Nyquil Trips, Brown Bags & Bad Acts

I was laying in my bed for the better part of last week. Drinking mass amounts of Nyquil and watching TV.  So I started thinking about a show that tickled the crap out of me many moons ago.

Long before the days of being standed on an island with only bugs and rats to eat…

Long before the days of whoring one’s self out on TV to find a man/woman for marriage….

there was….

Oh yah, Babe…..

The Gong Show.

Did anybody else watch this??   My daddy was addicted to it and most of the goofy ass game shows that were so popular back in the mid to late 70s.

I remember watching for alot of years.  I mean, where else could a pre-teen catch all of the “off color” jokes and language.   

Chuck Barris is the King of Schlock, the Baron of Bad Taste & the Ayatollah of Trashola.  I thought he was cute as a button even back then.

The celebrity judges were hilarious.  Jaye P. Morgan and Jamie Farr would be off in the judge’s box acting like fools and alot of times, they would be even funnier than the act on stage.

One of the regulars on the show was the The Unknown Comic.  This guy wore a tacky leisure suit and a brown paper bag over his head.   He’d be introduced and he’d come off with silly lounge act one liners.   Cheese. Definitely.  Funny.  In a cheesy kind of way.

Then there was Gene Gene the Dancin Machine.   He made the show, because everytime he’d be on, Chuck Barris and all of the judges danced.

The show was basically making fun of all of the variety type shows out there.    There was one host, three judges, guest performers and amatuer acts of all kinds clumped into this show’s essence.

Most of the acts were, how to say it mildly, super sucky. 

And most of the time, the judges would GONG them as soon as they were allowed.  But, sometimes, an exception to the rule would slide through and complete the act.

If they did get through, the judges scored them from zero to ten.  The winner would be announced at the end of every show.  And a midget would go skipping across the stage throwing confetti.



Random Chick hit me up with this meme: the task is to write your memoir in six words. So here goes:

When everything else sucks ass, SMILE !!


21 Responses to “Nyquil Trips, Brown Bags & Bad Acts”

  1. So that’s what reality TV used to be like…. LOL!

    Midgets with confetti… Now that’s entertainment!

  2. That show is still on……it’s called America’s Got Talent. Okay, without the midget but it’s close enough!

  3. Man, I haven’t thought of the Gong Show in years. I used to watch it all the time!!!

  4. I used to love that old dancin machine, LOL.

  5. Best Gong Show contestants ever:

    I think that Comedy Central is bringing the Gong Show back. Well, a new version anyway. Sometime this summer maybe? I can’t remember. I’ll have to look it up.

  6. Oh yeah…I watched every episode!

    He was in the CIA you know…yeah, right!

  7. Occasionally, I still dance like Mean Gene the Dancing Machine.

    Typically, this is done in the nude on my lawn.

    The neighbors are not amused.

  8. rantingdiva Says:

    Bittersweet- Oh yah. Amazing, huh?

    QG- The Gong Show was king, Mamas.

    Mimzie- It was the Nyquil that brought it all back to me.

    Ron- He could flat get down.

    Jay- Wonder if it’ll be any good???

    Mushy- CIA operative #1, I heard.

  9. rantingdiva Says:

    Moooooog- I bet you’re a cute dancing midget. I just know it.

  10. Why is the first question I want to ask, “I wonder if the large dancing chick shaved between her legs.”

    I loved TGS. It was a staple in my house when I was growing up on summer mornings.


  11. I loved that show!

  12. OMG! I lived on this show for most of my pre-teen years…and MatchGame. Yup. That’s where I got my fix for cheesy, off-color jokes.

    I always thought Chuck Barry was let out from the insane asylum just to do the show then had to be locked up after…like maybe he was a serial killer on the side or sometihing.

  13. Have I ever told you that I visit your blog every day just to see what the titles will be? They ROCK! AND your posts crack me up! Two awesome things for the price of one! Whoo hoooo!

  14. damn ur old
    I was born in the 70’s!

  15. Diva…even more reason to LOVE you!! The Gong Show…LMAO…I grew up watching it!! My Dad absolutely loved this show, and although I was too young to “get” most of the jokes, I do remember it being funny. I’ve since gone back and viewed some old things on You tube…OMG. Too. Damn. Funny. Dad even dressed up like the Unknown Comic for Halloween for several years. We thought being goofy like that was the norm. Maybe that explains a lot about me! LOL. Oh, and Jamie Farr can be seen around Toledo quite frequently in the summer ~ he still gets as much attention here as he used to! But, yeah…The Gong Show was the greatest.

  16. The Gong show was the best show ever. Those guys had some really good drugs.

  17. I loved the Gong Show but one question always did, always has and still does baffle me…who the hell was J P Morgan, I mean where the hell did she come from in the entertainment relm WHAT THE HELL MADE HER A CELEBRITY???

    The Gong Show is the only thing I’ve ever seen her on or heard of her doing. But I did love that show.

  18. I loved the Gong Show!

    I had forgotten about that!

    A true classic.

  19. Wait, so you suck ass while smiling?

  20. rantingdiva Says:

    Knot- Ewwwww. You ain’t right, pal.

    Leighann- Lovely flashback, huh!!

    RC- Stay tuned. We’ll be back after this commercial break.

    RC- Ohhh, I love you too. I’m gonna cry.

    Sage- Bite me. I was a kid when I watch with my Dadddy…Jeeeez.

    Michelle- The Unknown Comic was amazing back in the day. =)

    Mike- Waaaay better than the weed of today, I’m sure.

    TD- JPM was a songbird. I don’t know what she chirped but that was her deal.

    Bella- Nyquil brings back good memories.

    AngryMan- Always one joker in the bunch, huh??? =)

  21. Oh I loved this post………… didn’tunderstand a word but then maybe that’s a good thing aye?

    Thanks for dropping by to see the ole Whitesnake…….

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