ABC’s of Catscratch ~ C & D

Let’s start with some shameless self promotion.  Come see my picture blog,  pleeeaze.   One picture per day of something or somewhere super swell.  

 End shameless self promotion attempt.


Today’s post is brought to you by the letters C and D, boys and girls.


I don’t know anybody any better at making up naughty, nasty and obscene lyrics when singing karaoke like I do.  I have twisted everything from love songs to southern rock.

Cat’s in the Kettle at the China Moon…  Cookie nazi say no cookie fo you.

Go me!


I am admittedly a catty bitch.  Not to say I’m a total asshole and I go acting like a bitch and start fights.  Quite the contrary, actually. 

But when it comes to my family and friends, if there is reason the fur on the back of my neck stands up and my claws do come out.  Reeeow.


As Master of the Universe, determination is a total requirement. 

And I am no slacker.    So, without further ado…

A short list of things I’m determined to do before I keel over and die… 

Go back to NYC to see the Macy’s Turkey Day Parade…

Win money playing Black Jack in Vegas. Actually, I could care less if I win any money because when I say I play Black Jack, it ain’t the real deal. 

You see, I go to the Casino Royale and sit at the computerized Black Jack machines and play and play because everytime the cocktail chickie walks by she brings me a cold beer.

Sing karaoke in a real karaoke bar in Shanghai.  My boss, the Master of the Galaxy, just got back from Shanghai where he went to a karaoke bar.  

You ain’t seen nothin to you’ve seen a bunch of drunks who speaky no English trying to singy songs in the English.  Oh yah, I’m there.

Drive the total length of Route 66, stopping at every goofy roadside attration along the way…



There was this guy.  His super hero name was *Darth*.   Darth taught me about lovin and life and SEX. 

Go Darth.  Anyhoo, it was a running joke, that he led my innocent self to the Darkside.

Damn I love Star Wars.  Damn that Darth Vader is friggin hot.

And the Darkside is a very good description of my personal overall mentality.


May I point you in the direction of some of my favorite blogs that begin with the

letters C and D….

Cathouse Teri

Ciao Bella

Celtic Knot

Cynical Bastard

Enjoy y’all!

17 Responses to “ABC’s of Catscratch ~ C & D”

  1. I’ve won money playing blackjack in Vegas. Unfortunately I was playing at the $3 table, so I only made like $12 for the whole night.

  2. I’m hoping to do the Route 66 trip too! I wanna stay at the Wigwam Motel and eat at Ted Drewe’s custard stand.

    You need to be careful though. Some of route 66 isn’t well maintained anymore and may not be able to support the extra load of your vehicle. 😉


  4. I’m in on the Route 66 roadtrip!!

  5. There is just something about family that gets people all stirred up. I feel ya.

  6. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- Hey, you still walked away a winner!!

    Dyck- Bite my big ass, you won’t need a map for that 🙂

    Angry- My vote’s in.

    Leighann- Girl, we’d go all Thelma & Louise.

    Jam- Ahhh, I’m not alone. 🙂

  7. There are so many lyrics to songs that I have buggered up and stored in my memory bank..I LOVE your No Nookie For You…that’s a keeper for me…or did you say cookie?

    I remember gettin’ my televisual kix on route 66..that’s how OLD I am! Yikes!

    What is it about Darth? The mask (very Eyes Wide Shut) that deep JEJ’s voice, or the cape? I think that it’s his confidence..chicks dig it.

  8. Route 66 would be a trip worthy of the gas money. 🙂

  9. Route 66 would be a trip worthy of the gas money. 🙂

  10. Aaahh, the darkside….been there, done that….LOL…you rock babes! xo

  11. Now you’re a determined evil catty person 😉

  12. I ‘ve done the rt. 66 thing and I would do it again…..

  13. Route 66…call me when you pack up. I’m there!! Convertible right?

  14. oooooooooh a photo/picture blog? Im all over that!

    ps: im am sooo happy to be back from Vacation. Misssed Your Blog

  15. Hmmmm…sex with Darth Vader?

    Oh, and I challenge you to a duel of making up nasty lyrics to songs…I ROCK! We could do some serious damage to the music industry yanno? Mwah ha ha ha (evil laugh). 😉

  16. How’s a big ol’ bodacious black bra ridin’ shotgun on Route 66 on grab ya? 😉

  17. I approve of all the C’s and D’s. If you ever do that Route 66 thing, I hope you’ll look me up! I’m buyin’!

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