Hottie of the Day: Jeffrey Donovan

“When spies get fired, they don’t get a letter from human resources. They get BURNED… ”

Yay! Season 2 starts up in about a month!

Needless to say, I’m chomping at the bit.

Now I’m not so sure about getting burned, but Jeffrey Donovan as Michael on BURN NOTICE give me hot sweats.

I’m honestly not sure what it is about dearest Jeffrey that does it for me.

Maybe its that smile.

Maybe it’s his insatiable wit.

Maybe it’s the fact that he is shirtless a lot of the time…

It’s easy enough for me to go as far as to say, he’s possibly one of the sexiest men I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Whatever it is, HAVE MERCY.

Here’s to you Jeffrey. You make me weak in the knees.


13 Responses to “Hottie of the Day: Jeffrey Donovan”

  1. Believe it or not, I’ve never heard of that show. I don’t know why though. Hmmm …

  2. I totally am in love with Burn Notice and you are right, he is YUMMY….he is most def. 100% lickable-yes I did say LICKable…bring him on….I absolutley adore the shirtless/naked scenes…whatsherface doesn’t know how lucky she is to do those scenes with him or maybe she does….I am shivering with anticipation for season 2!! xo

  3. Eh, not bad…. a little skinny.

  4. Well, I wouldn’t say he’s HOT…but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers either! LOL!

  5. Weak in the knees…moist in the panties….

  6. never heard of that show or that dude.
    scrawny lil fella!

  7. He’s OK, but you haven’t seen me without my shirt on. It totally puts him to shame! LOL

  8. Good. One less woman after my Johnny Depp.

  9. OUCH! My ‘puter just caught on FIRE! Woooooooo!

  10. I’m a straight man and, therefore, have no opinion.

    And you can’t make me have one.

    So there.

  11. Have you been keeping him a secret from me until now???

    I’ve never heard of him!

    Of course, I don’t get out very much these days!

  12. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- There’s a hot chick on that show too, I suggest you check it out.

    PPD- One of the cutest shows on right now!

    TMock- Damn skippy!

    Leighann- Girl, it’s all about the sex appeal!!!!

    RC- I kick anybody out of bed for eating crackers, even him.

    Sassy- You & Me both!

    Sage- USA Network 11:00 Thursday nights.

    Ron- Reow, baby, reow.

    MJ- Don’t jump to conclusions, mamas!! I’ve got a long list of Hotties that will be shared in coming days, weeks, months….

    Olga- OH NO!!

    Moooog- Fair enough. I’ll do hot girls eventually.

    Bella- You gotta check it out. He’s so damn hot!

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