Ghosts, Ghouls & Getting the Pee Scared Outta Me

Since I was last visiting the greater Boston area during the season of the BIG DIG, in which I managed to get lost, go through the same toll booth 4 times, get laughed at by said toll booth operator to finally make it to Beacon Hill….

I have changed my opinion.

Boston is not, in fact, the armpit of these Great United States.

Quite the contrary actually.   As long as I don’t have to drive there I will claim it to be a lovely city with super nice people.

Accept the people driving.  They sucked.

Anyhoo.  Onward and upward with the trip.

In my opinion, there is no better way to see any given city as a tourist, but to go on some cheesy ass tourist tour, so that everybody knows that you are, in fact, a tourist.

That’s exactly what me and OG did.  OG is my travel buddy and workplace superior for those of you not yet in the know.

We decided that the average tour wouldn’t do.  We wanted to know the seedy, dirty history behind the city of Boston.

What better way to do that than to go on the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour???? 

Yah, that’s what we thought too.

You start out by getting your little ticket and your little sticker that shows you’ve got the right to be on the trolley of death from these goofy fuckers…

The chick was actually pretty cool.  She kept on cracking a big ass whip.  I have to be honest.  It was quite the turn on.

Then, you follow up by placing the sticker on your being. 

Me being me, I chose to adorn my rack.  Because flashing is just the way I roll, baby.

Diva's boobs cleavage rack tits

After stategically placing the sticker on ones clothing, one then boards the Trolley of Death…

Yay!  So, from there, this trolley cavorts around Boston with the whip crackin chick telling all kinds of cool ghost stories… Boston Massacre, Boston Strangler, the Omni Parker House room 303….

Then came the Graveyards… and this fella who was the hostess with the mostess… 


John Hancocks grave (please note the penis shaped stone… wonder if back in the day that was a way of compensating for something?)

Anyways, so, the chick with the whip shows back up and hides behind some poor unsuspecting tourist during the end of the last ghost story told by creepy guy in the graveyard. 

The deal was to scare the piss out of said tourist. 

She sneaks up and at the opportune moment, screams at the top of her lungs.

Well, it turns out, I was her target.  Until I turned around and saw her ass standing there.

So, she scoots behind OG, screams like a banchee…

And nothing.  If OG had ball, they would be made of cast iron.

This is OG.  Not scared.

I, on the other hand, knew it was coming, and I still almost pissed myself.

What a candy ass.


More Boston stories soon. 

I need to go pee.

17 Responses to “Ghosts, Ghouls & Getting the Pee Scared Outta Me”

  1. haaaaaaaaaaaa
    sounds like fun!!!!!!!!!!!
    I linked your boobage too btw!!

  2. That sounds awesome, I totally want to go!

  3. Ghosts and gravestones tour in Boston would totally rock.

    And OG looks the exact opposite of scared. LOL !!!

  4. Sounds like a really fun tour.


  5. That sounds totally fun!! I would so do that in a heartbeat.

  6. I love it….sometimes a good scare makes for one hell of a good laugh…sounds like you had a decent time…other than the idiot drivers and getting lost! xo

  7. Being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the US (that’s actually what they call themselves), my town has over 20 different ghost tours. No lie. During the day it looks like any normal city, but with a large fort at the end of it, and at night it looks like goth fest. 🙂

  8. That sounds like a really cool tour! Fun!

  9. You see I get scared by anything jumping out at me… One day my boyfriend I was playing peekaboo with my niece and after long while with my eyes covered my BF decides to place himself 2 cm from my face so when I uncovered my eyes, I screamed bloody murder while my niece yucked it up… She’s 5 months.. I’m thinking she’ll be very interesting when she’s older.. She’ll probably don a whip or two… LOL!

  10. Sounds like fun. I like to flash my rack too. Great racks unite!

  11. That looks totally fun!

  12. Hey Diva… Email me .. I have something you might like but I don’t see your email anywhere here. Thanks!

  13. I love to go on those night tours…the one in Charleston is great too!

  14. Sounds like fun. Of course those things are always fun.

  15. What a cool tour, I bet next time you do something like that you’ll wear Depends heh heh 😉

  16. That totally sounds like something me and Punch-Drunk would do!! I love it that OG didn’t even flinch. That is so me too. 🙂 LOL.
    Did you get to see to Omni Room 303? That would trip me out. There’s an ax murder house in Iowa that we’re gonna check out someday. Google it…the story alone freaks me the eff out!!

  17. rantingdiva Says:

    Sage- You rock! Glad you linkie the boobie, lol!

    Leighann- Come with me on my next trip. We have good time!

    Jay- I was the one who flipped,lol. She no scardy cat!

    Edge- Total blast!

    Ron- We all go next time!

    PPD- Yah, I have the ability to find fun and/or chaos!

    Tink- Girl, I’m heading your way!

    Groovy- Oh yah, it were indeed!

    BSC- Girl…. you brought a tear over here!

    ETW- We should go to Mardi Gras… Create flash session!

    Cathouse- Amazingly fun accept the peeing in my pants!

    Mushy- Charleston was awesome and so was New Orleans!

    Mike- You gots that right!

    Truckindog- I came home and bought stock in Depends!

    Michelle- Me, you and PD need to hang out, pencil me in!

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