Cradle Robbing, BoyToys & Wicked Positions

Pop Quiz, Boys & Girlies….

Question Number One:

What is a boy toy?

Clickie here for the answer.

How’d ya do?

Yah, so all of the gossip columns and articles are giving Linda Hogan a bunch of crap because she’s bangin a 19-year-old boy toy.

Hulk Hogan’s got himself a young blond named Jennifer McDaniel who looks like his daughter Brooke’s twin.

Now his ex-wife, Linda Hogan, has topped him with her young blond hunk, Charlie Hill, age (gulp) 19.  So she’s almost 30 years older than this kid? (Her reported bday was Aug. 24, 1959.) All together now, Eeeewwww!

Apparently, LInda didn’t have to look further than her children’s high school year book to find her manboy.

Why in the hell is everybody so freaked out over it?? 

I mean come-on, sure there’s an age difference….. 

But only like 30 years or so. 

And he’s of legal age. 

So again, I beg the question… who cares?


Honestly, I don’t think he looks 19…

and the key here is just not to think about it and it’s ok.

Then again, now that I think about it…  there are several issues that might keep me from paddling someone of his age….

1.  It would seem semi-creepy to be riding the hobby horse of a kid the same age as my own kids.

2.  I am, and always have been, a believer that a boy that age has no clue what the hell he’s doing in the sack.  He’s there to get a nut, pure and simple.  Fuck longevity, it’s a sprint.

3.  Is he even old enough to know anything real about the female anatomy???  Or is she teaching him some new party tricks???    Which brings me back to number one.

Would you want a 50-somethin year old teaching your baby party tricks?

Ya know…  All those cool kinky positions a chick learns over time….

Loads of old MILFs have snatched a boy toy or two in their time….

Cher… um… ManEater… Especially of the young, hung kind.

Cher and boy toy

Demi & Ashton… Awwww.

ahston and demi

What do you think?  When is cradle-robbing crossing that line a little too much??

18 Responses to “Cradle Robbing, BoyToys & Wicked Positions”

  1. Linda is looking pretty good these days, so I am no surprised she’s found a younger man.

    I think it is crossing the line if there are wheel chairs involved. Kind of like Anna Nicole and that old guy. That was wrong. As long as the younger one is of legal age, and the older one ain’t in a wheelchair, it’s probably okay.

  2. when does cradle-robbing cross the line into eeewwww? Well how about 50 yr old Jaymes Foster and surelyhe’sgay 29 y old Clay Aiken announcing they are pregnant:

    To be honest dating a twenty year younger guy would be difficult…they aren’t usually very mature. I’d love to wear out a young twenty year old for a dirty romp but while I don’t think it should be taboo it doesn’t have much appeal (a relationship with a much younger man)

  3. Holy Midlife Crisis Batman!

    While this isn’t in the same league as Tony Randall..remember he was seventyf*cking five and Heather whatsherface was 25..HUH?!..and they had two kids before he ghuess is that he prolly died trying to make the third one.

    Anyway the Hogans are tacky…the Hulkster is advocating Groucho Marx philosophy that “you are only as old as the woman you feel” and Linda is after the Cougar of the Year award…look at those knockers..any 19 year old guy would be hittin’ dat in a heartbeat..for a while anyway..until she starts getting after him to clean up his room, take out the garbage, and put the milk back in the fridge.

    I agree with your analysis of young studs..they don’t know a Ford Taurus from a Clitoris but you get 200 miles to the gallon…who says that you can’t teach ‘young dogs old tricks’?

    Who am I to judge…I’m all for equal rights and so let them have their fun..when they get back together it will be good for the ratings on their show.

  4. I think most people are giving them shit because they think it’s just all a publicity stunt and they’re attention whores.

    But, as for 40 plus year olds dating 20ish year olds, I say more power to ya!

    I’m 40 and I’d totally date a 20 year old. haha 😉

  5. I think it’s gross. As a guy, I want to trade down. Why a woman would trade down I don’t know. Unless she’s going for quantity and not quality. Maybe all those roids shriveled Hulk up and she likes the fact that her new toy has a pair.

    I think guys who go older have a mommy complex.


  6. I don’t know how I feel about this because I’m still not totally convinced that Linda is an actual woman. She’s way tranny-ish!

  7. Is that a cougar print dress she’s wearing?

  8. Crossing the line is when you’re teacher your “lover” in third period math at the local MIDDLE SCHOOL!

    I say teach him what you know, Linda, then send him out to play.

  9. HOLY SHIT – there is a mathematical equation when picking out your partner????? No wonder I’m single, I totally SUCK at math!

  10. For me, it’s crossing the line whether it’s a man or a woman doing the robbing. Yeah. Like you said, I don’t want some 50 year old teaching my boy party tricks. I don’t want a 50 year old man touching my daughters either. I would feel like a child molester if I dated a 19 year old boy myself. I feel guilty for thinking my best friend’s sons are nice looking (hot?). FM, if you’re reading this….SORRY. LOL!

  11. LOL @ MJ! I say it’s no one elses business what goes on between consenting adults…as long as they are both of legal age & sound(ish) minds, then go for it! However, my not-so-humble opinion is that Hulk should at least try a brunette for a change. Geez.

  12. Hey I think if your old enough to vote for president your old enough to decide for yourself if you wanna bang someone 30+years older than yourself or younger than yourself, and I’m sure that decision is much easier to make when one or the other is filthy fuckin rich. 🙂

  13. My husband and I are nearly 10 years apart (he’s older). I’m inclined to say as long as the people involved in the relationship are legal adults, what they do in the bedroom is not my problem.

    I’ve always liked men much older than myself, so I’d find it hard to be okay with dating a younger guy (just personal preference).

  14. She is breaking it down for him.
    teaching him the way.
    it might be a sprint, but I 19 I could run 4 sprints without stopping for air or water.
    U huh
    without stopping.
    damn to be 19 again!

  15. I agree with everyone on as long as both are consenting adults it’s none of my business, but Hulk’s GF looks enough like his daughter to just creep me out a bit.

  16. I think anything less than drinking age is just plain too young… It’s awkward when you have to order wine and a coke for your date. Although I’m sure that guy hasn’t got carded since he was 12.

  17. Hmmmm. I’m not sure it’s crossing the line, but some things I don’t want to think about!

    Why must Linda’s boy-toy look a lot like her (same blomde hair)???

    Kinda creepy.

    She’s just in it for the sex, but like you said, “Is it good sex”????????

  18. Hey, whatever blows her skirt up…which I’m sure the 19 year old does for her.

    I think it crosses a line when you look at them and start to puke…other than that, it’s okay.

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