Cockroaches, Chicken Blood & Rusty Equipment

Catchy post title? 

I’m squeemish as hell.   And I’m gaggin right now.  So I thought I share it with all y’all.

This post is a public service to those of you kids who hang out in Knoxville. 

For the rest of you, it’s a heads up.

It happens every-damn-where.

Yah.  Well, if you’re gaggin now, it only gets better from here.

(Note to self:   watching the news…. it only makes me sick and worried).

As a rule, it’s smart to know and accept that what goes on behind a kitchen door at Any Restaurant USA, is just icky. 

I just happened to catch a segment on the local news the other day about how many of the restaurants in Knoxville are filthy, disgusting, health hazards scoring extremely low, if not failing altogether, on their pop health inspections.   

Anything below a 70 is failing, by the way.  Amazing how many there are.

So, I figure, why not share.  If it’s happening here, I’m sure it’s happening at your local haunts.


Numero Uno on the Gag me with a Spoon List is:  TEXAS ROADHOUSE.

Oh. My. God.  They FAILED.  Like 45 out of 100 failed.

Here’s the rundown of their filth.  Rat shit in the pantry closet.  Employee rubbing his  face and then continued making food.  I can only imagine he was diggin for gold, but they didn’t come out and say it.  Food not kept at safe temperatures. Can you say curdled sour cream?

booger picker licker


Dos Gross Place is:  Sakkio Japan 

Y’all are gonna love this.  Inspectors found la cocarochas in the rice bags.  Just crawling around in it.  Bags of sugar (50 lb) were left on the floor around the prep area and chicken blood ran all over it.  Since there is no hand sink in the kitchen area that spews forth hot water, nobody there was washing their hands properly.  Yummy, huh?

big nasty cock roach

Thankfully, the inspector made those pathetic nasty asses toss out nearly 100 pounds of food and goods.


Filth Bucket #3: Mandarin House

I suppose what bothers me most is the fact that this place has been voted Knoxville’s Best chinese place for many moons.  I personally have thought they suck big furry balls since I went and they tried to pass off spaghetti noodles for Lo Mein noodles.    Not cool.

Now to find out they are just the most disgusting of the disgusting with the lowest score ever in the history of Knoxville…..  a 37.

Rundown of the asshattery at this place:  Dipshit drops raw chicken on the floor, looks around, slings it in the pan and cooks it.  Fried food was dripping onto chicken in the freezer.  The whole place has moldy ceilings (an athsma attack waiting to happen).  Again, they found roaches scurrying around the dishroom.


I’d share more, but quite frankly I’m getting the heebie jeeebies just thinking about eating and it’s getting mighty close to lunch time. 

Hungry yet?


23 Responses to “Cockroaches, Chicken Blood & Rusty Equipment”

  1. The reminds me….

    There’s a restaurant close by where we moved to that shut down due to a score of 15.


    Yes, 15.

  2. tweber833 Says:

    Eww! So grossed out by all of that!

  3. sweetie I have been outback in the kitchen of some of the finest hotels and restaurants in North America..I have seen it all.:)))

  4. I’m gonna pretend I never read this, thanks Diva.

  5. I’m a firm believer in not knowing. If we knew every disgusting detail we would never eat out again and I just can’t have that. So I live in the world of everything is all good as long as the food in front of me is not moving.

  6. When I lived in San Antonio I always hated it when the restaurant scores came out. I knew all my favorite taco stands would all get shut down for a a few days. Happened every time. So annoying.

  7. What are you trying to do to me?

    I may never eat out again…

  8. My ex-BIL is an electrician and there are certain places he wouldn’t eat. I don’t blame him. I worked for a city and was asked to post restaurant scores on the web for the inspectors and the public. Most places made in the 80s but a few just kept failing. Lots of cities post restaurant scores. Thing is it’s not always the name you think. And corporate kitchens get checked too and end up on the lists.


  9. As a former cook for a restaurant (actually, three of them), let me tell you that I’m surprised I still eat out.

    Ignorance is bliss…trust me here.

    For your reading pleasure:


  10. Um. I will never be able to Eat Out EVER AGAIN.

    Ugh. That was NASTY.

    (yet ever so informative!)

  11. honeywine Says:

    I hate SWEEPS! Ugghh…I can barely suck it up and go to restaurants as it is. I’m starting to get a major “Monk” complex! As it is I prefer places where I can see into the kitchen or where the kitchen is so small that the manager can see everything like at Sonic drive-in. Please don’t tell me anything bad about Sonic. I couldn’t take it.

  12. Icky poo poo

    I worked in a restaurant for quite some time, luckily I never had to deal with cockroaches but I’ve seen some pretty nasty fungus growing on mystery meats and veggies.

    I’ve also seen some pretty nasty items dropped into food. Both on purpose and by accident.

  13. Gross! You know, it does happen everywhere. We have a little segment on our local news that does “behind the scenes” restaurant reports. I try to avoid it.

  14. Barf out!

    I try not to think of this whenever we go out to eat…I figured what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Like, if we were ever stranded or had to act out “Survivor” we’d be okay…gag!!!

  15. rantingdiva Says:

    Slick- Dayum. They must’ve been making booger & roach stew.

    TWebber- You & Me both.

    Robert- I don’t even wanna know. I’m so grossed out already!!

    Truckindog- Anytime, Brother. 😀

    Ron- I’m never watching the news again!

    Jay- The best Tacos come from the roach coaches.

    Fab- Yes, we both will…. just don’t think about it.

    Edge- I have to admit to seeing lots of high scores too… those are the places I’ll haunt from now on.

    Moooog- Now I’m really scared.

    Meleah- I’ll forget it soon enough, I’m sure.

    Honey- Actually, the Sonic’s around here did remarkably well.

    Leighann- Uh….. ewwwww.

    ETW- I’ll never watch it again.

    Random Chick- Yah, with all the crap I’m sure we consume, rabies and other stuff stand no chance.

  16. Wanna know what the scary thing is?

    The rat droppings and cockroach findings means they were ABOVE acceptable levels. Yes… there is an acceptable amount of rat droppings and cockroach’s because of the fact that it is an eatery and those two creatures are rarely inevitable in such a place.

    So even the restaurant’s that passed? They have it too… just not as much…

  17. Why am I not surprised about Texas Roadhouse? I have to admit that there was a time when I ate there a lot, but in my defense, I was almost always drunk when I did.

    No, I take that back. I was always drunk.

  18. A local Chinese place was closed down because they found cat pelts in the dumpsters out back. Tastes like chicken……

  19. Thank God you can “SEE” the taco bell kitchen. Ha haa!!!!!!

    I sent you an email, if you did not get it … it’s because I can’t figure out exactly what yours is. I am not the smartest branch on the tree. – send one to me and I’ll reply. I am just a man you know 🙂


  20. I never watch those segments on the news. Sometimes they tell me things about my favorite restaurant that I was happier not knowing. Usually they tell me the ice machine was dirty and I find myself thinking, “big fucking deal.” Other times they find dead people in the freezer. I guess this is the main difference between Memphis restaurants and the rest of Tennessee, though. Dead people seems to be mostly a Memphis thang.

  21. DIVA!!!

    Your “Dear Moog” letter is finally up.


  22. rantingdiva Says:

    NYCWD- I know, makes me wanna yak.

    Mike- I was shocked and appauled that you almost lied to me and said almost…… you saw the errr before you posted it though… Good job.

    Al- Here too. They proved it was kitty. Fuckers.

    Speedy- Taco Hell and Subway are semi-safe.

    Steve- Memphis has dead guys in the freezer, dayum!

    Moooog- It’s about damn time!

  23. interesting that all the zoo concessions ranked high!

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