Spiked Soup & Nekkid Sunbathing

How in the world something like this happens in this day and age is no secret.  In the story from ananova.com below it appears somebody helped everybody have a very, very good time.

Police in Russia are investigating after pupils stripped off, climbed walls or lay on the floor laughing after their school dinners were spiked with drugs.

The teenagers – aged 13 to 15 – were given ecstasy in their soup and drinks at their school in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in eastern Russia.

Teachers said it was as if the school had turned into “a lunatic asylum” after lunch.

Doctors called in said the pupils were showing signs of intoxication and prosecutors later found traces of ecstasy.

Tatyana Kutuzov, spokeswoman for the Sakhalin prosecutor’s office, said: “An investigation is underway after our experts established that the water contained traces of opiates and amphetamines, which are known components of the drug ecstasy.”

What I wanna know is why shit like this didn’t happen when I was in school?  We woulda had a blast.

extasy ecstacy

I’m sure I would have been buck ass nekkid on top of the building.  Without a doubt.

But that didn’t happen.  The closest thing we got to a real buzz was the day my daddy busted us sucking down Neer Beer.

18 Responses to “Spiked Soup & Nekkid Sunbathing”

  1. The Russians have a way of mass everything. Remember when they had the hostages in the theater and they gassed the place? It’s communism, EVERYONE needs to have fun.


  2. YEAH! Why couldn’t our crappy school food be laced with Esctacy?!

    The only thing we got to do was stuff our faces full of Hostess Fruit Pies with “real fruit filling.” We were all strung out on sugar, but not like those kids in Russia!!!

  3. Those Russians sure know how to party.

  4. When I was in jr. high we had one dude who suddenly pulled off his pants in the cafeteria and started running around the room screaming and laughing. It was pretty funny. Well, his parents sending him to rehab and then military school wasn’t so funny, but at the time I was enjoying it quite a bit. 😉

  5. What I wanna know is why shit like this didn’t happen when I was in school? We woulda had a blast.


    I wish someone would do that to all of the employees in my office….Now THAT would be a sight to see.

  6. X pills are the business. I used to get down like that a couple of years ago. They are a natural aphrodisiac. Trust.

    I can only imagine how those 13-15 years felt. LOL.

  7. Nothing like that ever happened at my school either. I found the joys of acid on my own during senior year. LOL.

  8. We had streaking, but that was pretty much a one person event. Although there were a few occasions when it was done as a group.

  9. Right?! LOL. It would have been great at 15 to have a legitimate excuse for being “high” on something. I just can’t believe someone wasted their own X on someone else!

  10. You STILL have THE BEST post titles! 🙂

  11. Imagine being the one that DID NOT have lunch … WHOOAA!!

    I loved our last Taco Bell Battle. Interested in another contest?? You pick the topic / Scenario???? 🙂

  12. Can’t wait to find out who it was that spiked the food…….was it Gorbachev, Brezhnev, or the net-headed lunch “lady” that looks like she could be a member of a circus sideshow? Don’t forget to fill us in!

  13. Ah, good times…

    =) Bella

  14. I so wish those extra-carricular activities had been funded by the school back in my day.

    I’d probably be rich today.

    Or more normal….

    Your call.

  15. I didn’t need the extacy I needed one of these teachers that screws the kids!!

  16. LOL….right on, right on sista….it is amazing….I love it, near beer, I so remember those days….LOL. xo

  17. Probably would have beat my usual quart of beer at lunch!

  18. honeywine Says:

    Our class was the crazy ass/fun class, and that was just with alchohol and a little Mari J. Add ecstasy to that and I don’t know where we would have gone. We were already responsible for paddling a teacher and locking one up in a closet.

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