Insomnia, Silicone & World Record Boobage

As usual, I couldn’t sleep the other night.

Insomniac Alert!  So, I get up and put it on Fox News.  I love Red Eye.  As the name implies, this is a show that is on in the middle of the night. 

Since the time frame is one where most kids aren’t up and listening, they tend to be lax and extremely sarcastic with regard to most of the subject matter covered.

Anyways, so I sitting there and I am in disbelief as they discuss Booooobs


disgusting huge boobs


There’s a chick in Texas who is wanting to have bigger tits. 

You know them Texans… gotta have the biggest everything.

BUT, that’s not the catch.

The catch is that this sister has already had EIGHT, yes EIGHT, upgrades to her boobage.

They are already noted in Brazil’s version of World Records as the Biggest Tits Ever.

huge tits

But she wants them bigger.  TRIPLE F (fff) just ain’t big enough.

Imagine this…  she already has two quarts of GOO in her.  And not good GOO either…

The kind of GOO that if it leaks is going to turn her entire being into plastic as the GOO mixes in with her blood.

fake tits

When they asked her why the hell she’d keep fillin ’em up she said:

“I want to look better each day, every day,” the 28-year-old model told the TV station. “Everybody’s got a dream inside, you know? And, it’s good when you can make your dream come true.”

Shaaaaa, right.  Dream on, you ditz.

It’s been 13 years since I had cried back pain to get my boobies to a more managable D-cup.  To accomplish it, they removed 7.6 POUNDS of boobie fat… 

I can’t even fathom the back and neck pain this chick is gonna endure in the years to come…

The State of Texas is saving her from herself as the law in Texas states that there is a limit in the amount of silicone allowed. 

I guess, as long as her happy dreams are coming true.


While we’re on the subject of boobs, tits, ta-ta’s, racks, milk jugs…..   Check this chick out:


24 Responses to “Insomnia, Silicone & World Record Boobage”

  1. I don’t think she wants to look better, I think she wants to get over some feeling about herself being inadequate. It’s sad. The chick on the video is actually this from Celebrity Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

    And we do like things bigger in Texas, but not that big. And can you imagine if she took those out what her “natural” breasts would look like?


  2. As a guy I will say that I like boobs. I like large, small and average sized one’s (or should I say sets?), but once you get past the D range they begin to lose their attractive aspect to me. Go very far past that and it’s more of a sideshow attraction sort of quality. I agree that it really say’s a lot about her not feeling good enough about herself.

  3. Yeah, I saw that fff bitch on some other show. I like boobs, but that is ridiculous. I had also seen that video too. Someone sent it to me a while back. I wouldn’t want to piss that woman off.

  4. I’m right there with ya…I WISH I could get my DDs down to a B or something. I think the GOO has leaked into her grey-matter and she’s not functioning on all cylinders. What a wack-job!!

  5. I heard about that chick too! When I mentioned it to Hoop he said that any boob big enough to suffocate a man is just too much. So I guess men DO have a line. 😉

  6. I NEED a reduction!! I kinda resemble that chick, minus the muscle shirt, 80’s hair, and well the beer cans.

  7. OMG, that is UNBELIEVABLE!

    No thanks!

    And that video…ouch!

  8. they are taking the saying “size does matter” too seriously!

  9. that’s gotta hurt…there is to much of a good thing…:)))

  10. CSD why can’t you let a chick dream?

  11. Ooooohhhhh!!!! The poor BRA! That’s blatent bra abuse!

  12. I get dibs on being the personal boob-handler.

    Someone’s gonna have to help her get around.

    Might as well be me.

  13. Suddenly…. mine don’t seem so big!!

  14. rantingdiva Says:

    Edge- I don’t wanna think about how they’d look. It scares me.

    Ron- I like boobs too, brother, but for goodness sake. I agree with you and Edge, it’s a self image thing.

    Mike- I bet she could do some serious damage. That hurts my ta-ta’s just lookin at it!

    Random Chick- I had a boob reduction in 1995 and would still love to be even a ‘C’ cup. That would be wonderlicious.

    Tink- Never thought about that. Hoop has a good point.

    Jam- Yah, I’d do it again… One more time just to be a ‘C’ before I die.

    Bella- Yah, I cringed too.

    Solitare- You got that right!

    Robert- I think so too. I mean bigger than a melon…

    Sage- She can dream all she wants. I just think it’s freaky teaky.

    Olga- Do they even make bras that size?

    Moooog- She would bury you, doll!

    Leighann- I was thinkin the same thing over here.

  15. OMG, I am all for making yourself feel better and getting a boob job if you so choose, but my God there has to be a limit.
    The whole crushing the cans w/her boobs video is disgusting….hello white trash…wow.

  16. When I was kid, there was this “Hurricane Annie” joke that this lady could be the real deal for. Part of the joke was where she’d beat the guys face with her tits saying, “And these are the coconuts hitting you on the head from the hurricane.”

  17. OMG is right! That ought to shake things up!

  18. buffalodickdy Says:

    I can see myself down at the Med Center explaining how I got my concussion….

  19. Yeah, my husband came home telling me about the triple F’s after hearing all about it on a radio show. We had to google her and find pics. 🙂

  20. Ok… perhaps some of that goo has leaked into my brain. I got my girls lifted and added a little of the goo. I am still not happy with my 40Fs and sometimes I think that the “goo” is addictive. I guess this woman would be definite proof of that, huh?

  21. Why won’t you let her have her dream?

  22. rantingdiva Says:

    PPD- Painful is more like it… That had to hurt!

    Riff- Bwaahahhahahahaha, that’s rich!

    Mushy- I’m sure it does, my man!

    Buffalodickdy- And I’d love to be a fly on the wall.

    Groovy- Yah, I found ’em too, larger that life.

    Tracy- I’m all for the girls having a lift, but FFF???

    Angry- Because I’m Master of the Universe and it’s my perogotive to be a catty bitch 🙂

  23. That chick is really fucked up in the head. Good luck to her carrying around GALLONS of Silicone. Those puppies are going to be very heavy

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