Sweaty Palms, End of the World & Benny Boo Boo Boo

Let’s start with some shameless self promotion.  Come see my picture blog,  pleeeaze.   One picture per day of something or somewhere super swell.  

 End shameless self promotion attempt.



I was out cat prowling posts the other day and I saw this MOVIE MEME on Inexplicable DeVice…  this is a page that I ran across cruising Blogger’s Lane as I so frequently do.

Now Inexplicable DeVice isn’t the type to tag, but offered it up for anybody to jack… and we all know I like to jack all things.   It’s pretty self explanitory and since I love movies, it’s a weiner.

A movie that made me laugh:  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  It was stupid, it had no rhyme or reason, but it was sooo funny.  My favorite scene is when Jenny, Ferris’ sister, comes home and finds Ed Rooney in her house, and she ninja kicks him in the face….  I watch that scene over, and over, and over.  Gut laugh I tell ya.

A movie that made me cry: Backdraft.  When Bull dies at the end, I boo hoo like a damn baby every time.  Good flick if it could have just ended better, I would be a much happier camper.

A movie I loved as a child: Disney’s Jungle Book.

A movie I’ve seen more than once: Armageddon.  More than once is a total understatement.  I adore the movie.  The all-star cast was perfectly picked.  Harry Stamper was the most adorable man.  When he’s crackin the GreenPeace boat with golf balls from his oil rig, it makes my heart go pitter pat.  I highly recommend.

A movie I hated: Xanadu.   Yah, can anybody say fucking 80’s rollerboogie cheese gone bad??  Yah, me too.   I mean, come on, roller boogie was all the rage in the early 80’s, but really…   An imaginary girl who cruises around on her lil skate making dicks hard dreams come true?  Low and behold she inspires Sonny to build a roller disco.    I hoped through the whole thing that somebody would shoot me in the eye.  And that dress she rolls in… what was that all about?


A movie that scared me: Halloween.  The original.  Scary as all hell. Nuff said.

A movie that made me happy: The Princess Bride.  Yah, yah.  I know its a kid’s movie.  Yah, I know its sappy and gooey and so unlike me.    But, it sucked me in and I fell in love with The Farm Boy, who goes away and is presumed dead but became the Dread Pirate Roberts instead.  She gets kidnapped by some silly kidnappers.  He comes back to save her.   

Giants, Villians, Super Sized Rodents, Wizzards.  Not your basic, average, everyday, rut of the mill ho-hum fairytale.  Again, I highly suggest.


A movie character I’ve fallen in love with: Benjamin Barry from How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.  He is witty and such a damn charmer.   He carries off that southern boy charm in the big city perfectly.   OMG, there are no words… so, have a picture.

The last movie I saw: The Eye. On DVD, at home.  Why?  Because I didn’t want to waste my hard earned gas money to go see a movie that just looked like it was gonna be lame ass.  And after three attempts and falling asleep midway all three times..  I gave up.  It didn’t seem like a bad movie.  Just slow as sticky moassas on a winter day in Minnesota.  So, I gave up.

The next movie I plan to see: The Strangers. Why?  Because I’m one of those people who loves a scary movie, especially something not all outlandish… You know.. the kind of crap that could possibly really happen.  I dig it until it’s time to try to go to sleep, then I convince myself there’s something there… somebody’s gonna get me…. Ahhhhh!!!

Maybe I won’t go see that one after all.

There ya have it friends and neighbors.  If ya wanna play this little game for shits and giggles, please have at it, as you’re more than welcome. 

Now, run over and join up for BITCHFEST hosted by one of my dearest friends here at Blogger’s Lane.

Okies.  Now I must act like I’m working.  Have a great desert day!


17 Responses to “Sweaty Palms, End of the World & Benny Boo Boo Boo”

  1. Loved it and I am so playing…he,he xo

  2. Hmmmm…I think I have to steal this Meme!

    by the way…I need you over at my BitchFest!!! Hurry!

  3. Crap! I forgot to tell you that I LOVE your photoblog. I will add this one to my Random Blog-O-Rama!!

  4. Ferris Bueller is the greatest movie of all time. Backdraft was a great movie especially with Rebecca De Mornay and once again was another movie where Jennifer Jason Leigh takes her clothes off. Xanadu!!!! Ilved it when I was about 10. I need to find it. Princes Bride ranks up there as one of the the greatest as well. Armageddon made me cry.

    Now on Matthew “I don’t wanna wear a shirt” McConnehey. No movie he makes is good.


  5. I am not a Steven King fan, but Salem’s Lot gave me the heebies big time.

  6. That is cool. I like that game, I might have to jack that myself. But tomorrow, cause I already did useless meme for today. I loved the princess bride, the drinking game is a riot!! Love me some Rodents of unusual size!

  7. rantingdiva Says:

    PPD- Get ‘r’ dun!

    RC- I hope you accept my proposal, mama!

    Knot- You blaspheme Matthew!!!

    ETW- My daughter adores the Kingmeister.

    Jam- Have at it!!!! Princess Bride rocks!

  8. I could have written this one myself! Except for Xanadu, never heard of it!!

  9. Armageddon actually made me cry. I can’t believe they left Bruce Willis up there and brought that idiot Ben Affleck back.

  10. I am such a movie whore that there is no way I could have just one movie per catagorie. I, too, will have to filch this but plan on giving you ALL the credit.

    Off to check out the photo blog……..

  11. You saw Xanadu??? (he heee)

    I liked when the dog peed on the pool table in “How to loose a guy in 10 Days” ….. and I am mad in love with Kate Hudsen. I know she would not have me, but I would marry her 😉

  12. Oh my gods! I’ve not seen one of these films – Well, I’ve seen bits of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Jungle Book. Oh and some of Armageddon – I preferred Deep Impact.

    Yay! The meme lives on!

  13. rantingdiva Says:

    Leighann- You ain’t missin anything special there, girl.

    Jay- Yah, that one was a toss up between what made me cry and what I watch most often.

    QG- No kiddin! It wasn’t easy. This thing took me hours to whittle down.

    Speedcat- She’s as hot as he is. I gots to agree.

    IDV- I’ll be over to check it out!

  14. I like edward scissorhands….

  15. Have fun at the movies, but you might want to lay off the popcorn and the milk duds, if you know what I’m saying. 😉

  16. Ah, Ferris Bueller. What a classic. I may have to go rent that.

  17. I loved Xanadu.

    But, I was only 7 years old when I saw it.

    i will go hang / hide my head in shame now.

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