Trade Shows, Tacky Suits & Tourist Traps

Ok kids. 

So, I’m out of town again.

Where is Diva, you may be wondering to yourself…

BOSTON, baby!

That’s right.  I’m in Boston, where I’m not sure if they have an accent or if it’s me and my disgustingly thick southern accent just sounds even more sickningly southern.

Anyways.  I’m at a supercool tradeshow and I’ve jacked this computer from the boy that I’m working with.  He’s been duct taped and hidden behind our display for now.

I can’t wait to tell ya’ll about all the cool crap I’ve done since Sunday.  I’ve worn 3 tacky business suits and ate more convention center food than I care to remember.

But, I must digress.  I scarfed some mighty damn tasty clam chowder at Legal Sea Food last night.

Lord willing and the crick don’t rise, I’ll be home Thursday and I’ll be ready to regale you all with my atempts to be jailed in this very fine city. 

It’s harder to get thrown in jail in Boston that it is in Huntsville, Alabama.

Who woulda thunk.

PS, thanks Sage for the pimpin!  I’ll hit ya up when I get home.   The boy has escaped the duct tape!

xxoxo  to all ya’ll.

18 Responses to “Trade Shows, Tacky Suits & Tourist Traps”

  1. Have fun girl! Better go re duct tape that boy.

  2. The question is…what to do with the boy while he’s ‘tied’ up…

  3. Boston? Wicked cool! Be sure to hit a real Irish Pub and have a big bowl of Irish Stew or Shepherd’s Pie and throw back a few pints of Guinness!

  4. Oh I LOVE Boston…we almost moved there back in 1999 but it was too damn cold for me.

    Have some more chowda for me! Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

    Safe travels!!!

  5. Iether you used cheap shit Duct Tape (not Nascar approved) or you just don’t have enough expierience in kidnapping or sexual bondage…I’m bettin on the cheap shit Duct Tape. 😉

  6. Legal Seafood, Tradeshows, wacky Boston accents . . . what could be better!

  7. How do YOU know how hard it is to get thrown in jail in Huntsville, Alabama? Hmmmm?????

  8. I shall await your return on Thursday with bated breath.

  9. You’re in my neck of the woods!!

    Go see a Sox game…you won’t regret it.

    The other team will, but f*ck ’em.

    Hold up a sign with my name on it and, preferably, some type of innuendo.

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Have a Great Time In Boston! Miss you already!

  11. Hurry up and get back already….I want to hear the scoop….enjoy xo

  12. ok sexy I wondered where you went!!!
    glad ur havin a big ole time!!

  13. I love Boston…I’m headin’ for the Big Apple soon…I’m sure I won’t like it half as much.

  14. Yes …. I would like some womens jail photos. 😉

  15. Bring me back some Boston baked beans. They’re good for my colon.

  16. rantingdiva Says:

    Jam- As it turns out duct tape is a wonderful creation. He still isn’t moving.

    Sassy- Out of sight out of mind. He’s in the closet.

    Jay- We like the Irish Pubs. Mr. Dooley’s on Broad St. is way cool!

    Random- Cold sucks. Boston is pretty ok without snow tho.

    Truckindog- Cheap tape, most likely.

    Riff- It was amazing and I love those accents. Just precious.

    Olga- If I tell you, you’d be there with me.

    Ron- I’m back, baby. Breathe, breathe 🙂

    Moooog- I looked for you everywhere, bitch. I flashed at the Sox game.

    Meleah- I missed all, ya’ll too!

    PPD- Stories & pix of my rack coming right up.

    Sage- I didn’t know I was going til I was there.

    Mushy- Me loves NYC muy mucho.

    Speedcat- Next time I land in the pokie, I’ll take my camera.

    Dyck- You have explosive diarhea anyway, don’t you?

    Groovy- Thanks!!!

  17. Damn, and all this time I thought you were ignoring me. Turns out you were in Boston.

    Really sorry to hear that.

    No, seriously. Boston is a fine town.

    Naturally, I kid.

    The place sucks.

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