Flakes, Laziness & General Slothlike Behavior


 The avoidance of physical or spiritual work.


For some reason, I got to thinkin about the seven deadly sins the other day. 

I know what triggered it.  I saw “Seven” on IMDB.com.


I hate to think deep and about how much of a flake I really am.

But, this shit tends to happen from time to time. (Thinking that is).

I decided to embrase my evil self for what I am.

In no particular order, I will discuss the reasons I am a SLOTH.

  • I don’t want to put any effort into socializing with my new neighbors.   I find myself hiding when I see her walking her dog outside.  It’s kinda her fault because she always lets her dog shit in my yard, and Im scared I’ll say something evil.  Or is that just an excuse for me not to make an effort??  Hmmm?
  • I’m too lazy to get up on Sunday morning, take a shower, get dressed and go to church.  I’d rather be laying in my cat chair, half asleep until I have to get up and go to my Grandmother’s pad at 1:00.
  • I hate yard work.  It’s all that work for what?  The weeds come back anyway.  That’s why they’re weeds.  I refuse to have flowerbeds anymore.  Easier to just mow over all that crap.
  • I don’t know what the hell I would do without a TV remote.  I’m sure I’d sit and watch whatever happens to be on the channel that is on rather than to actually get up and turn it to something else.
  • Big T bought me a treadmill about a month ago.  I’ve only walked on it like 6 times.  I just can’t make myself get up in the morning.  I’m barely up long enough to make it to work a little late everyday.



18 Responses to “Flakes, Laziness & General Slothlike Behavior”

  1. I would totally say something about the dog shitting in my yard..but I would make a point to go out and talk to her, just so I could.

  2. I’m lazy too, but I’m also motivated by OCD that compels me to complete certain daily tasks. It’s a dilemma!

  3. I was going to leave a really deep comment, but it’s to much work. Sloth is a great Sin.

  4. Oprah’s on a kick about inviting your neighbours over for a party.

    Never gonna happen here.

  5. rantingdiva Says:

    Jam- I say something all the time, gets me nowhere.

    ETW- That happens to me now and then. I ignore it. -=)

    Ron- Oh yah, the bestest one.. well after gluttony and lust of course.

    MJ- Oh hell no. My neighbor is a snatch.

  6. I know how u feel
    well described…

  7. I think you should leave a passive-agressive note about the dog shit on your neighbors mailbox or front door.

    Make someone else walk over there and hang it up though!

  8. I hide from all my neighbors because I’m too lazy to enter into a “lets-be-friends-because-we-live-in-the-same-neighbordhood-but-we-have-absolutely-nothing-in-common-other-than-that” relationship. I’m tired from typing all that now.

  9. Sign me up for being a lazy sloth then too. That list is exactly what I would write. In our last house the people before us had these amazing gardens. I hated them (waaay too much work even if it was pretty) and let the weeds grow over. Then when it got too crazy my husband actually took the mower to the whole garden! The neighbours were outraged at what we had done…but I never did explain myself because I was too busy hiding from them.

  10. I’m feeling super slothful.

  11. I am also guilty of sloth and a number of other sins, which is why I avoid church.

  12. I have a cousin. I went to his house once on Sunday he was layng on the couch, some televangilist was givin ’em hell on the TV. I said WTF? He said man I can’t reach the remote!
    he’s as lazy as me!

    We also have a treadmill, excellent for hanging clothes!

  13. There’s an old bat in my neighborhood who walks her dog like 10 times a day. She just goes out there to spy on the neighbors. I don’t even think it’s a real dog. I think it’s just a stuffed poodle on a leash.

  14. I don’t think that’s sloth.
    I think that’s…


  15. rantingdiva Says:

    Mansi- It’s my general outlook on life.

    Leighann- The boy wants to light dogshit on their front porch… He’s tactical like that.

    RC- Not only am I tired after your comment, I need a drink to toast your ass!! Well said!

    Sassy- I give it a 10!

    Cathouse- Yes, we are two of a kind!

    DL Diva- Don’t ya hate those mortal sins that keep us from an active church social life?? I am a total offender of each and every one of them.

    Sage- We should form a lazy fucker club. I’l be VP.

    Dyck- That bitch next door is the same exact way!!!

  16. I think today I will be………gluttony.

    And if the new neighbor keeps letting her dog shit in your yard you can write about “wrath” next, ‘kay?

  17. Geez, I’m wondering if I wrote this post!

    Sounds just like me. Sloth that I am…


  18. Hey I think the fact that you get up and go to your grandma’s and have ACTUALLY been on the treadmill makes up for all the laziness otherwise… My mom’s old treadmill was a coat rack at best… LOL!

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