Boobie Links, Banners & Blingies

Well, I’ve been on the road, plane, train…. way too much lately.

And I’ve lagged in offering my BIG ASS heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all y’all who make blogging such a damn fine thing to do with my spare time!

So, without further ado….

Last Monday, Pimp Daddy Sage, well, he went and Pimped My Bloggie!  Why??   Cuz that’s the way he rolls.  Either that or he’s hooked on me cuz he thinks he’s gonna eventually catch a good glimpse of my rack.

He’s an opinionated and rather sexy fella with a legion of women followers.  Like Yoda, maybe? 

Anyhoos, SAGE, thank you, my friend for the pimp and the friendship over the last several months!

You rock, you sexy beast!


Along the lines of boobage, Snarkalicious held a Boob-A-Thon to raise money for her friend Jules who did the Chicago 3-Day 60-mile walk.  She donated $2 for every rack she collected a picture of.

Well, between her, Sage and Rob, they collected $300!   And I won a Breast Cancer Awareness Car Magnet.

Now, she didn’t have to give me a damn thing.  She posted boobies!

You go girl!  That was an awesome thing you did!


I honestly can’t remember how, but one day, not so long ago, I stumbled into Bittersweet Confusion’s world. 

She’s city.  I’m not so much.  She’s from NYC.  I’m from Podunker, TN.

However, the fact that we’re opposites and the fact that she cracks me up keep me running over there.

Anyways, yesterday, I’m sitting at work writing a blog working, and I get the a sweet little gift via email from sweetie pie.   My new banner up there is the artful creation of Bittersweet herself.

Now, I couldn’t make the damn thing fit right, so it doesn’t look as good as I’m sure she intended to….

but it ain’t her fault that my MAD LIFE SKILLS are not in the area of anything technological.

So, thanks, Bittersweet!  I LOVES IT!  I feels loved and special and that, my friends, is a great way to be!


Last week, I asked what people thought about yours truly, in an effort to slap together an upcoming post.

Random Chick not only told me I was cool, but gived me an official seal to prove it!

She says she likes my post titles and I’ve got her believing I’m an asskicker… heh.

Thanks, lil Mama!  When I get blings, I feel like one of them cool kids on the back of the bus!


 So, thanks boys and girls… Every single person who I visit everyday and who pops by here makes my day!

Now I gotta got pee.

13 Responses to “Boobie Links, Banners & Blingies”

  1. hehe
    it is because of your rack for sure!!
    see everyone is lovin on you because you rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    have a good weekend sexy!!
    thanks for the hollar!

  2. Sorry it took me so long to comment I seemed to get distracted when you posted the link to someone that was collecting pictures of boobies….

  3. congrats on all your awards and pimpage! Thats totally awesome and you totally deserve it. Wooot!

  4. I’ve have stated many times on my blog that I am always accepting boobie pics. Or cleavage pics, or booty pics or .. well you get the idea. But nobody has ever taken me up on it. It never occurred to me to make into a charity fund raiser. That’s brilliant.

  5. I too love your post titles even when they promise Boobies but don’t deliver 😦 , and you are full of coolness… and apparently pee 😉

  6. your blog is pimpalicious.

  7. You DO have the BEST post titles Diva!…or should I say; You DO have the BREAST post TITles Diva!?!
    And YAY for the Boob-A-Thon….a cause close to my heart and always in need of support!

  8. OKay, I got lost for a minute or two on the boob picture collecting link, but I am back now. Congratulations on your awards and your new banner. Looks pretty cool.

  9. you really do have the best titles…and olga’s comment is killing me with laughter

  10. Awesome header! That 3-day idea rocks! I walked in the Seattle 3-day last year. It was really hard to raise that money, so kudos to her for a great idea, and good for you for supporting her.

  11. Hello, fellow pimpette! Thanks for dropping by today. Seems I did you in, eh?

  12. You ROCK and you know it! Don’t ever let anyone tell you different…if they do, kick their ASS! LOL!

  13. You’re very welcome my dear. Sorry for the late comment but I was away for a week. I’m not familiar with WordPress but Email me and I’ll try to help you resize it.

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