Terrorists, Rocket Scientists & Speed Racers

I find myself wondering why some people do the things that they do which in turn result in an untimely death of said person.

And with all of my deep thoughts of whys and hows, and with trying to come up with some super interesting reason,

I’ve decided it’s simply a case of natural selection.

Let’s take un momento to analyze how I have come to this conclusion.

Example 1-  The jackass from Iraq who mailed a letter bomb, which was returned to him for insufficient postage.

The bomb blew.  He’s dead.

Why? Natural selection.

Somebody stupid enough to be mailing letter bombs in the first place should get blown up by some means. The fact that it was by his own bomb makes it epic.

Example 2-  The rocket scientist who decided to ride a jet-ski off of Niagara Falls, hit the home-made rocket to shoot him over the past the falls, and get picked up upon landing.


What kind of dork puts a plan like that into motion? I seriously wonder what the last thing he thought was….

“Oh shit, Batman, this ain’t gonna work!?!?!”


Hello, natural selection. Somebody stupid enough to go over Niagara Falls in the first place hasn’t go enough common sense to walk and chew at the same time… Natural selection.

Luckily, this guy didn’t have time to procreate any offspring as he was too busy making dud rockets.

Example 3-  In the not so distant past, most of the railroad crossings here in the United States didn’t have any kind of warning system in place to warn motorists that a train was coming.

As if looking to your left and seeing that 118 tons (give or take) of steel, bolts, nuts, and steam barreling down the tracks isn’t enough to tell you a train is coming, idiot.

So, local governments nationwide began putting up railroad crossing signals.

You know, you’ve seen them… the flashing red lights on either side of the road, the huge bar that drops down blocking an idiot motorist from getting to close to the tracks, the loud bells that scream “dang, dang, dang”… right.

So, these precautions are in place for what reason?



They are in place for people who are too blind, or too careless to see that 118 tons of death on a track is coming right at them at possibly 50 MPH.

However, the epitome of stupidity is the motorist who is just so sure he/she can make it around that huge arm barrier to the other side of the track before that 118 tons of death on a track gets to them. Ooops, doesn’t work out quite so well every time.

One such occurrence in Silicone Valley, CA, shows us that regardless of all the bells and whistles in place, some people are just too ignorant to think can be smited from this Earth.

Natural selection? I think so.

I suppose I would hate to do something really stupid that resulted in death. Seriously. If you don’t want to die of a deadly cocktail of drugs, hello… don’t do the cocktail of drugs.

If you don’t want to die by hitting the water/rocks at 100 MPH, don’t jump, rocket, Jet Ski, boat, or swim over Niagara or any other falls.


If you don’t want to go down in your family history as the moron who tried to beat up the train, don’t try to out run the train…

Pretty simple, kids.


19 Responses to “Terrorists, Rocket Scientists & Speed Racers”

  1. What trips me out is that people can’t “feel” that train coming down the tracks. I know I feel the ground shake from a safe distance when I’m stopped at the crossing rails (we live in an area where trains run your life – i.e. what time is it? Should I take the underpass or cross the rails?). I’ve seen plenty of the “beat the train” morons in my time…. Gahhhh!

  2. I love the jetski idea. That guy could have gotten a prime-time slot on ESPN for that!

  3. Of all the places I’ve lived, Ohio seemed to be the worst for people trying to go around the crossing rail to try to outrun a train. At the time they were really having trouble with it because teenagers seemed to like the thrill of the close call. And, yes, that is natural selection.

    Just like the guy here who was selling his pistol and when the buyer asked if the gun was loaded, he said, “No, see” and put the gun up to his head and pulled the trigger. *kaboom* End of sale. Natural selection, indeed.

  4. Niagara Falls, eh? I’ll bet I could make it . . .

  5. Yeah!! What idiots!!! Excuse me now I must go hop in the shower… hmmm, and I need to fix breakfast. If only I could figure out a way to fix the toast while I was in the shower… Hey I’ve got an idea!!!

  6. People are dumber than anybody. Really …

    I’m glad these people take a break from the gene pool. I would appreciate it more if criminals did the same.


  7. Amen sista!! xo

  8. I’ll even take it down a notch and say “Neuter my Ex.”

    Natural selection? You bet your ass!

  9. You have to love natural selection. It’s so…accurate.

  10. So, if I strap myself to a rocket and try to escape high airline fares ….
    I also like to tempt fate and run nekid in a lightning storm with a large metal pole 🙂

    Hi Diva!!!

  11. mmmm let’s see if we can beat that thundering train going 60 mph…my only question is WHY…must be natural selection…:)))..like the guy that insists on filling his car with a cigarette in his mouth…natural selection…

  12. I can find no flaw in your logic Diva…are you part Vulcan?

    As a Truck driver I have seen many many morons at R/R crossing’s , several times even they have pulled out from behind me into the oncoming lane up to and zig zag through the crossing arms.

  13. Wait, wait….I think I can beat the train THIS time…

  14. rantingdiva Says:

    Jay- I think it should be an extreme sport myself.

    Buzz- Yah, I think it speaks for itself… asshats are complete idiots.

    ETW- I’ve never ever hi-tailed it to get past something big that could squash me, ever.

    PPD- Preach it!

    QG- Oh!! I like that idea.

    Mike- You got that right.

    Speedy- Hi Darlin… did you say run nekkid???

    Robert- Or the chick with a bottle of hairspray and a ciggie hangin off her lip.

    Truckindog- No, I’m just witty 😀

    Fab- Don’t do it! YOU ARE way to brilliant for that.

  15. how funny is example 1? LOL. talk about karma.

    example 2 – that daredevil thrill stuff usually ends up fatal.

    the railroad crossing is another good one. never understood how people died from trains hitting their automobiles. don’t want to find out either. but it would seem as though they had ample warning. i agree.

  16. Those are too funny!

    I love it!

  17. ha ha ha ha…


    Now I am a huge fan of Natural selection.


  18. You MUST have heard of the Darwin Awards, right? I’m sure these idiots have been given the honor of such a dubious award…THANK GOD for natural selection!!!


  19. Hilarious. Yep, natural selection. Too bad it doesn’t work over time. The planet needs an enima.

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