The Sunsphere, Sandy Buttcracks & The Mile High Club

So, lets start with an update of my current life mood.  Still sucks, but somehow I’m sure you knew that already, no? 

Oh boo, Miss Negativity.  The silver lining here is from my moods come plenty of silly stuff to bullshit about. 

Anyways, my BFF Holly asked me the other day whilst we were sitting around doing absolutely nothing, as that’s what people do on a long weekend, where are some of the places I’ve, ya know… gotten lucky..

So, without further ado… a list…


  •  On a trampoline in my backyard.  Yah, that was big fun. *rolls eyes*.  It was accidental, we were watching a meteor shower.. and ooops.  Momentum runs right past ya when the bounce gets goin’.  Severe concusion as a result smacking heads together from momentum.  I DO NOT suggest.
  • On the World’s Safest Beach, Carpenteria, California.  Oh yah, this one was yet another absolutely brialliant idea.  Unless you advance plan & have a blanket/towel, or are extraorinarily  talented and can do it standing up in the sand…. the beach is a sucky idea.  Did you know it’s nearly impossible to get the sand out of one’s buttcrack…  and that walking after sand is down one’s crack is as painful as sandpaper down one’s suit?  Trust me on this one.  It is.

  • The Santa Barbara Bowl.  September 1999. One of my good friends called me in August to tell me Santana would be playing on my b-day and what better way to celebrate but to fly my ass out there and go to the concert with him.  CAN.DO.  Now, before this trip to visit, “A” had never been anything more than a friend.

          Well, the day of the concert, my b-day, we were *smokin up* & shootin Jack.  We got to the Bowl and were movin and groovin to the tunes of Carlos Santana.  After the music, when everybody was filing out of there, we snuck into the wooded area by the stage and had a drunken frenzy.

  •  The Mile High Club Baby!  On a long, overnight flight from Atlanta to Frankfurt Germany.  Damn right, baby!  I’m an official member of the Mile High Club.  But, don’t get your panties in a wad just yet.  It ain’t as glamorous as one might think.  Even on a 747m the space in the bathroom is cramped as all hell.  And although I didn’t come out with a blue stained pant leg from getting stuck in the toilet like Ellen Griswold in Vegas Vacation… it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.


So, there it is.  Tell me, where is the most unusual or public place you’ve ever done the nasty??

18 Responses to “The Sunsphere, Sandy Buttcracks & The Mile High Club”

  1. I sound boring compared to you. A hot tub at a bed and breakfast. No one has really wanted to have sex outside with me. Oh, wait. I did have sex in the Pulaski River outside Glenn Rose, Texas. And I always thought that on a boat on a lake would be fun.


  2. rantingdiva Says:

    No, you don’t sound boring. Sadly, those are highlights from a well lived past 🙂

  3. How about the back of a motorcycle, behind a McDonalds Restaurant, on the way to Bike Week?

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  5. On a life guard tower in Huntington Beach, CA…in the back of a limosine on the way to a bar…does giving a BJ while someone’s driving count???

    Man, I’ve wanted to be a member of the Mile High Club…never got the nerve to do that. It does seem like it would be a little cramped but at least you can say you did it!!!

  6. I’m amazed you didn’t give yourself a concussion on a trampoline …

    And I leave it at that … lol

  7. How bout with her leaned over holding onto a dumpster out behind a restaurant? Yeah, I’m all class. I only take my babes to the nicest of places. 😉

    Oh yeah, and in a private lap dance room in a strip club called Midway in Oklahoma City, but that’s to be expected. 😉

  8. rantingdiva Says:

    Trish- Yum, sex on a bike. Now that would take talent!

    Random- No, BJs don’t count. Sex in a limo is rockin hot tho!

    Mark- Hmph. You’re my inner circle, pal. I can’t believe you just said that.

    Jay- Now why can’t I find a man like you? Nothing like gettin some outside of Long John Silvers. Oh yah, you weren’t supposed to tell about the strip club… I thought that was our little secret.

  9. I gotta try that sunsphere thing…:))) I have done the sand up the butt crack thing..she liked it on top..:))))

    here’s the code for the book ..thankyou

  10. In the ladies room at a bar.

    Yeah, pitiful I know, but things just got the best of me that night.

  11. The boat dock just below Davis Dam in Laughlin NV. at 3:00 AM, it was Nov. it was cold no blanket, cold wooden dock deck, splinters in her ass splinters in my knees but I didn’t feel any pain untill after the pleasure 🙂

  12. Her mother’s couch with mother and daddy home.

    On a dirty bed separated only by a sheet (drunk in ‘Nam).

    In the other bed in a motel room shared by another couple.

    In her bed while a raging party was going on in the next room and the door kept opening and closing (takes concentration).

    In a photographic darkroom where I used to work while she sat on a stool!

    In her bed while her EX boyfriend beat on the side of the trailer (more concentration)!

    On a GI blanket on a bluff overlooking the other hikers wondering around below!

    With her in a swinging basket rotating above me.

    With my EX day after her wedding.

    The rest is pretty straight forward…some doggy style and involved cars, floors, tables, etc.!

  13. I think you should go on a reunion tour.

  14. I once had sex with two women in a church confessional during Easter Mass. Wait…. Oh, that was just a fantasy I guess I got nothing interesting.

  15. I am full of morals and standards.

    I want to be a member of the Mile High Club!!!!

  16. On the concrete steps going to the Kanawha River. Had back scrapes to prove it. I also wouldn’t recommend underwater Eros. Or anything in a Fiat.

  17. Tell me, where is the most unusual or public place you’ve ever done the nasty??

    Um. Geez. Im not all that brave. Probably the car. which is so very lame.

    *hangs head in sexual shame*

  18. I was teenager at the time and the bravest spot was on the front lawn of our highschool right across the street from the police station or we had a thing also for doing it in church parking lots. xo

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