Spam, Chicken Skin, & Other Mystery Meats

There are certain things that just aren’t right in the world.   Like mystery meats and rat shit in cereal and what not. 

Believe it…

this is a PSA from me to you about what kind of crap you might be eating.

I don’t eat meat or chicken nuggets, American Cheese, Cheez Whiz, tripas, chorizo, or anay other  mystery food, but still there are somethings that are just grosser than gross and make me want to throw up a little… or alot.


 No, not all the shit you get in your inbox from those asshats peddling Viagra, Rolex and offering bajillions of dollars if you’ll just give your checking account number.

The SPAM I’m talking about is that mystery *meat* (?) which is submersed in a gelatinous substance, and smells like dog food.

According to the ingredients, SPAM is composed of:

  • Chopped pork shoulder meat with ham meat added.
  • Salt (for binding, flavour, and firmness)
  • Water (to help in mixing)
  • Sugar (for flavour)
  • Sodium Nitrite (for colour and as a preservative)
  • Makes me wanna run right out and grab me a can, slap it in the skillet, cook it to a crisp, top it with a salmonella infested tomato and enjoy!

    Or… not so much.


    Chicken McNuggets

    Yah.  One would think that a chicken nugget would be chicken and breading.  One would think anyway.  But, not McNuggets.  Nope.  It’s so much more chemically enhanced goodness for your buck.

    These babies are composed of some chicken (supposedly white breast meat, but I question that), water, corn starch and get this shit…. CHICKEN FLAVOR. 

    WTF?   I, for one, would think if it’s chicken to begin with, it would taste like chicken. 

    But alas, that’s not the case as the Chicken McNugget is a small piece of minced chicken breast and mechanically separated meat held together with phosphate salts and some chicken skin.

    Deliciously lip smackin, huh?

    Color me hungry, kiddies.  *gag, gag, gag*


    Potted Meat….mmmmm, mmmm, good.

    Meat By-Products – the non rendered, clean parts, other than meat, derived from slaughtered mammals. It includes, but is not limited to, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, partially defatted low-temperature fatty tissue and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents. It does not include hair, horns, teeth and hooves.

    Nice to know. 

    What on our grocer’s shelves might contain this yackity mystery meat?  Well, Potted Meat for one. 

    Grossed out yet?   Yah, I’m about to spew.

    But I think it’s important to let you kids know what you might be consuming.


     The last thing I’m itching to share is the fact that most everybody knows anyway, but I’d feel better if I yell it loud enough for all of Blogger’s Lane to hear…

    Did you know that there is an amount of rodent hair and poo and insect parts allowed in our food??


    Is there really any way to know how many insect parts have been ground right up with the rest of the ingredients?   Probably not.

    I’m not making the stats that I’m listing below up…. nope.  From the FDA itself ….

    The FDA’s action level for peanut butter is 30 or more insect fragments or one or more rodent hairs per 100 grams.   Anybody want a PB & J?

    In popcorn: Rodent filth: 1 or more rodent excreta pellets are found in 1 or more subsamples, and 1 or more rodent hairs are found in 2 or more other subsamples OR 2 or more rodent hairs per pound and rodent hair is found in 50% or more of the subsamples OR 20 or more gnawed grains per pound and rodent hair is found in 50% or more of the subsamples

    In macaroni and pasta:  Insect filth: Average of 225 insect fragments or more per 225 grams in 6 or more subsamples.

    Sorry for the repulsive subject matter.  I’m so easily amused.


    Ok kids.  Go see my picture page.  Come on.  You’ll like it.

    21 Responses to “Spam, Chicken Skin, & Other Mystery Meats”

    1. Mmmmm… rodent filth, gotta love it. I sometimes buy things and ask for an extra side of rodent filth, because you know it adds that little something extra to the meal.

    2. Dammit, Diva.

      How am I supposed to keep on my diet if you keep throwing these delicious tidbits my way?!

      Thank God it’s lunchtime. Going to head out to McRodent’s and get me some insect legs and by-products.


    3. OMG, I am just totally disgusted….I have this thing with germs and now…I just want to vomit and never eat again…thanks for the info (I mean that seriously)….I used to love peanut butter but, I have to seriously think this one over…gag…LOL…all I can say is wow. xo

    4. I read a thing from a doctor once that said chocolate had one of the highest amounts tolerated of that other stuff, rat hair and pubic hair from a money and such.

      I love me some poted meat tho I gota say but I DO NOT eat Monkey Peters (vienna sausage)

    5. As a germophobe I can tell you without fear of contradiction, that I am now literally convulsing OMG WHY DID YOU REMIND ME OF THIS!

      I realise that we lug around 20 pounds of bacteria that we can’t live without and that we are surrounded by GERMS and 99% of household dust is flakes of Human Skin!

      We do have some control over what we eat and McThingamabobs are f*cking horrible but so are the Colonel’s tortured featherless chicken factories. I’m not a vegetarian nor could I ever be. I want all animals to have happy little productive lives on a nice farm with fresh air and friends and lots of room to play.

      I was watching an Economist talking about how Americans (we’re included) demand CHEAP FOOD…our Grandparents paid twice as much for their food but we haven’t made much progress in the processing area of the food chain.

      I am appalled at how the bottom line has forced producers to cut corners to make a living..the processors and distributors make all of the money.
      One of these days if enough people get revolted and stop turning a blind eye we might actually make some changes.

      The coming Oil fueled recession will drive the cost of food up too…getting it to the store costs a lot of money.

      Rats have been with us since the getgo because we produce so much garbage..they are actually quite finicky about their appearance it’s our filthy environments that taint them….and speaking of rodents…we haven’t had any mice for a few years (touch wood) but the fact that they are nearly blind and follow their pee trails along the walls of your rooms was enough to turn me into the Mousenator for a few winters.

      Thank gawd I just finished my lunch before I read this…but you know what..what about allof the junk food that we’s barely food..well it’s NOT food per se…oh well since North Americans are the most obese peopl on the planet the coming Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Disease epidemic of our aging population may actually force us to reconsider what we toss in our pieholes!

    6. Mmmmm .. Spam … 😉

    7. Spam? Potted Meat? WTF Diva? That is just.effin.nasty! Eww. Eww. Eww. I’m glad that it’s between meals right now. Yuck! 😛


      That’s why I run out in my back yard and kill me some possums. They might be nasty but at least I know what the hell I’m eating.

      BTW, I was raised on SPAM. I think this should explain a lot.

    9. rantingdiva Says:

      Ron- Yes, that added flavor is so hard to beat.

      mooooog- Please tell me you’re joking. Please.

      PPD- Yah, GAG is right… I’m repulsed.

      Sage- Please say you’re full of shit about the chocolate.

      Ron- That’s grosser than gross.

      Jay- Ahhh, the mystery meats.

      Michelle- Yah, I’ll be skippin dinner now.

      RC- Mom used to make SPAM for my Dad all the time. I can still smell it.

    10. I haven’t been able to read any blogs in a while, but now that I’m back, right away I get a classic from you! Pure Catscratch Diva!

      I’m glad you didn’t do Deviled Ham, because I’ve actually been wanting some of that lately and I’m pretty sure you would have made me change my mind.

    11. I know what I’m eating!!!

    12. ive never been happier in my whole life to be allergic to all of the food/things listed in this post.




    13. Ewww. I have never eaten Spam in my life. I have a real problem with smells and textures. I call those McNuggets “Beaks n Feathers”. My kids LOVE them. Barf!

    14. my goodness, I am clutching my own breasts in gratitude for being a vegetarian. GROSSNESS!!!!!

    15. But…but…but I love Spam!

    16. I will always have a special place in my heart for spam. Many years ago when I was traveling in China-far, far, far, off the beaten path, I learned to love Spam. As a matter of fact, I probably would have starved to death without it. Note: Chinese food in China is absofuckinglutely nothing like Chinese food in America.

    17. I wonder what fresh food used to taste like. No wonder we’re sick all the time. Nothing is really food anymore.


    18. Gah!!! Is anything safe to eat anymore?? Yuck

    19. I just taking a guess here, but I’m thinkin’ you don’t do haggis either?

    20. rantingdiva Says:

      Riff- I fear I’d gag if I thought about Deviled Ham. Ech.

      AngryMan- Ech, and you’re still eating it?

      Meleah- I’m extremely picky. I’ll yack if something ain’t right.

      ETW- Kids will eat anything. I couldn’t deal with the smell or texture either.

      Krissy- Yep, very good thing.

      TD- Noooooo! That’s just ewwww!!

      Mike- Well, I would make an exception if I only had the choice between chicken toes and SPAM in a far away land.

      Knot- You got that right.

      Nicole- I honestly don’t think so.

      QG- Oh hell to the no.

    21. You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten Scrapple.

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