Boobies, Murderers & Sex Changes

Heh, got your attention with that catchy title, huh?

Boobies…. Click here!

It’s a Boob-A-Thon for a great cause.   Snarkalicious and Sage Advice are making donations for each time they get flashed  tastefully done picture of cleavage  rack they get a snapshot of.

So, flash for a good cause.

Ok, I pride myself with the fact that I am so easily amused.  I tend to run across stuff that makes me go… huh?

This dude, err, chick, uh, well I think its still a dude, Robert Kosilek, wants the state of Massachusetts to pay for his sex change surgery.

Um. Yah. He just isn’t happy being a he and isn’t going to be happy living as a he anymore, dammit!



This asshat killed his wife in 1990 after she dumped hot tea on his testicles. I’d probably have dumped hot tea on his testicles too, but I would have run for the hills and not looked back.


Apparently she wasn’t that smart and he strangled her. How I don’t know. I can only assume that if I had hot tea spill on my nuts, I’d be in the fetal position crying like a baby.

Anyhoo. So, this guy has been in jail for murder for many moons. Now, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am all for swift offing of anybody who is a murderer.

I mean, why are we wasting our tax dollars on feeding and showering these folks?

I am not tolerant of blatent evil or being mean for the sake of it (you know the sociopathic types… no thanks).  I think there are way too many murderers, child molesters, and rapists in prison, living the good life, instead of getting a needle in the vein.

And this jack ass wants the state to pay to remove his penis and give him a vagina? If they do it, I hope he gets molested by the biggest, baddest man named Bubba in the prison.

Any Tom, Harry, or Dick in society would be fighting with a multitude of shrinks to get the sex change, not to mention spending a small fortune on the operation itself.

How in the world could his request even have gotten so far as to have made it into court? And not only did it make it into the courts, but an obscene amount of money has been spent on mental evaluations of this guy because he keeps threatening suicide. Good God, let him do it!

Dang, give me the needle or let me have control of the switch, I’ll euthanize him and save the fine tax paying citizens of Mass. a whole lot of money.

24 Responses to “Boobies, Murderers & Sex Changes”

  1. I’ve got a bullet I’m willing to donate to a good cause. It’s PRISON people and I think some people have forgotten that. There need to be a couple prisons actually. One for the less offensive crimes and one for the evil scums of the earth (that is if we don’t fry em right away). The ones for scums of the earth should be like those 70’s prison movies you saw as a kid.

  2. And his reasoning is what, that we OWE him? I don’t think so. I think murderers (who intentionally do it) should be killed in the same way that they killed. If it were up to me, he’d have been put down long ago.

  3. busykitty Says:

    Is he for real???? My goodness the nerve of some people!

  4. I have no words.

  5. Thanks for the pimp and wholeheartedly agree about killing off the asshat murderers. Though, I guess my only concern is when the judicial system fails and they put the wrong person behind bars. What happens when they bump them off and them realize, WHOOPS, wrong one!

  6. I’m with you..I wonder what it costs to keep all of them???…

  7. I consider myself to be a liberal in most areas but when it comes to capital punishment, I say bring it, bitches. Our prison system is disturbingly overcrowded, and I know it costs a lot to kill people with the injections and shit, but I’d rather pay for that than to give these douches three hots and a cot. I know! Why don’t we start sinking our money into crime PREVENTION, government? Yeah. That’s what I thought. So bring the needle, man.

  8. Hell, I want in on that…I’ll donate…for every photo, boobs and face (just so I can tell who it is), of a female blogger that reads my blog! Send’em on!

    I tried to organize a “Buddy Check 10” in my neighborhood and got kicked out of the “Crime Watch” group!

  9. I tried that boobi thing a while back. I never thought of asking for money too. Didn’t work too well. I think this year what I’m going to do is raise the money for breast cancer and say for every pic I’ll donate $1.00.

    And ya that psycho guy’s dead wife should have poured the tea with one hand and then had a kitchen knife in the other. So when he jumped from the table she should have thrust and parried. It’s a whole lot easier to bury a body in the backyard than pay for a sex change.


  10. yeah, I am a pretty liberal guy, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. If the guy doesn’t like being a guy, put his ass in the electric chair and fry his balls off. He deserves nothing less.

  11. I think that flashing is always for a good cause. 😉

  12. As long as you are in a killing mood, I have a list…

  13. Wait…I can just ASK for a vagina?!

    All this time, I’ve been taking women out on dates and sh*t trying to get at one.

    Who knew?

  14. I’m sure they could easily find another prisoner to give him the sex change with a dirty shank. That’ll save TONS of money.

  15. Once his operation is over he will be the “bitch” in the male prison and enjoy it!

  16. “I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am all for swift offing of anybody who is a murderer. I mean, why are we wasting our tax dollars on feeding and showering these folks?”



    (but that hot tea spilled on his twig and berries HAD to hurt…)

  17. Okay…WTF?!

    First the “dude” kills his wife, he gets convicted, he decides while in prison he wants to be a she, and then he/she/it wants the state to pay for it?? Do I have that right? I say once more…WTF?!

    Here’s what needs to happen:

    1) Cut off his nards
    2) Make him/her/it eat the nards
    3) Nuke him/her/it
    4) Make his lawyer and anyone else who was on this dude/chick/its side pay the state all the money wasted on this stupid thing back

    I should be in charge.

  18. Now THAT’S what I call getting teabagged! Am I right people??!

  19. rantingdiva Says:

    Ron- You got my vote, pal!

    ETW- I’ll hold, you cut? Works for me!

    Tink- We don’t owe him shit!

    BusyKitty- He was trying to use up all his ball juice.

    Pam- I, on the other hand, have plenty of words… he’s an asshat!

    Sarah- No, thank you!

    Robert- Every dollar is way too damn much!

    Krissy- You should be Governor for real, girl!

    Mushy- Well hell, you didn’t invite me!!!!

    Edge- I agree with ya, buddy! Cook him.

    Mike- Fried balls smell funny, don’t they?

    Jay- I like flashing, we’re both happy!

    Fab- Really? I wonder if our lists have cross-overs?

    Moooooog35- It’s apparently easier than ya think. Just ask for one.

    Leighann- Girl, now that’s an idea!

    Trish- Oh shit. He’s not allowed to enjoy it… need new solution.

    Meleah- Yah, I’m sure it scalded the boys a lil.

    Random- You, my friend, should run for Prezzie!

    Dyck- Heh. You nasty thing.

  20. well I’m kinda on his side!
    I mean hot tea on the gonadulars????????
    thats worth a killin aint it?
    i mean the testiculars are tender!

    the reason he wants a V-Jag, I hope is because the other inmates have worn his asshole all the way out!!!

    thanks for the link and the pic sexu one………

  21. rantingdiva Says:

    Sage- The nads needed to be wetted.

  22. He’s already got a mangina. He should buy contraband prison hormones like Richard Speck did. That way he can grow the tits, because it’s really all that he’s missing.

    If capital punishment could be both swift and sure, I’d be all for it. The not being swift part (all those damned appeals built-in to each capital sentence) that costs the taxpayers a fortune. It’s cheaper to keep the alive in prison for their entire lives than it is to kill them. In his case it just gives him more time to regret that his sex organs aren’t the double-barrelled joy we gals are blessed with. Besides, in his case, I think it’s a ploy to get sent to women’s prison (where his mangina will no longer receive it’s daily boring).

  23. Yeah it burns my ass that there are so many worthless waste’s of skin sittin in prisons around this country eating up our tax dollars when they should already be DEAD.

    I say we bring back PUBLIC HANGING and clean house on all the death rows in every prison!

    As far as this sex change jackass goes, I’ve got a nice big sharp Bowie Knife and I’d be happy to take care of it for him in one clean swipe…and let the bitch bleed out.

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