Leisure Suits, Bad Tans, Midgets & Ass Slappin

ON DEMAND!!!! Yes!

Every so often I get bored and turn on the boob-tube. As usual, I am sorely disappointed that I pay SATAN Comcast a hundred bucks or so a month for 197 channels on which there is not a damn thing to watch.

However, there is a slight redeeming quality to my personal hate of beelzebub Comcast.

 On-Demand! Yay!

Now where else will one find such an unlimited supply of good stuff?
My joy stems from the fact that I found TubeTime, and this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced such utter happiness.

Today, I found *sniffle, tear* Fantasy Island, my friends!

How could I possibly resist?
Well, what other show can take viewers into the past, into the future, into kinky love affairs?
But wait! That’s not all, folks! Your host for the journey is a sexy dude, with orange skin, a white leisure suit, and a midget!
Some freaky crap went on there on Fantasy Island… Scary, sometimes sinister and criminal things.
You know how warped folks can be when they are fantasizing.
Anyhoo, Mr. Rork, lets these demented people have their freaky fantasy (generally with ill results waiting in the wings), only to step in at the last second and save the day!
At the end of the day, all visitors get a lei and fly off on ZEEEplane.
Wow. On-Demand! You’re my hero.
Olga, the most bodacious bra around, slapped me on the ass and said she wants to see my desktop as it has a half nekkid man on it.  It’s a cute-see-foo-foo memememe.

Here’s the rules:  

Care to play along? Take a screenshot of your desktop at the time you read this

tidying up not allowed (that would be cheating)…then post it with links back to whomever tagged you… but I’m not-a taggin’ anybody.  As always this here mememe is open to anybody that feels like snatchin it.

Now Smile Dammit!

18 Responses to “Leisure Suits, Bad Tans, Midgets & Ass Slappin”

  1. That was a show that came on with Love Boat on Saturday night. If you watched, you had to keep the sound real low, because the only thing more pathetic than watching TV on Saturday night, was for your neighbors to hear you watching Fantasy Island and Love Boat on Saturday night.

    Sadly, I know many of the episodes . . .

  2. Amen to the 197 channels and nothing on. I spend the whole day channel surfing and never find a damn thing worth watching.

    I don’t have access to on-demand, but in my case, pay per view almost works.

  3. actually its 208 channels but who’s counting there is till nothing to watch….:))

  4. I *heart* On Demand! Especially the “Late Night” section! 😉

  5. You know Tattoo was available for rich visitors who were looking to get freaky or live out their fantasies too. LOL 😉

  6. U know, I have never seen one episode of FI ever…It never intrested me when I was young…

    And both them guys looked like child molesters…


  7. Consider yourself tagged ‘n bagged….by a bra!…..AGAIN!

  8. Man, I was never allowed to watch Fantasy Island b/c I couldn’t stay up past Love Boat. Plus, I think it had sexual overtones my mom wasn’t comfortable with. But now, with ON DEMAND, I don’t have to worry! Thanks, Technology!

  9. Screenshot = Open a blank project in whatever program you use for photos (or a blank document in Word)…..then push the button on your keyboard that says “Print Screen” (mine’s on the upper righthand corner)…that will save a copy your desktop…then paste it in your blank photo project/doc (right click, choose paste.) There may even be an easier way to do this but this is how I did it! LOOKIN’ FORWARD to seeing yours! 😉

  10. Where did you get that picture of me?

  11. That half nekkid man has no head! 😉

  12. Godang Diva!
    I’d think you’d at least have the courtesy to ask me beforew putting my pic out there

  13. I Loved Fantasy Island! Although, I did think Tattoo was a little scarey.

  14. I LIVE for On Demand. Its the best way to watch TV marathon style

  15. lol..abt ur desktop…funny pic 😀

    blog updated 🙂

  16. Just realized that “Fantasy Island” never, NOT ONCE, had a threesome scene in it.


    A guy pays to have his fantasy fulfilled, and the guys ask for shit like:

    “I’d like to own a hotel.”

    “Two guys want to become Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.”

    “Becoming King for a Day.”

    Really? You’ve got two guys who can fulfill the ultimate fantasy, and they don’t want to gang it with Charlie’s Angels?!?


    I need to produce my own show.

    It will probably have to air on Cinemax After Dark.

  17. rantingdiva Says:

    Strat- I was a mere kitten during those times and LIVED to watch the back to back on Saturday =)

    Mike- Tell me, honestly, what exactly do you watch on pay-per-view, hmm???

    Robert- I went home and counted, and damn if you’re right!! I was off!

    Leighann- My ears perked like a chihuahua sensing a stranger… I never knew there was such a thing.

    Jay- I’m sure Tattoo saw his fair share of freaky action, but always got cut from air.

    FFM- Ech! You’re right!!

    Olga- I got r dun!

    Fab- I snuck into your secret room while you were sleeping.

    Tink- Him has a head, it’s just coved by his hat as as he looked down to see how much money had been stuffed in his package.

    Sage- Jeeez!! I didn’t think you’d mind!

    Trish- Tattoo was very scary in a little fella kind of way.

    Meleah- YES!!! Marathon TV rocks!

    Mav- I’m just a pervert.

    Mooooog- When you get your show, I wanna be a star!

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