From the outlet to my vibrator.

So, thanks for your eager and active participation in my flashback today.

I promise to lay off the Nyquil Cocktails.




13 Responses to “Sexual Undertones, Kissing Bandit, & Makin Whooopie”

  1. haphazardkat Says:

    HA HA HA HA! I love your trip. Its a blast from the past!
    Remember when the chick answered “In my bottom” to the “where the strangest place where you’ve made whoopie?”

    HA HA! You can’t MAKE that kind of comic shizzle up!!

  2. Oh geez, I totally forgot about Family Fued and The Newlywed Game. I’m sorry, but Drew Carey is no Richard Dawson! No way!!

    “Something that comes with a summer storm.”

    What a dip shit!! LOL!

    Everything was about making “whoopie” on the Newlywed show, and not getting a divorce after they were on the show. Love the beehive hairdos too! LOL!!!

  3. One of the ones i really loved to watch wasn’t so much a game show but I love Chuck Woolery and Love Connection.

    Match Game? Brilliant! When Brett and Charles would go at it I would just hit the floor laughing!

    We’ll see you in 2 and 2!

  4. so back when my grandfather was alive, I used to take care of him. Between his dementia and pain medication, he couldn’t have told you whether he was at his house with my grandmother and I, or if he was in a beach house on Jupiter with Tony Bennett. So we used to watch the game show network… and I actually could feel myself losing IQ points as the days wore on. (it might’ve also been the alcohol). Point is, don’t get sucked up into the game show world too much.

  5. I loved the Newleywed Game, especially when Bob asked “Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever made whoopie?”

    Answer: “In the butt Bob.”


  6. I have a friend whose family was on Family Feud. His family won big and he used his portion of the winnings to buy his first car. I’ll have to ask him who the dipshit was in his family. LOL.

  7. I always loved those stupid answer on the Family Fued, but truly loved the answers that normal people would filter out before saying them in the public.

  8. These shows are perfect when your mind is numb!

  9. rantingdiva Says:

    Kat- You know the Newlywed Game was the best. Some of those answers…, my, my.

    RC- But, makin whooopee makes the world go round, Girl.

    QG- Love connection was the whip. I loved when dates went bad.

    Joseph- No worries here. It was a Nyquil Trip I’m enjoying.

    Leighann- You dirty girl.

    ETW- Ooops! I meant every other family that was on the Family Feud *blush* Was that sterotyping I just did?? LOL

    Ron- Tops!

  10. rantingdiva Says:

    Riff- Oh yah, Babe. A tripper’s dream line-up. BTW, how was the strip club??

  11. That Newlywed answer is now certifiably Pop Culture gold.

    I wish that we could say that network daytime Tv has improved since the 60s and 70s but it’s just as mindnumbingly vapid.

    All of those celebs must have started drinking at about 9am in the Green Room eh? I would like to have seen some of the ego grinding catfights off camera.

    I still love watching Paul Lynde on Hollywood Squares..who was so obvious back when it wasn’t OK & he always had the bitchiest snarkiest funniest answers EVER! He was awesome.

    The clothes are all so tacky and ugh but everyone was sooo cool at the time…weird.


  12. Ah, the Newlywed Game!

    I loved this as well. When I was a child, I thought it was soooo riske with whoopi talk and all!


  13. I seriously miss game shows.

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